MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1352



“You–” Blood Knife sank, showing anger, staring fiercely at Chen Fei, “arrogant boy, soon, you will regret your words.”

“Because, I will kill you Use a knife to cut off your flesh and blood piece by piece, letting you die in endless pain and regret. “The blood knife licked the tongue relentlessly, full of chills.

The description of this scene alone made Zhu Lan and their reporters feel terrified and terrified.

The opposite Xia Yu and Xia Han were full of excitement, gritted their teeth and said: “Yes, you can’t be cheap, just to torture him, kill him a thousand times, a little torture to death.”

“The two young masters are assured, please Relax and watch. I’m about to start my performance. “Blood Knife smiled, cold light flashed in his hand, a special steel knife appeared in his hand, he approached Chen Fei step by step, like a demon coming Attack.

At this time, Chen Fei, in the face of the approach of the blood knife, was indifferent, and there was no touch of color at all.


let’s start!” When Chen Fei was still five meters away, the blood knife swiftly accelerated, and the cold light flashed in his hand, pulling out a cold blade and rushing towards Chen Fei.

This offensive was extremely fierce. When everyone saw the offensive, they had already reached Chen Fei, and it was almost impossible to avoid it.

But the reporters were worried about panic, and summer family excited when, whom Chen Fei eyes suddenly stare, to see the impact over Xuedao, a short harsh bark, “coward, go die!”

Moment to speak, Chen Fei Slap it out.

The cold light steel knife with the palm facing the blood knife, without any dodge.

Seeing the blood knife, he couldn’t help but stunned, and then said with a smile: “Stupid things, use my palm to fight my steel knife. Since that is the case, then I will cut off your right hand first!”

After talking, Blood Knife licked his lips, revealing a greasy smile.

But just when he was smiling, Chen Fei’s palm collided with the blood knife’s steel knife.

Then, a shocking scene happened. The tough steel knife, in Chen Fei’s palm, was directly twisted and deformed, and Chen Fei’s flesh palm was squeezed into a mass of steel knots.

Immediately, Chen Fei continued to move forward. The right hand, like the claws of the god of death, passed through the blood knife and hurriedly resisted, strangling the blood knife’s neck directly.

“You–” Blood Knife was shocked, desperately struggling to get rid of Chen Fei’s right hand.

However, Chen Fei’s right hand, as if cast by steel, increased strength a little bit, constantly compressing the blood knife’s neck, making him feel a suffocation.

The blood knife scarlet cheeks became more rosy at the moment.

Then, the neck was compressed a little bit, and there was even a sound of bones clicking. The blood knife’s cheeks also gradually turned purple. His vicious eyes almost jumped out of his eyes at this moment.

The last breath made him stare at Chen Fei fiercely, squeezing words from his throat, “You-in the end-what-what-

people- ” “People who kill you!” Chen Fei With a cold drink, squeeze your right hand immediately.

Suddenly, with a click, the blood knife’s neck was directly crushed by Chen Fei, his head fell down softly, and his breath dissipated from the blood knife.

Chen Fei let go of his hand and threw the blood knife on the ground like throwing garbage.

Such a scene surprised everyone on the scene, showing a stunned face.

It took a few seconds for Weishan and several of their reporters to recover, and the incredible body of the blood knife looked over.

They could not believe that, after fleeing for more than ten years, the blood knife of the notorious wanted criminal actually died in the hands of Chen Fei, and died in an irresistible posture.

For a time, several people looked at Chen Fei’s eyes even more shocked.

After being shocked, they could not help but feel a sense of excitement, if Chen Fei was strong enough to beat Xia Linfeng. Then they themselves may have a chance to survive.

Thinking of this, several people looked at Chen Fei’s gaze, and they looked extraordinarily cordial, wishing to incarnate Chen Fei’s family and friends, cheering him behind.

At the moment, several people of the Xia family who were proud of themselves were surprised when they saw that the blood knife was easily killed by Chen Fei.

At this moment, Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, and he stepped out. Step by step, Zhao Xia Lin Feng and Xia Yu Xia Han approached the past, coldly said: “Are there any people, let them go together!”

“You-” Xia Yu and Xia Han’s face was panic-stricken, and he hurriedly gave his bodyguards a glance, and let them push themselves away.

After all, the two of them were abolished by Chen Fei, and they experienced the pain and horror first-hand, so when they face Chen Fei at the moment, they become more and more frightened.

It was Xia Linfeng. At the moment, his face was low and his expression was cold. He stared at Chen Fei and said, “Stop me.”

Chen Fei looked at Xia Linfeng.

Xia Linfeng stared at Chen Fei with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, and said: “Chen Fei, your strength is indeed beyond my expectations. I did not expect that you could beat the blood knife, and it was so easy.”

“But, Do you think you can make a comeback after defeating the blood knife? “Xia Linfeng snorted, staring at Chen Fei with a grin, and said,” Don’t forget, those two women are still in my hands. Do n’t you value them? ”

“Now, if you dare to do it again, I can assure you that they will definitely die!” Xia Linfeng threatened with a smug face.

Chen Fei stopped and stared at Xia Linfeng. He asked coldly: “What the hell do you want to do?”

Xia Linfeng was proud and said proudly: “What do I want to do, you are very clear. My son, let my Xia family lose face. Now, I want to get all this back. ”

” I order you, kneel down immediately and apologize to my two sons. “Xia Linfeng shouted sharply.

Chen Fei didn’t move at all and didn’t mean to follow Xia Linfeng’s orders.

Xia Linfeng saw it, his face sank, and he said angrily: “Chen Fei, have you ignored Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi’s lives? Kneel down to me immediately.”

Chen Fei still didn’t move, just looked at Xia Linfeng coldly .

Seeing this, Xia Linfeng couldn’t help frowning, and then showed a fierce color at the corner of his mouth, saying: “Since you don’t listen to me, then I can only let those two women see the blood first.”

After that, Xia Lin Feng turned around and ordered towards the depths of the warehouse: “Drag the two women and cut one finger each.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei did not move. I wish Zhu Lan and several of their reporters had a nervous expression, and they couldn’t bear it.

However, more than ten seconds after Xia Linfeng’s order, the depth of the warehouse was quiet, and there was no movement.


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