MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1353



Such a strange silence could not help making Xia Linfeng frown, move his footsteps, over the covered steel plate, and looked inside, “Did you hear my order, drag me to–”

But, Xia at the moment Lin Feng didn’t finish the speech, and the whole person froze, his face full of amazement, panic said: “Where are the people? Where are the two women? Where did the people go?”

Hearing the voice, Xia Yu and Xia Han turned quickly , Suddenly found that Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi, who were tied behind and sent guards, disappeared at the moment. The guards fell into the pool of blood at this moment, and no movement was seen.

“What’s going on? What happened?” Xia Linfeng shouted nervously and excitedly, trying to go deep into the warehouse to see what happened.

But this time, Chen Fei take a step, the channel: “Do not you want to see the people in my..”

Then, Chen Fei clap your hands, broke and said:. “Can come out.”

Then, a few The figure came out of the shadows. They supported the two women and looked closely at Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi.

“This, how is it possible? You, who are you in the end, how did you do it?” Xia Linfeng looked at the group of people in shock.

At this moment, behind these people, an old man came out and bowed respectfully to Chen Fei, saying: “Mr. Chen, Miss Zhang and Miss Song were rescued, they are fine.”

“Well , Well done! “Chen Fei nodded.

At this time, Xia Linfeng saw the old man’s face and was shocked. “You, you are Situkong. Dean of Situ College, how could you be with that kid?”

Situkong stared at Xia Linfeng, coldly. : “Mr. Chen is my master. It’s better to pay attention to what Xia Jiazhu is talking about. Also, at this point, you have no room for struggling, Xia Jiazhu, let’s just grab it!”

“You, you–” Xia Linfeng gritted his teeth and stared at Situkong and Chen Fei, his eyes constantly changing, and it seemed very complicated.

The four journalists who were paralyzed at the moment were also shocked. Situkong ’s name is naturally clear to them, but it is a well-known warrior in Beijing. Their magazine had interviewed several times but failed.

And now, the famous Situkong, who would like to honor Chen Fei as the master, really made them totally unaware of it.

Xia Yu and Xia Han also didn’t think of it. At the moment, the expressions of the two of them could not help panicking, and they kept glancing towards Xia Linfeng, his eyes full of intentions to escape.

At the moment, Xia Linfeng looked gloomy and silent for a while, then raised his head, looked at Chen Fei, and said, “I didn’t expect you to know Situ Kong, which really exceeded my expectations. I admit that you are indeed better than me The imagination is stronger. I underestimated you before. ”

Immediately, his words turned sharply and his expression was fierce.” However, this does not mean that you have won. Although the Situ Academy is powerful, my Xia family is not vegetarian. ”

After speaking, Xia Linfeng’s face sank, his arms raised, and a loud roar: “Come out!”

With this shout from Xia Linfeng, Zhu Lan and their four reporters couldn’t help but feel nervous as they looked around the warehouse, worried See Xia’s ambush.

However, at this moment, Chen Fei and Situ Kong, with sneer, did not care about Xia Linfeng’s cry.

Seeing this, Xia Linfeng couldn’t help but wink in his heart and gave birth to a bad hunch. And

now, after his cries out or a quiet, we did not have any movement.

At this time, Xia Linfeng’s face could not help but sink down, the sweat beads on the temples also fell down bit by bit, and the whole person looked a little nervous.

He glanced at the follower around him: “Go and see, what’s going on outside? What about my ambush?” The

follower wanted to go around, but at this time, Chen Fei said, “You don’t have to go out and watch, you Those who were in ambush were all taken down by me. ”

” Impossible, those warriors that I spent a lot of money to recruit, how could you— “Xia Linfeng gritted his teeth.

However, before he finished talking, Chen Fei clapped his hands and said, “Come out!”

Suddenly, there was a clattering sound, and a group of people poured in from around the warehouse, as many as four or five hundred people, directly Surrounded everyone in the field.

When they saw the two leaders of the group, the father and son of the Xia family suddenly exclaimed, “How come!”

Zhu Lan and their four reporters also looked at the past at the moment and were equally astonished.

This is because the two people who are the leaders of this group are the famous madman and Confucian scholars in Beijing, Zhongjia Dazhong Zhong Tianyu and Luojia Dasha Luofeng.

“Zhong Tianyu, Luo Feng, how can you–” Xia Linfeng looked at the two in amazement.

The two came to Chen Fei and respectfully said, “Mr. Chen, things are done.”

Then they looked at Xia Linfeng and spoke.

Zhong Tianyu spoken politely and snorted directly, “Xia Linfeng, I can tell you, in front of Mr. Chen, your Xia family will definitely lose. If you are interested, come and admit defeat yourself!”

Luo Feng said slightly better. “Xia Family Lord, Yu Shaohan and Shao, Mr. Chen is not something you can fight against. Moreover, this time, it is also your Xia Family’s fault first, admit it!” The

words of the Xia family’s father and son were gloomy The expression was as cold as solid stone.

Zhu Lan they were shocked and excited. They thought that Chen Fei was already strong enough to know the famous person like Situkong, but they did n’t expect that even the mad little and Confucian, the sons of the two big families in Beijing, were Chen Fei is so respectful.

For a time, they were a little confused themselves, who is Chen Fei in the end, why he is so powerful, and he knows so many big people.

At this time, Xia Yu and Xia Han, who are also thinking about these issues, became a little gloomy, and the emotions on their faces became more and more anxious and tense.

Because, they thought about the situation in front of them, fighting with Chen Fei, Chen Fei had a terrible Situkong, and there was also an unfathomable himself. The power of competition, whether it is the Zhong family or the Luo family, is one level higher than his Xia family.

It can be said that they are now in a desperate situation and there is no possibility of reversal.

See the summer home of the father and sons silence, Chen Fei Lenghe heard, cold channel: “My patience is limited, do not want to throw in the towel served soft, then it would go to hell!”

Then, Chen Fei face a cold, the body The momentum exploded violently, and the remaining people of Xia’s family were suddenly oppressed.

Xia Yu and Xia Han could no longer carry it, and quickly uttered a voice.

“Mr. Chen, no, don’t do it. I admit the error , I immediately admit it.” “Chen Fei, I’m wrong, I will never dare, spare me a life!”


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