MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1349



As soon as his voice fell, the next man rushed in panic.

“Homeowner , it’s not good. Someone rushed in.” “Who?” Xia Linfeng’s face sank and stepped forward.

When he came to the door of the warehouse, Xia Linfeng saw the scene in front of him, and could not help shrinking his eyes, his expression chilled.

Because the steel gate of the huge warehouse that had been locked was now completely collapsed into the warehouse, and several people guarding the gate were suppressed below.

Above the steel gate, a smoking off-road vehicle roared roaring like an angry beast.

Looking at the deformed head, it can be guessed that this off-road vehicle crashed directly into the warehouse.

“Who–” Xia Linfeng stared at the off-road vehicle with a somber face.

At this time, the door opened, Chen Fei came out coldly, jumped gently, and fell under the iron door.

“Chen Fei, it’s you!” Xia Linfeng frowned when he saw Chen Fei.

At this moment, Chen Fei also turned his eyes and looked at each other, saying: “It really is your Xia family!”

Immediately, he saw Xia Yu and Xia Han who had just come in a wheelchair, and said coldly: “Zhang Qiuyue and Song Where is Yi? Hand over the people. ”

Xia Yu said with resentment,” Chen Fei, now you dare to be arrogant, and later you will know what regret is. ”

Xia Han also gritted his teeth,” Chen Fei, still thinking I want those two women. I tell you, they have been ruined by us. That taste, but the water is so good, humming— ”

” You– “Wen Yan, Chen Fei’s face sank, his eyes stared at Xia Han , Slammed with strength, shot away, “find something dead.”

Xia Han didn’t expect that under such circumstances, Chen Fei would dare to do it himself, plus he was sitting in a wheelchair, he couldn’t dodge at all, and only watched Wu Xiao’s air blade pierce towards himself. For a time, the pupils contracted and the sweat perplexed on his head.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, a hunchback old man flashed by and stopped in front of Xia Han, blocking his energy for him.

Seeing this, Xia Linfeng saw that his son was okay and could not help but give a sigh of relief.

Immediately, he stared at Chen

Fei coldly and angrily, and said in a deep voice : “Chen Fei, you still dare to do it now. Don’t you want Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi’s life?” Chen Fei looked at Xia Linfeng, Lonely voice: “Now, let them go immediately. I can spare you

!” Xia Linfeng’s eyes dropped and he sneered. “Boy, I know you’ve been mixed up in the capital recently. From now on, it is a little famous. ”

” But you have to be clear, who am I! I am Xia Linfeng, the head of the Xia family. My Xia family is not something you can deal with. “Xia Linfeng said with a deep voice.

“Now, I will give you a chance. Kneel in front of my two sons, apologize to them, and then abandon both arms and legs, maybe, I can consider, spare your life.” Xia Linfeng’s condescending tone, Order Chen Feidao.

Chen Fei heard the words, narrowed his eyes, stared at the other party, became silent, and did not speak.


At this moment, outside the warehouse, Wei Shan drove by and followed.

Zhu Lan and two other young reporters in the car almost spit out after bumping. When they got off the car, they almost couldn’t stand.

But Wei Shan seemed very excited, with photography equipment, he hurried up and urged: “I almost didn’t keep up,

Hurry up, don’t miss important content. “The

last three people could only grind their teeth and followed them.

Warehouse No. 7 was in front, and the warehouse door was open at the moment.

But they came to secretly shoot, and naturally they couldn’t point to the past. So, several people sneaked around from the side They found a broken gap and pointed the camera at the warehouse.

At the same time, they also held their breath and looked at it carefully. The

first goal, they naturally looked for Song Yi mentioned in Chen Feikou just now It ’s

just that Song Yi did n’t find it. The first scene they saw was the roaring off-road vehicle, the fallen iron gate, and the confrontation of Xia Linfeng and Chen Fei.

Several people could n’t help but be surprised to see Xia Linfeng He whispered.

“Then, that is the head of the Xia family, Xia Linfeng. How could he appear here? ”

He previously shirk our interview, didn’t he say he wanted to go abroad to do business?” Why are you still in China? Also contacted Chen Fei? ”

Look behind, it’s Xia Yu and Xia Han.” They are sitting in a wheelchair and it looks like they are injured? The rumors a few days ago seemed to be true. ”


Wei Shan and two young reporters were very excited at the moment when they discovered such a big man as Xia Linfeng. They are adjusting the lens and secretly shooting.

At the moment, Zhu Lan gathered his eyes on Chen Fei, vaguely Feeling that something seemed wrong, the mood was upset.

At this time, the conversation between Chen Fei and the Xia family in the warehouse clearly passed into Wei Shan’s ears.

After listening, several people could not help but stunned, glanced at each other, their faces showing excitement and tension, and murmured.

“Listen to their conversation, it seems that summer home and Chen Fei conflict!”

“Not only is conflict, it seems that wounded Chen Fei Xia Xia Yu and Han, so Xia Linfeng to retaliate.”

“And, they also mentioned two Woman, that Zhang Qiuyue does n’t know who it is, but Song Yi, wo n’t it be the superstar Song Yi? ”

………… In the

discussion, Wei Shan seemed to find something, moved a distance to the side, and found a break, Shooting inside, I was very excited while shooting, “Big news, big news! This time, I really picked up the treasure and got such an exclusive big news!”

Zhu Lanhe The two young reporters looked over in disbelief. When they saw the scene in the warehouse, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Because, deep in the warehouse, two women were tied to the steel frame, and one of them was the superstar Song Yi.

“This, this is what happens in the end? Song Yi was kidnapped?”

“Who kidnapped, summer home?” “Why,

why should the summer home of kidnap Song Yi? It was a big thing ah!”


several reporters Excited and worried, his expression tense.

However, Wei Shan was very excited and continued to shoot, whispering: “No matter what, in short, we dug up big news, absolutely big news. Now, we are going to be famous, and we are really famous!”

Zhu Lan was a little worried, whether it was a big star like Song Yi, or a big family like the Xia family, the forces involved were no longer able to participate.

Heart concerns, she could not help but cautioned: “Things seem dangerous, we are, we still withdraw it!”


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