MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1351



At the same time, they thought that after solving Chen Fei, the next turn would naturally be themselves. For a time, several people turned pale, eyes full of despair.

But when they were almost desperate, suddenly, a “bang” rang loudly.

The dozens of bodyguards that originally surrounded Chen Fei seemed to be fireworks at the moment. Scattered flying around, and finally hit the various walls of the warehouse, and then fell with a crackling, spouting blood in the mouth, fainted.

Such a scene made Wei Shan and their reporters dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect that Chen Fei was so powerful. One person singled out dozens of people and directly repulsed them.

At this moment, they couldn’t help thinking of their dissatisfaction with Chen Fei in the interview just now. If Chen Fei was irritated at the time, the end of these bodyguards might be their solution.

Thinking of this, they couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts and regretted it. I secretly said that none of the people interviewed this time were irritating!

On the other side, Xia Yu, Xia Han and Xia Linfeng’s father and son with a grudge face, were shocked when they saw such a scene, and their faces were stunned.

However, after being surprised, several people did not panic.

Xia Linfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, stared at Chen Fei for a while, and patted his palm, saying: “Mr. Chen is young, but his skill is so admirable!”

Chen Fei said coldly: ” ! Zhang immediately put the moon and Song Yi, ”

Xia Linfeng heard, mouth raised, revealing a hint of sneer, said:” put the moon and Zhang Yi Song ‘?

“Oh, but you really want life, you think, my summer home! Is this the only strength? “Xia Linfeng sneered, then clapped his hands and said,” Blood Knife, it’s your turn. ”

After talking, Xia Linfeng stepped back a few steps, with a grinning smile on the corner of his mouth.

Then, a figure came out of the shadow on one side. This is a middle-aged man in his forties. He has a burly figure, at least one meter eight to one meter nine, and his physique is very strong. He comes out of the shadow like a hill.

The most striking is the man’s cheek. The elder man has a Chinese face, burly and tough. But this kind of tough cheek was only half. In the position of his left face, half of his face was completely disfigured. It was a kind of twisted scarlet, as if burned by fire.

The dark lacquered eyes were constantly turning in the scarlet red meat, like a devil’s gaze, with a terrifying breath.

This face alone makes people feel chilly. The two young reporters no longer dared to look directly at the blood knife’s cheek.

On the other side, Wei Shan was horrified, and his voice shook: “Blood Knife, he, he is a blood knife. Finished, we are all done!”

“Weishan, what’s wrong? This blood knife is famous ? “Zhu Lan asked aside.

Wei Shan excitedly said: “Blood Knife, he was the blood knife in the Northeast Destruction Case more than ten years ago!” Mentioning

this case, Zhu Lan and the two young reporters changed their expressions at the same time, and their expressions became terrified. Although they are not very young, as

reporters, they are still very clear about the case that caused a sensation in Northeast China and even China in ten years ago.

It was a small mountain village in the northeast. When the Spring Festival was approaching ten years ago, the blood knife working outside the home returned to the village for the New Year. The people in the village invited him to drink and chat. At the wine table, the other party joked at the blood knife, saying that he did not mix well outside, did not marry his wife, and returned to ask his parents for money.

As a result, he annoyed the blood knife in a few words, and directly fought against the other party at the wine table. Fortunately, other people held the two sides at that time, only to stop the fighting between the two sides.

But after going back that day, the blood knife became more and more unhappy, holding a sigh of relief in his heart. Depressed and nowhere to be released, he carried a kitchen knife to the house where the conflict occurred during the day, and knocked out the other six people in the house, which turned into a shocking case.

After knowing that things were going wrong, the blood knife dragged his burnt face during the fight and fled directly from his hometown. Since then, he began a ten-year escape career.

In the past few years, I have been able to see various news about the pursuit of the blood knife and what the blood knife committed. But in the past two years, there has been little news about the blood knife.

Everyone thought that the blood knife was dead, or disappeared and fled. But I didn’t expect that such a heavy wanted criminal was actually in Beijing, and was still beside a big man like Xia Linfeng.

However, when I think about it, maybe it is the help of such a big man as Xia Linfeng. The blood knife can successfully escape the police pursuit, so far.

Thinking of the horrific cases made by the blood knife, several reporters couldn’t help but look pale and their expressions were horrified. They knew that the man in front of him was a bloodthirsty demon, a fierce beast.

For the enemy, he will not have any kindness, and will definitely tear the other side.

Wei Shan thought of the analysis of some experts in the case report, and his face was even more ugly. “Some experts have analyzed that the blood knife is a warrior. When the door was destroyed ten years ago, his strength should be in the yellow level. Later period. And later, with his escape and continuous crime, his strength is continuously improving. ”

” According to the most recent crime three years ago, his strength should have reached the early stage of Xuan level. As for now, It is impossible to speculate. ”

Hearing this, several reporters were even paler, with no vitality on their faces, and they seemed to have seen the death being walking towards them step by step.

The Xia’s family looked at Chen Fei with a smile on their face. There was a thrill of revenge on his face.

Blood knife also grinned at the moment, showing a horrible smile, and looked at several reporters in Weishan, “I didn’t expect ten years to pass, and some people can remember the name of my blood knife, it really touched me!”

” However, you are wrong about my strength. Three years ago, I reached the mid-level of meta-level, and as of now, I have reached the level of late meta-level. ”

” Now you, in my eyes, have nothing to do with ants The difference. “Blood Knife smiled cruelly, and looked at Chen Fei and several reporters.

Wei Shan heard the words, his face was pale, his expression was even more frightened, his whole body shivered involuntarily, and there was a little warmth between the two strands.

At the moment, Chen Fei was indifferent and sneered: “A coward who is weak and unable to face life, what about the late Xuanji?”


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