MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1358



The car was driving silently on the road, and it quickly drove out of the Beijing city area and drove into a mountainous area along a road with few vehicles.

After driving in the mountains for more than an hour, the car finally stopped in front of a valley.

The entrance to the valley is not large. There is an entrance similar to a scenic area at the door, and a sign of “Beijing Institute of Natural Science” is also hung.

It’s just that the guards guarding the door, their straight posture, and the air of the warrior radiating from their bodies show that there can be no ordinary research institute here.

You Lan brushed his ID and walked Chen Fei toward the inside, “Mr. Chen, this is where our Linglong headquarters is.”

Chen Fei nodded and followed You Lan into the valley, along the tree-lined path Moving on, looking at the several buildings built around the same “laboratory” and “incubation room”, Chen Fei secretly lamented, “This disguise work is really done like a decent, really made so many experiments Come to the room! ”

You Lan seems to see Chen Fei’s thoughts and explains with a smile:” These laboratories in the laboratory cultivation room are also our Linglong staff. We organize some scientific and technological equipment and medicine formulations for our Linglong Experiment and nurture. ”

” Of course, the core of the martial arts room is still inside. ”

With You Lan’s words, after the three passed through a narrow green tree jungle, they could see a flat and open green space in front of their eyes. There are some low-rise bungalows on the ground, all of which are only one or two floors. The roof is also disguised with green paint and decorations.

You Lan took Chen Fei into a bungalow, entered the elevator, and then pressed a down button, while introducing: “Our Linglong headquarters, the main structure is underground, the above building is just the entrance.” The

elevator descended Stopped at the second basement, three people came out.

As soon as Chen Fei walked out of the elevator, he felt a strong real-element breath fluctuating, making the breath in his body seem to be aroused, and he couldn’t help but get excited.

Because, outside the elevator is a big hall, at a glance, it looks like a big gym, dozens of physique dragon players are doing exercises in it.

It’s just that the equipment in this gym is obviously much higher-end than ordinary gyms. The people trained in it are much stronger.

Seeing Chen Fei’s surprised look, Machi’s lips flicked aside, revealing a disdainful smile, and said coldly: “A training room for a newcomer will surprise you like this. Wait for the real ones below. Master, I do not know if some people will scare urine! ”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned.

You Lan glared at Ma Qi and then explained to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, this training room is mainly for the physical training and testing of the newly joined Linglong players. The already recruited Linglong players, in There will be a special martial arts practice hall in the back, as well as a corresponding practice room. ”

Chen Fei nodded and walked through the training room with You Lan, then came to an office-like area.

“Mr. Chen, please wait a moment. I will report to Director Mu.” You Lan asked Chen Fei to sit down and wait for a while before leaving.

Chen Fei responded and sat down.

the EMSP &

; behind him, just over a Chen Fei glanced March, showing a touch of sneer, then the channel: “Boy, just very arrogant attitude now, I see how long you can arrogant..”

Chen Fei do not understand Where did this Machi come from? He frowned, and then said coldly, “I don’t know how long I can be arrogant. But how long can you be arrogant, I know it very well.”

“What do you mean by this?” Ma Qi stared at Chen Fei, frowning.

Chen Fei looked at Ma Qi and said coldly: “I mean, you are arrogant but not today.”

“–Your kid is threatening me–” Ma Qi froze for a moment, and then understood the meaning of Chen Fei’s words, Can’t help but anger, staring at Chen Fei, terrified.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help laughing, and quickly waved his hand, “I didn’t threaten you.”

“Uh–you–” Chen Fei’s reaction made Mudge a little puzzled and didn’t understand the end What does it mean, I was just playing arrogance for myself, and then immediately waved my hand again.

But just when Machi was puzzled, Chen Fei’s eyes rolled, his mouth raised, and he continued: “I didn’t threaten you, I just laughed at you stupidly!”

“You–” Now, Machi is completely When I came back, I realized that Chen Fei not only threatened himself, but also laughed at his slow response and was a fool.

Suddenly, with anger, Mudge’s eyes were scarlet, raising his fists, it was time to start working on Chen Fei.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, and his body was moving with impetus.

But as soon as the two sides were about to touch, and a hand was about to start, a voice rang out, “March, stop!” When

Mitch turned around and saw a burly man, he couldn’t help but be surprised, and immediately stopped and came to the man’s side , Respectfully and slightly pleased, “Captain Zhang, you are here.”

At this moment, Chen Fei also saw the captain Zhang and looked at the other party. The man is about thirty-four or five years old, with short hair and muscles on his body, lean and strong, and his feet are steady. At first glance, he is a man of good martial arts.

“Is he right?” Captain Zhang glanced at Chen Fei and asked Mudge.

March quickly nodded, “Captain Zhang, he is that Chen Fei. The destruction of the Xia family, he did it.”

Speaking of which, March Qi gritted his teeth, as if he and Chen Fei have great hatred. This look, Chen Fei is a bit unclear.

Instead, this captain Zhang, with a calm expression, nodded. Then he walked towards Chen Fei and said, “Xia’s family was destroyed. Did you do it?” When

asked, the captain Zhang looked cold, his eyes serious, and stared at Chen Fei fiercely. There is an irresistible sense of command as if to see through the oppression.

However, Chen Fei was relaxed and indifferent in the face of this. He sat on the chair and said lightly: “No, how is it?”

This attitude made Captain Zhang frown. Continue to stare at Chen Fei fiercely, said in a deep voice: “If not, that’s okay. If yes, you will immediately know the consequences.”

“Yes, then I’m really looking forward to the consequences in your mouth.” Chen Fei An indifferent look, picked up the tea cup and drank, and said easily.

Hearing the words, Captain Zhang’s eyes were cold, and he said in a cold voice: “You say that, it is to admit that the Xia family has destroyed the door, did you do it?”


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