MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1345



Zhang Qiuyue heard the expression, his expression could not help but sink, biting his red lips, his expression was tense.

At this time, Chen

Fei came over and gently embraced Zhang Qiuyue’s shoulder, softly comforting: “Qiuyue, don’t be afraid, there is me.” Immediately, Chen Fei’s eyes swept coldly towards Xia Yu and Xia Han, the tone was even Like frost, “It seems that the lesson just learned at the reception was not enough!” The

two saw Chen Fei, and their eyes were full of hate, and they gritted their teeth and stared at Chen Fei.

“Stinky boy, we just reported our revenge now.”

“Kneel down for me, otherwise, we will kill you.”

Chen Fei shook his head gently and walked towards the two, His face was cold, with a strong oppressive momentum.

The two were shocked by this momentum, and for a time they felt a little frightened, and their bodies shivered involuntarily.

After a few steps back, the brothers hurriedly drank.

“Go up, give me up, kill him!”

“Give the boy some color to look at. Annoying our Xia family, looking for dead things.”

………… In

an instant, there was a whizz, a dozen burly thugs, fierce dynasty Chen Fei surrounded him.

As soon as these people started, Chen Fei realized that they were a group of warriors. The strength is basically between the late yellow level and the peak of the yellow level, which is a very good existence.

More than twenty people worked together. The menacing men, each burly brawny man, seemed like a wave of anger, and he wanted to drown Chen Fei completely.

Outside, Xia Yu looked at this scene with a smile on his lips. Xia Han’s eyes have shifted to Zhang Qiuyue, licking his lips, constantly looking at Zhang Qiuyue, and in his mind, he has begun to imagine the scene of waiting for himself to enjoy this little beauty.

But at this moment, the burly and strong men who had surrounded Chen Fei Tuan suddenly made a thunderous noise.

Then, in the astonishing eyes of Xia Yu and Xia Han, more than twenty strong men, directly one by one like sandbags, were thrown out by Chen Fei. Draw an arc in the air, and then fell hard on the ground, instantly passed out.

In this way, after the sound of “popping popping”, more than 20 thugs brought by the Xia family brothers were knocked down by Chen Fei in less than three minutes.

Suddenly, Xia Yu and Xia Han recovered from the surprise when they noticed that Chen Fei was walking in front of him.

When they saw Chen Fei’s icy expression in front of them, they could not help but shudder, their bodies shivered fiercely, and their steps retreated involuntarily, trying to escape.

However, before their movements started, they were frozen in place by Chen Fei’s cold voice. “Want to escape, do you think you can escape?” The

brothers looked stiff and looked around the ground. The crooked bodyguard almost overflowed with bitter water on his face.

Those professional warrior bodyguards are not Chen Fei’s opponents. How are their two dudes who have no power to restrain Chen Fei’s opponents.

“You, what do you want to do?” The two voices were trembling nervously.

Chen Fei sneered and said, “You all sent people to kill me? What do you say I want to do?”

Chen Fei raised his fist during the speech .

Seeing this, Xia Yu and Xia Han shuddered in fright. They were just now

It is clear to see that Chen Fei can hit a hitter of Huang level peak realm with one punch.

If the two of them were hit by Chen Fei, I am afraid they would be seriously injured if they did not die.

Suddenly, the two apologized for mercy.

“Sorry, we got it wrong. Next time, we dare not.”

“We are willing to compensate, how much do you want, what do you want, as long as you speak, we will compensate!”

“Compensation?” Chen Fei sneered, watching To the two, they said coldly, “Then I want your two lives?” The

two heard, feeling cold all over, their faces changed, and they couldn’t say anything clearly, “I,

we– ” Chen Fei No time to spend time with them, stepped towards the two, the pressure of the body became stronger and stronger.

Xia Yu and Xia Han wanted to escape, but when they were moving, they found that their bodies seemed to have become much heavier, and their legs seemed to step into the cement, making it difficult to move.

At this time, Chen Fei had reached a distance of less than one meter in front of them. His right hand was raised, and he was surging in his palm, making a sound of murmur.

In Xia Yu and Xia Han, it sounded like a death chant.

“No, don’t—” the two yelled in horror.

Chen Fei turned a deaf ear and patted them with his palms.

“Ah!” A screaming sounded, Chen Fei struck Xia Han’s legs with vigour, and instantly smashed his legs, and the whole person collapsed to the ground, making an extremely miserable howling.

“My leg, you scrapped my leg. Ah—me, my leg–” Xia Han howled in pain and anger.

At this time, Chen Fei shot again and again, with two pouting, Xia Han’s arms were also scrapped. Two miserable howls sounded again.

Xia Yu on the side looked pale, trembling with fear.

As a young Xia family, he will succeed the Xia family in the future. I don’t want my limbs to be scrapped and become a scrapped person.

The strong fear and anger made him stand up with his teeth clenched, trying to escape.

But behind him, Chen Fei followed her step by step, his eyes cold, “Want to escape? Do you think you can escape?”

With Chen Fei’s icy words, the whisper came out and whistled, and accurately hit Xia Yu’s double leg. In an instant, Xia Yu fell to the ground with a click, her legs were scrapped and screamed.

Then, Chen Fei stepped over and aimed at Xia Yu’s arms.

Xia Yu was terrified in pain, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, yelling his teeth and shouting, “You have abandoned us, you must not die, our Xia family will not let you go. Our Xia family, we must break you up .

I– ” Xia Yu is still shouting, Chen Fei has no time to listen, and directly throws out two qiangmans, discarding Xia Yu’s arms.

“Ah” screamed, Xia Yu passed out directly.

Chen Fei turned around and comforted Zhang Qiuyue and sent her back downstairs.

By the time he returned to the school gate again, Xia Yu and Xia Han and the previous thugs were gone. It seems that the people of the Xia family already know the situation here.

In this regard, Chen Fei didn’t care much. A Xia family only, he didn’t see it in his eyes.

Supporting and abolishing the limbs of Xia Yu and Xia Han brothers is just a warning and a lesson. If the Xia family really do n’t know what to do, Chen Fei does n’t mind giving them some color to let them know how powerful they are.


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