MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1355



During the speech, Chen Fei waved his hand and raised a strong spirit, directly blowing away the black mist of Lord Black God. At the same time, he slapped him on the chest of Lord Black God and flew him out.

Lord Black God didn’t even think that Chen Fei broke through his offensive so easily. He couldn’t help being surprised, covering his painful chest, and said in

a deep voice : ” You- ” Behind, the proud Xia Linfeng, saw the Black God The adult was repulsed by Chen Fei, but his face changed greatly. He was shocked and excited: “Black Lord,

you– ” The black god’s face sank, and he gritted his teeth: “You, annoyed me. Next, I ’m going to be real. You—will definitely die. ”

After that, Lord Black God ’s hands moved continuously, and complex handprints were constantly changing, and with his movements, there was a strong black energy. He gathered around with a shocking momentum.

In such a scene, Zhu Lan, behind Chen Fei, could not help but be surprised by the reporters and showed concern.

But Chen Fei stared at each other ’s handprints for a while, but instead grinned, showing a cold sigh, “I said, who is pretending to be a ghost in this place, it ’s you!”

“You know—” Lord Black God heard Chen If you fly, you can’t help but stunned, but then said coldly, “I want to cheat me, it’s naive. Take my trick!” During the

speech, the seal in the hands of Lord Black God was completed. Ebony turned into a black monster and attacked Chen Fei.

But Chen Fei at the moment, there is no meaning of hands, but take a step back, hands behind his back, facing the top of the warehouse shouted a voice, “This is your folks, you solved it!”

So the scene could not help but let Everyone was stunned, stunned.

“That kid is pretending to be a ghost, he wants to run away! Lord Black God, don’t be fooled by him!” Xia Linfeng exclaimed excitedly.

Behind me, Zhu Lanluofeng and others were worried. After all, the black god in front of him seemed to be in full force, which was a bit scary.

But just when their words fell, a figure in black robe and white hair fell in front of Chen Fei.

Luo Feng They don’t know this person, but Situ Kong recognized this person at a glance. This person was just some time ago, looking for Wei Gang’s owner, White Claw, who had avenged Ji Dongyang.

This white claw is powerful, even stronger than Situkong in the middle of the prefecture level, reaching the late prefecture level. Moreover, he still seems to be a skeleton person. However, Chen Fei finally accepted it.

After Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi were arrested, Chen Fei immediately called everyone who could launch in Beijing and all came to help. White Claw is naturally one of them.

It’s just the things in front, and he doesn’t need to shoot at all. Now, Fei felt the breath of the Skeleton Society from the so-called Black God Master, so he let White Claw come out.

When White Claw appeared, Xia Linfeng saw such a white-haired old man, and he immediately showed disdain, and said: “An old man, who wants to intervene in our Xia family, get out!

Ten thousand pieces of corpse. “It was just that Xia Linfeng’s voice had just fallen. The black god in front of him saw the white-haired old man, and his body shivered abruptly, then he kneeled in front of the white paws and was surprised. : “Master White Claw

, you, how

are you– ” White Claw stood in front of the Black God with his hands on his back, looked at him coldly, and said coldly: “I said why did you disappear during this time, it turned out to be a god and a ghost What are you saying, Lord Black God? ”

” Master White Claw, I, I was wrong. “The Black God trembles, afraid to pretend to be a ghost again, and lifts the hood on his head, revealing his true face. A man in his thirties or forties, with dark skin and a pattern of buds on his neck, is a symbol of the Skull and Bones Association.

Seeing the majestic Black God Lord just now, but kneeling on the ground at the moment, admitting mistakes and asking for mercy. This contrast is really shocking.

Xia Linfeng hadn’t turned around for a while and couldn’t help saying: “Master Black God, you, what are you doing! Why should you kneel this bad old

man– ” However, before Xia Linfeng’s words were finished, the black god turned around over, separated out of a slap in the face, severely Xia Linfeng fan in the face, thundered: “… just shut up this white claw adults, my master, you do not kneel to admit,”

Xia Linfeng heard this, Can’t help but stunned, glanced at the white claws, and then his face sank, revealing incredible colors, “Master Black Lord, this, this–”

He seemed unable to digest the relationship.

At this moment, White Claw snorted coldly and said, “Mr. Chen is my master, Black God, how do you deal with Mr. Chen?”

“Ah, this—” Startled, he couldn’t help but glance at Chen Fei. He didn’t understand how such a hairy boy became Master White Lord’s master, which is really incredible.

“Why, don’t you want to do it? Do you want me to do it?” White Claw snorted coldly.

The Black God was so trembling with fear that he shook his head quickly, and then his right hand condensed, and he gritted his teeth directly to his left arm. Suddenly, there was a clatter, and the Black God shivered fiercely, and his left arm flew up with splattered blood.

“Master White Claw, Chen, Master Chen. I, I was wrong.” Suffering from the pain, the black god knelt in front of Chen Fei and kowtowed to admit his mistake.

Chen Fei glanced at him and said nothing, then turned his eyes to Xia Linfeng and said coldly: “Is this your card?”

Xia Linfeng’s head buzzed at the moment, shocked by the scene before him, and some Never recovered.

After all, he Xia Linfeng finally invited the master Black God, and used him as his turn card. The result was unexpected, Chen Fei turned out to be the master of the master of the black god.

This incredible relationship makes Xia Linfeng feel a little unreal. He seems unable to believe this is the truth. He still mutters: “How, how is it possible? This-Chen Fei, in the

end- ” Chen Feijian Like, could not help frowning, showing a touch of displeasure.

White Claw sensed Chen Fei’s movements, snorted at the Black God, and ordered: “Mr. Chen is angry, you still don’t want to atonement!”

“Yes!” The Black God froze for a moment, and immediately recovered. Realizing the meaning of White Claw, he rushed directly to Xia Linfeng and swept across Xia Linfeng’s neck.

In an instant, blood spattered out, a bright red blood line appeared on Xia Linfeng’s neck, and his head slowly slipped from his neck.

Until he was about to die, his eyes were full of unbelievable looks. He didn’t even think about it. He would die in his own hands.


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