MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1344



In an instant, a group of security guards came over and wanted to drive Xia Yu Xia Han out.

The two looked very ugly. The companions Huang Yi and Ailan were also stunned at the moment, their expressions were shocked, and they didn’t know what to do for a while.

Instead, Chen Fei noticed them and said lightly: “I almost forgot the two of you. President Ji, these two are with them.”

Needless to say, Ji Dongyang understood Chen Fei’s meaning, looked at them, and immediately Cold voice said: “The company will immediately freeze Ai Lan. As for Huang Yi, you Tianhan Entertainment, there will be Dongyang Entertainment in the future, you will not be allowed to appear.” As

soon as the words came out, both Ai Lan and Huang Yi cheered White.

Ailan is a member of Dongyang Entertainment, and Ji Dongyang refrigerated in one sentence, which means that she will not have any works and opportunities to appear in the public in the next few years. This kind of cold storage is more severe than direct cancellation.

After all, with the termination of the contract, Alan may still be able to go to a small company and rely on only a small amount of fame and flow to make a living.

But if it is refrigerated directly, then her star career is destined to be completely over.

As for Huang Yi and Tianhan Entertainment, Ji Dongyang directly said that Dongyang Entertainment and them are incompatible. This means that as long as there are artists from Dongyang Entertainment appearing on any concert theater party in the future, their artists from Tianhan Entertainment will not appear.

After all, in front of Dongyang Entertainment and Tianhan Entertainment, everyone will choose, and the result is self-evident.

This also means that their future for Tianhan Entertainment is slim.

The second woman suffered such a blow, her face was pale, she almost collapsed to the ground, she was so distracted that she was speechless.

Such a result is really not expected by everyone.

No one expected that Ji Dongyang would fall out with Xia’s family for Chen Fei.

For a time, all kinds of speculations continued, and many people pointed and speculated that the relationship between Chen Fei and Ji Dongyang was coming. Some people even opened their minds and said that Chen Fei was the illegitimate child of Ji Dongyang, so Ji Dongyang was so shielded.

Mo said others, at this time, even Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue beside Chen Fei looked at Chen Fei with surprise.

Song Yi looked at Chen Fei and Ji Dongyang, and said: “Chen Fei, President Ji, you two, how could

you– ” “Mr. Chen, he is my benefactor, help big benefactor.” Channel.

“Salvation benefactor, what happened?” Song Yi was even more curious.

At this time, the crowd around them also gathered, and many people even started to say hello to Chen Fei in preparation for greetings. After all, the person who makes Ji Dongyang so valued should not be simple.

Chen Fei was not interested in these interests, and said to Ji Dongyang: “Ji President, let’s go talk!”

Ji Dongyang understood Chen Fei’s meaning and took Chen Fei to his presidential suite. Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue also followed.

Among the suites, Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue heard from Ji Dongyang about Chen Fei and Ji Dongyang. I couldn’t help but feel shocked and sighed with the strength of Chen Fei’s strength.

Song Yi also felt relieved at the moment, took a picture of Chen Fei, and said with a smile: “Well, you, Chen Fei, have this relationship with Mr. Ji, so I didn’t tell me soon. It made me worry for so long.

Zhang Qiuyue also looked at Chen Fei with a sorrowful face.

Chen Fei could not help but touched his nose and said: “Did I not tell you? There is me, don’t worry.”

“I thought you were just talking casually, who knows what you said is true!” Song Yibai gave Chen Fei a glance.

Chen Fei was speechless for a while.

Ji Dongyang was shocked to see that Song Yi and Chen Fei were so intimate, and then smiled: “Well, Xiao Song, do n’t argue with Mr. Chen. This time, let ’s talk about it, or I’m not good, I didn’t notice these things in advance. ”

” Zong Ji, you are too polite. “Song Yidao, immediately thought of something, looked down, looked at Ji Dongyang, concerned,” Ji, this time offended Xia Home, is it really okay? ”

” After all, the Xia family is so powerful. If it is time to deal with our Dongyang Entertainment, I am afraid— “Song Yi worried.

Ji Dongyang heard the words, and a hearty laugh came out, and then waved his hand: “Don’t worry about this, not to say that Xia Linfeng will fall out with me because of a little thing with his son. Even if he really fell out, My Ji Dongyang is not a bully. I will be greeted by then. ”

Ji Dongyang finished his words with a brave look, patting his chest.

Then he turned his eyes and retracted his head. He glanced at Chen Fei and said, “Besides, isn’t Mr. Chen here? A Xia family only, Mr. Chen is wiped out.”

Ji Dongyang said this truthfully. Chen Fei nodded and said lightly: “That’s it, Sister Song and Qiuyue, you don’t have to worry about Xia’s family.”

Although Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue just heard Ji Dongyang talk about Chen Fei, what is Situ Academy and what prefecture master of. But there is still no specific concept of martial arts strength, and now I was shocked to hear that Chen Fei could destroy the Xia family.

After chatting with Ji Dongyang for a while, Chen Fei got up and left.

Because the anniversary reception was not over, Song Yi stayed at the reception. Zhang Qiuyue and Chen Fei left the hotel in the farewell of Ji Dongyang himself.

Chen Fei sent Zhang Qiuyue to the entrance of the Conservatory of Music, waved goodbye, and immediately prepared to leave home.

But when Chen Feigang was about to leave, suddenly, out of the shadows of the trees on both sides of the school, a group of people rushed out, and Zhang Qiuyue was surrounded by menacing force.

Zhang Qiuyue was screamed out in shock.

Chen Fei, who was about to leave, immediately glanced and looked at it. When he saw the faces of these people, he couldn’t help his expression sinking.

Because, this group of menacing people, the leader of the group was Xia Yu and Xia Han brothers just at the reception.

At the moment, the two brought more than 20 burly brawny men with a smug sneer on their lips, and looked at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue with a smile.

“What do you want to do?” Zhang Qiuyue said nervously.

Xia Yu sneered and looked at Zhang Qiuyue with a cold voice: “Just at the reception, you

dealt with us so much that we lost our face. Now, we naturally have to get face back.” He glanced at Zhang Qiuyue, licked his lips, and said, “In addition to regaining face, we also want to play with you well!”

“Relax, when the two of us brothers come together You play. You are guaranteed to be immortal. “Xia Yu also opened his eyes and added a sentence.


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