MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1354



The two brothers quickly admitted their mistakes and persuaded Xia Linfeng on the side.

“Dad, admit it wrong. We’ll lose!”

“Dad, hurry up, don’t anger Mr. Chen. We–”

“” Shut up for me! “Xia Linfeng screamed and stared fiercely. To his two sons, then turned his head to look at Chen Fei, sighed, and said, “Originally, I really don’t want to open this hole card. But, you forced me to this step, I have no choice. ”

” Uh– “Chen Fei frowned and looked at Xia Linfeng.

At the moment the Xia Linfeng, with a hint of grinning mouth, seemed excited fanaticism, “and other adults who come, you, no matter who, all would die, die!”

“Dad, what are you talking about -”

“What adults

Ah— ” Xia Yu and Xia Han looked puzzled, looking at their father in anxiety and doubt.

At the moment, Xia Linfeng didn’t pay any attention to them, but found a black rune paper, pierced his finger, and pressed the rune paper with blood.

The rune paper instantly burned, rising a smoke, condensing into a black skull pattern in the air. The skull’s mouth opened and closed, and there was a strange voice in the air, “Who is calling me!”

Xia Linfeng knelt on the ground with a click, his face full of enthusiasm, looked up at the smoke skull in the air, and said: Lord Black God, I am Xia Linfeng in the capital. I am in danger now and beg you to come. ”

” Xia Linfeng! “The skull seemed really conscious and paused, then said,” I know you, since you Begged me. Then I will save you once, I will come immediately. ”

Immediately, the sound dissipated, and the black smoke skull also dispersed, drifted away by the wind, and disappeared.

Such a weird scene made Zhu Lan feel shocked and stared.

Even Luo Feng and Zhong Tianyu were in a state of consternation and nervousness at the moment. They couldn’t help but retreat a few steps, obviously frightened by Xia Linfeng’s strange behavior.

However, in the next few seconds, there was silence in the warehouse, and there was no change at all, as if the strange scene just now hadn’t happened at all.

“The skull just now, there is dialogue! Is it our illusion?” The scene before me could not help but a few reporters doubting the scene just now.

But just as their words fell, a murky laugh sounded, and then a black mist poured into the warehouse. The black mist carried an unpleasant breath, which made the people in the warehouse feel a chest tight And the feeling of depression.

“What’s going on?” The people were startled.

At this moment, in the dark mist, a figure gradually appeared and fell in front of Xia Linfeng.

When Xia Linfeng saw or the shadow, he was so excited that he knelt in front of the shadow, “Master Black God, you are here.”

“Are you calling me?” The face of Lord Black God is hidden in a pair In the wide hood, his face was almost unclear.

“I am calling you Lord Black God. Please ask Lord Black God to help me get rid of the enemies in front of me.” Xia Linfeng pointed to Chen Fei with a terrible voice, “Master Black Lord, it is him, who has abandoned me. The limbs of a famous son also killed dozens of people in my Xia family. I— ”

Lord Black God waved his hands impatiently and said,” I am not interested in knowing what

he did, since it is your enemy, Just kill it. ”

Xia Linfeng heard the expression, his expression was very excited, and quickly kowtowed: “Thank you Lord Black God, thank you. My Xia family, from now on, I will worship Lord Black God more

piously .” After that, Xia Linfeng looked proud. , Looked at Chen Fei with pride, with a confident smile on his lips, and said: “Chen Fei, Lord Black God is here, I see how arrogant you are!”

Chen Fei frowned slightly, and looked at the eyes in front of him. The so-called Lord Black God seemed to smell a familiar breath and frowned slightly.

At the moment, Lord Black God came to Chen Fei step by step, with a somber and weird voice in his voice, and said: “You, self-discipline it!”

Chen Fei heard the words, his expression changed, and then he coldly spoke to Lord Black God. : “Who stopped me against Xia’s family, who is my enemy!”

“Oh–” For the strong attitude of Chen Fei, this black god seems to be a little surprised. After glancing at Chen Fei, he said coldly, “You Is provoking me, do you know? ”

” How about provoking you? Whoever stops me, who is my enemy! “Chen Fei said coldly.

Lord Black God sniffed heavily, and snorted heavily. With a big black robe on his body, there was no wind, and the hunting spurred up. A gloomy atmosphere spread out and came over to Chen Fei.

This breath instantly made everyone on Fei Fei feel a little overwhelmed. Only Chen Fei and Situ Kong in the middle of the prefecture level were able to resist. Ordinary people feel that their breathing is a bit difficult.

Lord Black God immediately said with a deep

voice : “The arrogant, in front of me, dare to be so provocative, looking for death!” With his voice, a black mist spewed out and directly caught Chen Fei’s door.

Seeing this scene, Xia Linfeng in life couldn’t help but be excited and said: “Master Black God has started, the guy is dead, dead.”

Xia Yu and Xia Han looked excited and puzzled, looking at the fanatic father, they could not help but ask curiously.

“Dad, what the hell is this Lord Black God? When did you know?”

“Yeah, it looks like he is very powerful. What kind of warrior is he?”

Xia Linfeng heard the words and glared at him the name of his son, shouted out loud: “watch your language, adult black God is high above God, and he is the supreme god Tiamat adults servant of God, we mortals can not match the presence of God you can not offend black adults..”

Xia Yu and Xia Han looked at his father’s fanatical appearance and couldn’t help but stunned for a moment, and finally faintly felt something was wrong. However, at the thought of facing the pressure of life and death of Chen Fei, he could not care so much at once, and looked up at the past, hoping that this black god lord could defeat Chen Fei.

At this time, Chen Fei heard Xia Linfeng mentioned the three words “Demon Dragon God” and couldn’t help but feel a little impression, where she seemed to have heard.

However, before he could think of it, the attack of the Lord Black God had already attacked Chen Fei.

A thick black mist, with a disgusting breath, directly surrounded Chen Fei. In the dark mist, with a fierce force, Chen Fei will be cut off.

This offensive looks terrifying and imposing.

However, when Chen Fei came into contact with the other party’s attack, he couldn’t help but sneered. A sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth. He looked at the black god opposite him and disdainfully said: “It’s just bluffing, it’s just this level of strength! But it’s just the level In the early days, I dare to pretend to be a ghost and a ridiculous guy in front of me. ”


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