MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1348



At a glance at Wei Shan’s mouth, a smile appeared and said, “I didn’t want to do anything, I just wanted to do our interview work.”

After that, in Zhu Lan’s frowning look, Wei Shan directed two other young reporters Dao: “Prepare immediately, drive to keep up with Chen Fei.”

“You-Weishan, what are you doing?” Zhu Lan heard the words, but couldn’t help but look sullen and angry.

Wei Shan said: “Zhu Lan, you didn’t hear that. Did Chen Fei mention Song Yi on the phone? Song Yi is a female singer in China. And she is low-key and rarely interviews. You Say, if we can take this opportunity to interview Song Yi, what will be the effect? ​​”

” This-“Zhu Lan stunned, then shook his head,” That will not work, this is Mr. Chen and Miss Song private contact, We ca n’t intervene. ”

“ Hehe—Zhu Lan, when did you become so shy? ”Wei Shan said coldly,“ Again, this interview, but you arranged it, the result was messed up. You said , How do we explain to the above! ”

” You have a good dad who can help you. But we are not as lucky as you. When the task is not completed, we will be fined. You wish the reporter to withdraw safely, Naturally, there is no need to consider so much. “Wei Shan sarcastically.

The two young reporters beside him did not speak, but the expression on their faces indicated that they agreed with Wei Shan very much.

At this time, Zhu Lan was also speechless.

And Wei Shan simply ignored Zhu Lan, and waved directly: “I wish the big reporters could go back if they were unwilling. For this event, the three of us will do.”

Seeing that they were leaving, Zhu Lan bite Clenched his teeth, chased up, and said, “I’ll go with you!”

The reason why she kept up was that she wanted to take the opportunity to meet Chen Fei and explain things clearly. Secondly, an acquaintance like her was also present. If the two parties were no longer happy, she would be relieved.

Upon seeing this, Wei Shan smiled and went downstairs immediately.

On the other side, Chen Fei drove away from the company and drove toward the warehouse No. 7 in Beijiao as the other side said.

At the same time, Chen Fei took out his mobile phone and called Luo Feng Zhong Tianyu Ji Dongyang Situkong and even Baiguao, asking them to help investigate the affairs of Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi.

After finishing the call, a few minutes later, Ji Dongyang called and confirmed the message to Chen Fei, “Song Yi was really missing. An hour ago, she had been practicing songs at home alone. But now, the family has already No one was there. ”

Soon, Luo Feng also heard the news. Over the Beijing Conservatory of Music, Zhang Qiuyue also suddenly disappeared.

At this time, Chen Fei’s heart became more tense, his face gloomy, and he accelerated the speed of his car involuntarily.

Behind him, Wei Shan and others who followed him urgently saw Chen Fei drove the car fast, involuntarily accelerated the speed, and followed.

Seeing that the speed of the car had exceeded 100, Zhu Lan couldn’t help being nervous, and said: “It’s driving too fast, Wei Shan, you slow down.”

Wei Shan heard that there was no intention of slowing down at all. Instead, he continued to speed up and spoke at the same time , “Then Chen Fei drove so fast, so anxious. There must be something urgent, maybe it’s a big news.” During his

speech, Wei Shan’s expression

became more and more excited, his eyes condensed, he controlled the steering wheel and followed Chen Fei closely. Car.

Fortunately, in the capital city, the road is relatively congested, Chen Fei’s speed can not be raised to the highest, so Weishan can keep up all the way.

In front, in Chen Fei’s car, another quarter of an hour later, there was news from Situkong that Chen Fei said: “Mr. Chen, the kidnapping of Miss Zhang and Miss Song is very likely to be the hands of Xia Family.”

” Xia Family! Xia Yu, Xia Han! “Chen Fei’s expression chilled.

Situ Kong said: “Our people have investigated that in the past two days, the Xia family has been soliciting the martial arts in the capital, and it has cost a lot of money. And, just this morning, some people saw that more than ten years The Xia family came out and went to the northern suburbs of Beijing. ”

” I get it! “Chen Fei’s face sank, and he ordered,” You take someone over, then … “After

giving the order to Situkong, Chen Fei got through again Luo Feng and Zhong Tianyu’s multiple mobile phones let them take people over.

Hanging up the phone, Chen Fei stared at the front with a cold expression and gritted his teeth: “Xia Family, Xia Linfeng Xia Yu Xia Han. You better look forward to Qiu Yue and Sister Song, otherwise, I will let you know what the dead word ”

At the same time, in the warehouse No. 7 in the northern suburbs, in a warehouse full of spider webs and corroded steel frames, a middle-aged man in his fifties with a Chinese face, looking cold and tied to his eyes Shen’s two women said, “It’s because of them that my two sons were scrapped.”

Next to the middle-aged man, the two young men who were wearing bandages and sitting in wheelchairs looked extremely gloomy. Staring at Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi, who were tied to the steel frame in front of him, filled with resentment.

“Bad woman, you will immediately know the consequences of offending my Xia family.”

“There is also that Chen Fei, wait a minute, let him be buried with you!”


Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi are now tied It was sturdy and tied to the steel frame, and even the mouth was stuffed with cloth, which could not move at all. But his eyes were full of firmness and anger, staring fiercely at the few people in front of him.

“Dare to stare at us, come here, beat me, and beat these two cheap women fiercely.” Xia Han ordered with anger.

Suddenly, the two men stepped forward and slapped Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi with a slap.

In this regard, Xia Yu is not met, the surface of the colored Yin Zhi, Song Yi stare and said: “Give me stripped of her clothes, I want to know this bitch I refuse Xia Yu consequences.”

The other side, Han heard this summer, also filled with Excited, “Bring me that Qiuyue as well, I will humiliate her fiercely!”

Xia Linfeng looked at the madness and movements of the two sons and said nothing. In his mind, not to mention stripping the two women, even if they were killed, they would not be able to withstand the injuries suffered by his two sons.

After all, they are the young masters of the dignified Xia family and they are not allowed to be treated like this.

The next man stepped forward, and in the angry and panicked eyes of Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi, they would tear their clothes.

In front of them, Xia Yu and Xia Han were crazy and even perverted, licking their tongues and watching the coming spring.

But at this moment, there was a “bang” loud noise outside, which shocked the crowd, and all the movements stopped and looked forward.

Xia Linfeng looked sullen and yelled, “What’s going on? What happened!”


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