MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1347



“This–” Such an answer made Zhu Lan stunned, and then continued to ask, “Then Mr. Chen, can you elaborate, how did you get the position of professor of Jingcheng University? Some people say that there are dark box operations Can you explain it? ”

Chen Fei also had a headache for this question and could not answer it at all. It can’t be said that you are really looking for relationships in secret, let Jingcheng University charter your own!

After thinking for a while, Chen Fei can only say with a cheeky face: “On this point, it is entirely because of my superb medical skills that Jingcheng University specially hired me as a professor.”

“Uh-this-” Zhu Lan said nothing for a moment. By the way, I do n’t know what to ask for the next question.

Zhu Lan’s expression was a little embarrassing, and Chen Fei waved his hand, showing an apologetic smile. It ’s not that he does n’t want to be interviewed, but there are some things that he really ca n’t disclose.

The two were silent for a while, and the atmosphere was awkward.

At this point, I wish Lan around bald male reporter who stood up for Chen Fei said:. “Mr. Chen, since you is not convenient to answer those questions that I also ask you a few questions, Mr. Chen.”

I wish Lan seeing this, quickly to Chen Fei introduced: “Mr. Chen, this is my colleague Wei Shan, and I am responsible for this interview column.”

Chen Fei nodded, looked at Wei Shan, and said: “Mr. Wei, please.”

Wei Shan glanced at Chen Fei, and then said: “I learned some information about Mr. Chen. Knowing that Mr. Chen is in Beijing University, he seems to have a good relationship with women. I know Chen Ziling and Zhuo Whispering, and it seems to have a very close relationship with them. ”

” It is even revealed that the secretary of the general manager of Mr. Chen’s company is also a student of Jingcheng University! ”

“It is closely related to so many girls, which seems not very suitable for Mr. Chen as your teacher! Moreover, some people also said that Mr. Chen used the teacher’s identity to do some indescribable things to them. ”

Chen Fei heard this, face got a little cold, but after all, I wish the other side Lan colleagues, he did not get angry, cold voice explained:.” you say these are silly speculation and they know I do, but only Friends only, there is no special relationship. ”

Zhu Lan saw Chen Fei angry and stood up, wanting to digress.

However, Wei Shan did not give up and continued to ask: “Mr. Chen denied everyone’s guess. That can tell us in detail how you and the female students knew each other, what happened in the middle, it is best to Take out some evidence. In this way, so as not to be misunderstood? If Mr. Chen does n’t mind, let ’s start with the manager secretary of your company, I think she looks pretty good. ”

This Wei Shan said intentionally, There was also a hint of irony in the discourse, which suddenly made Chen Fei’s face gloomy.

Chen Fei couldn’t bear it at this time, staring directly at Wei Shan, and said sharply: “What do you mean? Why do you want me to explain it to you, based on your guesses about catching the wind?” ”

” Mr. Chen, things— “Zhu Lan got up and wanted to explain.

But Wei Shan at the moment Lengheng soon sounded contemptuous stood up, you’re welcome to Chen Fei said:. “! Oh, leave it left a small business, I really think they are the big names ah”

“If the Lord every family summer summer There was something wrong with Lin Feng, and he refused our interview. This position, it’s not your turn. In our section, the interviews are all well-known big men in Beijing. If you can be interviewed with them, that’s your blessing. ”

“As a result, you are playing a big name. Answering the question obscurely, don’t say anything. Since that is the case, then replace it! Anyway, there are so many people thinking about this column.”

Chen Fei frowned, his expression Icy, glanced at Zhu Lan, and then said: “Since that is the case, then you go to interview those who are willing to accept your interview, go or not!”

This is to catch people directly.

Wei Shan’s attitude was not good either. He snorted and got up and flicked away. The two young reporters who followed her also got up and packed up and followed.

Only Zhu Lan, with apology, came to Chen Fei and apologized: “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen like this.”

“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal.” Chen Fei waved his hand and spoke out coldly. Road.

Zhu Lan knew that Chen Fei was really angry, and continued to apologize and explained: “Mr. Chen, it was all because I was not good, so I made things like this. I made a temporary substitution for this interview. I proposed to interview Mr. Chen for you. Colleague Wei Shan, has been competing for a promotion position with me, and has a normal relationship with me. This time it was because of me that I deliberately made Mr. Chen your. I am really sorry— ”

” It’s okay, I didn’t– “Chen Feidao, then Before he finished, a call was made to Chen Fei’s mobile phone.

Chen Fei looked at an unfamiliar number, frowned lightly, paused, and then connected the phone. “Hello, hello–” The

words hadn’t been finished yet, and a gloomy laugh came from the other end of the phone. “It’s Chen Fei. Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi are in my hands. I’ll give you half an hour to go to Warehouse No. 7 in the northern suburbs of Chengbei. If you are late, you know the consequences.”

“You–” Chen Fei heard the expression, his expression was cold, and his expression was tense.

At this time, on the other end of the phone, two women’s shouts came. Chen Fei a really moon and Zhang Yi Song voice, “Moon Song Yi you -”

opportunity, however, the other did not speak to him, gloomy: “The countdown has started, there twenty-nine minutes That’s it. ”

After that, the other party hung up the phone directly.

Taking off the phone, Chen Fei looked somber.

Zhu Lan quickly asked: “He is, what happened to you there anything I could help you??”

Chen Fei said:. “I have some urgent business to go out here, I wish the young lady, I will not entertain a”

finished , Chen Fei rushed out directly.

Zhu Lan frowned lightly, with a hint of regret in the corner of her eyes. Originally, my relationship with Chen Fei was pretty good, but today there is such a connection, I am afraid the two will become strangers in the future.

Zhu Lan wanted to apologize to Chen Fei for a good explanation. But now, Chen Fei is obviously in a hurry and has no chance to apologize to her.

With a sigh, Zhu Lan is ready to leave.

But she had just walked out of the meeting room, Wei Shan, who had left before, gathered at the moment and said to Zhu Lan: “What happened to Chen Fei, where are you going?”

“I don’t know!” Zhu Lan shook his head and replied , And then stared at Wei Shan, frowned, “What do you want to do, don’t come!”


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