MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1359



“How is it?” Chen Fei still said that, continuing to look indifferent.

Captain Zhang looked cold, stared at Chen Fei, lowered his voice, and said in a deep voice: “Yes, I will let you be buried with Xia’s family.”

After that, Captain Zhang snorted coldly and flicked away.

Behind him, Ma Qi glanced at Chen Fei and said aloud, then he followed Captain Zhang and chased past, “Xia Jia Xia Linfeng is Captain Zhang’s distant cousin.”

After hearing this , Chen Fei’s expression was suddenly realized.

It turned out that Captain Zhang was dissatisfied with his attitude because it was a relative of the Xia family. As for that Machi’s attitude towards himself, it was obviously because he wanted to shoot Captain Zhang ass.

Just when Chen Fei frowned lightly and looked at Captain Zhang and Ma Qi leaving the direction, You Lan came back and said: “Mr. Chen, our Director Mu is free now, I will take you in.”

Chen Fei heard and retracted Looking, nodded and stood up, you must follow You Lan to the office of Director Mu.

You Lan noticed Chen Fei’s movements and couldn’t help saying
“Nothing happened just now? By the way, where did Machi go?” Chen Fei said lightly: “Nothing! Just now Machi came with a captain named Zhang I chatted a few words. ”

Although Chen Fei said lightly, You Lan couldn’t help but change her face after listening to this,” Zhang Xinyu, is he in trouble with you? It’s Machi who’s doing ghosts again! ”

You Lan was angry The look is excited, and there are a few worried expressions in it.

Chen Fei asked lightly: “Is that Zhang Xinyu very powerful?”

You Lan nodded seriously, and said; “Captain Zhang Xinyu is our Linglong headquarters, the leader of the Chinese team of the Wuxing team, and his strength is very powerful.”

“Five Elements Squad?” Chen Fei was somewhat interested in hearing this unfamiliar term, and asked while moving forward with You Lan.

You Lan did not hide it, and answered Chen Feidao: “The Wuxing Squad is a special operation team specially organized by our Linglong headquarters. It is formed according to different types and styles, corresponding to the five elements, and named Jinmu Shuihuo.

” Five teams are selected Linglong of the elite players, mainly used to solve some of the players can not solve common Linglong special events and tasks, can be said Linglong organization of special forces, the existence of absolute elite. ” ”

Zhang Xin Yu is The captain of the Fire Squad, whose strength has reached the mid-level of the prefecture level, is very powerful. Ma Qi is also a member of the Fire Squad, under Zhang Xinyu, and I am a member of the Water Squad. ”

Looking at You Lan with a serious look, Chen Fei’s expression was indifferent. After hearing the words, he nodded gently and said, “It turns out that I know.”

You Lan saw this, and some was anxious for Chen Fei. Secretary explain, let Muju Zhang come forward to help you talk about love, we may be able to resolve your grievances and Zhang captain, after all, Muju Chang remains a priority for you, and he specifically -. ”

tour Not finished, this time the duo has come to the front office Muju Chang.

“It’s here!”

“I’m not going to send you in, you go in. You have a better attitude, and plead with Secretary Mu”-”

Looking at You Lan’s worried appearance, Chen Fei was a little

grateful to her. Nodded and smiled softly, said: “Well, rest assured, I’m okay.”

Immediately, Chen Fei looked up at the door with the “Deputy Director” nameplate on it, and was about to knock on the door.

But before Chen Fei’s actions, the door creaked open and a figure appeared in front of Chen Fei.

This is a 60-year-old man’s cheek, Chinese character face, thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a burly body, which gives him a sense of integrity.

“Director Mu, I–” Chen Fei was about to speak.

The majestic Director Mu, with a grin, showed a bright smile and greeted Chen Fei with passion: “You are Chen Fei! You are here, hurry, hurry in.”

“Uh-” for this Mr. Mu, who had never met him but was so enthusiastic, was slightly stunned, but Chen Fei still entered the office.

“Chen Fei, sit down. What do you want to drink, I have tea, coffee and hot water?” Mu Director greeted Chen Fei on the sofa, and then he personally began to prepare drinks for Chen Fei.

This enthusiastic look made Chen Fei even more puzzled, “No, Secretary Mu, I–”

“Xiao Chen, here you are, you are welcome. Have some tea!” Secretary Mu brought a cup of hot tea, He sat across from Chen Fei and smiled.

Chen Fei took a sip of tea and was silent for a moment, then said: “Secretary Mu, did you ask me to come over this time? Is there something wrong?”

Mentioning the situation, Secretary Mu changed his face slightly and waved his hand immediately: ” Actually, it’s fine. I just wanted to ask you to come and talk. ” ” Uh– “This response made Chen Fei even more puzzled. After a pause, he immediately said, “Director Mu, the Xia family’s affairs, I am willing to take responsibility for this.”

“No matter how Ling Long punishes me, I can accept it.” Chen Fei said.

However, after hearing this, Secretary Mu waved his hands and said, “The Xia family’s affairs are not a big deal. Besides, we have already investigated the situation at that time. It was Xia’s first hands on Xiao Chen. Your situation is considered The self-defense counterattack, our Spirit Dragon is not a rigid organization, understand your situation at that time. ”

” Again, you are one of the few special instructors in our Spirit Dragon organization. Whoever wants to punish you, I first disagree “Mr. Mu looked firm.

“This–” Chen Fei was really surprised, and at the same time curious, since Director Mu didn’t want to punish himself for Xia’s affairs, what’s the matter with bringing himself over!

Director Mu also saw Chen Fei’s doubts and paused, his face showing an embarrassed expression, looking at Chen Feidao: “Xiao Chen, in fact, I let you come this time, I want you to give us the Spirit Dragon As an instructor, train our five-element team. ”

” Yes, you don’t know the five-

element team, I will explain it to you, in fact– ” ” Mr. Mu, no, you just told me. I also talked about the people in the five-element team. “Chen Fei said.

“Ah–” Director Mu was surprised for a moment, and then surprised, “Xiao You did things very carefully, things were done in advance, not bad, not bad.”

“Xiao Chen, so, are you willing to be this instructor?” Mu The secretary looked at Chen Fei expectantly.

Chen Fei frowned lightly, and then said: “Director Mu, such a large organization as the Linglong organization, has many talents and countless masters. If you want to train the team, you don’t need to find me!”


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