MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1350



Wei Shan heard, immediately dissatisfied: “The big news is in front, now leave, Zhu Lan, are you willing to give up this chance of fame?”

Zhu Lan knows to persuade Wei Shan, then looked at the other two young reporters and said: “Now you are involved in kidnapping, are you really not afraid of danger?” The

two young reporters looked hesitant.

At this point, Wei Shan said: “You have to think clearly. If you miss this opportunity and want to become famous in the future, you may never meet again.”

Facing the temptation of fame, the eyes of the two young reporters flashed When he got up, he nodded to Wei Shan and said, “Brother Wei, we will follow you.”

Wei Shan nodded with satisfaction, and smiled. Then he glanced at Zhu Lan and said, “Which reporter Zhu doesn’t want to If you do it, you can leave. It ’s just that this time the credit for the interview is ours. ”

Zhu Lan looked a little dull, her mouth moved, and wanted to say something, but finally sighed and turned to leave.

Wei Shan ignored Zhu Lan’s attitude, and excitedly directed the two followers, constantly secretly filming the scene in the warehouse from all angles.

“From this angle, shoot a little more clearly.”

“Aim at Song Yi’s face. Make sure to shoot clearly.”

“And Xia Linfeng, also shoot in.”


While Wei Shan was excited to shoot, suddenly Between them, Zhu Lan’s voice sounded around him, “Wei Shan, Wei Shan-”

Wei Shan said impatiently: “Zhu Lan, don’t you want to go? What are you doing back? Want to take our credit again.”

“No, Weishan, someone—” Zhu Lan said anxiously.

It was just that Zhu Lan didn’t finish the speech, and then there was a mumble.

Wei Shan frowned and turned his head, just about to say a few words to Zhu Lan, but then saw several black bodyguard-like people coming over, Zhu Lan had been controlled by them.

“No, it was found.” Wei Shan groaned in his heart, knowing that something was not good, and quickly got up and wanted to escape. When escaping, don’t forget to hold the camera in your hand tightly and not let go.

However, his escape has no effect at all in front of a professional bodyguard.

Before he even ran a distance of ten meters, Wei Shan was pressed to the ground by the bodyguard, his body knocked on the sharp stone, and the blood was dripping, making Wei Shan burst into a cry of pain.

On the other side, the two young reporters were quickly controlled.

Soon, the four were taken to the warehouse, and a bodyguard came to Xia Linfeng, whispering something.

When Xia Linfeng heard the words, his face sank, he looked at Chen Fei, and then said, “Bring people over.”

Soon, the four reporters were brought to Xia Linfeng in a tightly bound manner.

As soon as Wei Shan saw Xia Linfeng, he immediately excitedly explained: “Xia Family Lord, it’s me! Wei Shan, a reporter from the magazine, visited you

at Xia Family a few days ago, and I–” Hearing this, Xia Lin Feng remembered something, recognized this Weishan, and then looked down, and said: “Weishan, how can you appear here?”

Wen Yan, Weishan could not help but a moment of silence, glanced at Chen Fei.

At this moment, Chen Fei also saw these four reporters, and his eyes fell on Zhu Lan, revealing his doubts.

With apologizing, Zhu Lan explained to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, we did n’t intend to follow you on purpose. It ’s just that we thought and wanted to interview some news, so

only– ” Chen Fei said, frowning lightly, no What more.
But Xia Linfeng seemed to think of something at the moment. He looked at the four people and asked coldly, “What are you seeing outside?” The

four people changed their faces and quickly shook their heads and waved: ” Nothing, nothing to see! Master Xia, we have nothing

to say— “The words didn’t finish, some bodyguards had turned on their cameras and video recorders, and soon found the pictures taken inside and showed them to Xia Linfeng.

Seeing this, Xia Linfeng looked dull and dropped the camera on the ground. Shen said: “It seems that you already know my thing!”

Wei Shan heard the words and quickly explained: “Xia Family Master, this matter We will not reveal it. We will keep our

mouths shut and will not leak it at all. ” ” Really? “Xia Linfeng’s eyes scanned the four people.

Wei Shan and the two reporters nodded quickly, tears and

snots came out, and their expressions were excited and frightened, “It will definitely, definitely!” Only when people are dead will they

keep their mouths shut . ” After that, Xia Linfeng waved his hand and ordered:” Handled them! ”

” Yes! “The men immediately dispatched and dragged the four people out.

The four of them suddenly looked pale and frightened. The two young reporters regretted it very much at the moment. They regretted why they did not heed Zhu Lan’s advice and found the danger here and left early. As a result, it has fallen to the point where it is today, and it will die here.

They have no doubt that the Xia Lin Summit will kill people. After all, the other party is someone who dare to kidnap even a big star like Song Yi. It is not easy to kill a few of them.

For a time, despair appeared on the faces of several people. Wei Shan was so terrified that he was trembling, and the whole person was stunned and lost.

Zhu Lan’s complexion changed, and his eyes fell on Chen Fei.

Seeing that they were about to be dragged out, Chen Fei gently waved his hands and directly repelled several bodyguards, saving Zhu Lan and four of them.

Xia Linfeng saw it, his eyes

sinking, and said coldly : “Chen Fei, what are you doing?” Chen Fei looked at Xia Linfeng coldly, Shen said: “Put Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi, immediately! I can spare you die! ”

Xia Linfeng heard this, a sudden burst of sneer,” boy, you are dead to the imminent, dare to bluster. the courage, but added a rare ah! ” ”

So, I’ll put down that first few Hey, let me deal with you first. “Xia Linfeng’s eyes dimmed, then he waved his hand, pointed at Chen Fei, and ordered his followers,” Do it! “In

an instant, there was a clattering sound, dozens of black bodyguards, all Surrounded towards Chen Fei. They are all fierce, and they hold various weapons in their hands. They are fierce and fierce, and when they start their hands, they are fighting. They don’t mean to keep their hands at all.

Seeing such a scene, Wei Shan and several of their reporters were directly frightened. Although they reported a lot of social news, it was considered well-informed. But this fierce scene, and it still happened less than ten meters in front of them, they have not seen it before.

Seeing that a group of black bodyguards surrounded Chen Fei, they could hardly see Chen Fei.

Wei Shan and others looked even more ugly. They seemed to have foreseen the tragic scene of Chen Fei being cut into meat sauce.


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