MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1342



Others could not hear this, but Chen Fei caught it sharply. He couldn’t help but sink his face, glared at Xia Yu, and a cold flashed in his eyes.

At this time, Xia Han and Huang Yi also came to Xia Yu and Ailan.

The brothers seemed surprised when they met.

“Brother, are you here too?”

“Second brother, why are you here?”

Xia Han pointed at Zhang Qiuyue, Song Yi and Chen Fei for a while, and said something to Xia Yu.

After listening, Xia Yu looked at it and swept Zhang Qiuyue, revealing a breath of stunning color, but then nodded and said: “It turns out that. Even if some people are so ignorant, then give them a little color!”

After looking at the time, Xia Yu said, “Five minutes before the party starts, I’ll wait. I’ll wait for the next season to talk about it, so that some unsuitable people don’t need to continue mixing in the entertainment circle ”

Xia Yu’s remarks immediately caused an uproar, and everyone at the scene looked at Chen Fei, Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue with a sympathetic look of sympathy and sorrow.

“Xia Shao personally spoke, this time, that Qiuyue is finished.”

“Yeah, Xia Shao and Xia Ershao are blocked at the same time, even if they are gods, they can’t save them.”

” Not only Zhang Qiuyue, I guess, Even Song Yi may be implicated. Maybe it will be suppressed! ”

” Song Yi, no. She is now a first-line singer and one of Dongyang Entertainment’s trump cards! How could Dongyang Entertainment agree to suppress? she was?”

“Dongyang entertainment certainly not reluctant, but in the face of pressure summer home, do you think an artist is selected season is always important, it is the summer home of this large family important??”

“It’s -”


a time, Almost everyone in the field believed that Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi were finished. From now on, it is impossible to get mixed in the circle.

So, involuntarily, almost everyone, away from them, worried about being involved.

Seeing this, Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi couldn’t help but look sad, and their expressions were sad.

It was Chen Fei, who was still indifferent at the moment, comforting the second daughter: “Sister Song, Qiuyue, don’t worry, with me, they can’t block you.”

But, this word is very special in everyone’s ears. Is harsh and ridiculous. Everyone doesn’t think that Chen Fei, an unknown soldier, can affect such a big event.

Just as everyone was sorry, a burst of music sounded, the spotlight hit the stage, and the host took the stage.

Everyone knows that the anniversary party is about to start, the sound of discussion stops, and everyone’s eyes are all gathered on the stage.

Song Yi suppressed the feeling of loss in his heart and pulled Zhang Qiuyue toward the stage, saying: “When the next season will always come out to toast, then I will talk to him again, maybe things have changed.”

“Well, thank you Sister Song!” Zhang Qiuyue nodded and thanked. But there was not much hope in my heart.

On the other side, the two brothers Xia Yu and Xia Han came to the front of the stage with the compliments of everyone at the moment, with a smile on their faces, very proud.

The host briefly introduced the content of the party and thanked all the guests for coming. Then get out of the body, broke and said: “Let’s welcome our entertainment president of Dongyang, east quarter

. Yang quarter of the total came out to say a few you”

! “Flap flap”

instant, the audience burst into thunderous applause burst Almost everyone desperately patted their hands, and even the two brothers Xia Yu and Xia Han applauded at the moment.

After all, Ji Dongyang’s status is here, and no one dares to give him a face.

However, some people still found that Chen Fei on the periphery not only did not applaud the welcome, but instead sat on a chair, forkd a piece of meat, and ate it unkindly.

Seeing this, he could not help shaking his head for a while and sighed.

“For so rude quarter of the total, it is simply seeking death ah!”

“That is, originally relying Song Yi, perhaps in the season there is always the other side of the ghost of a chance now, there is no chance at all.”

“Oh, eat, Let ’s eat, and it ’s time to die. There will be no chance to eat. ”

“ A pig teammate, Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi have been exhausted! ”

……… in the

warm applause, the face glowed with red light and spirits Dongyang stood up and looked at everyone with a smile.

During this time, Ji Dongyang was refreshed, and the whole person was in a good mood.

Firstly, Chen Fei’s stubborn illness was cured by Chen Fei. Second, Wei Gang’s affair was solved by Chen Fei. Thirdly, the company’s performance was booming and the development momentum was very good.

Many good things come together, Ji Dongyang is naturally in a good mood. The source of these happy events can almost be attributed to his acquaintance with Chen Fei.

When thinking of Chen Fei, Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but feel excited and admired. The young man whose first impression seemed ordinary, did not expect to have such great ability.

It is needless to say that Luo Shao knew Secretary Wen and others. In medicine, he is a doctor more powerful than the holy hand of Chinese medicine. In the field of martial arts, even Situ Kong, the dean of Situ College, must bow down to him. People are shocked.

Ji Dongyang has already made up his mind that after this anniversary, he must find an opportunity to invite Chen Fei for a meal, and thank him for making friends. After all, the other party is his own benefactor.

“Mr. Ji, please say two words to the guests!” The

host reminded Ji Dongyang to recover from his thoughts, coughed slightly, and then said with a smile on his face, “Thank you all guests The arrival of today is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dongyang Entertainment. Here, I … “After

some speeches, a warm applause rang out on the scene.

Immediately, Ji Dongyang picked up a glass of champagne and stepped down to prepare a toast greeting.

Xia Yu and Xia Han brothers standing in front walked past the first, and everyone naturally dared not fight with them. Ji Dongyang also saw the two of them. Although there were some strange arrivals of the Xia family brothers in his heart, he walked past with a smile.

“Xia Yu, Xia Han, your brothers are here!” Ji Dongyang laughed.

“Uncle Ji, congratulations.” The two also smiled with a toast.

The two sides touched the glasses, Ji Dongyang said a few words of compliment, and was originally about to leave.

But at this time, Xia Yu shouted Ji Dongyang and said, “Uncle Ji, there is something. Our brothers and sisters want to ask Uncle Ji to do a favor, I don’t know Uncle Ji-”

“Oh, what do you say? Ji Dongyang stopped and asked.

Xia Yu and Xia Han glanced at each other, and then looked at the direction of the three Chen Fei.


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