MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1340



Xia Han’s eyes fell on Zhang Qiuyue’s body at this time, revealing a stunning color, and a greedy color in his eyes, he couldn’t help but gently licked his tongue.

As the wealthy young man of the Xia family in Beijing and the owner of Tianhan Entertainment, there are naturally women around Xia Han, and many of them are famous actresses in the circle, which can be described as a lot of enjoyment.

But at the moment, seeing a young, fresh and pure girl like Zhang Qiuyue, let his heart tremble fiercely, and instantly gave up a greedy possessive desire, wanting to take Zhang Qiuyue as his own and enjoy it.

Looking at Zhang Qiuyue, Xia Han smiled softly and said softly: “Miss Zhang, hello, this is Xia Han. I have heard of Miss Zhang’s name long ago, and I really appreciate your singing. Miss willing to come to our company, I can assure you, Miss Zhang give you the best treatment. ”

paused, summer Han added:.” if you join now, you can peer treatment of our company Liuxin Qi ”

Xia Han was such a The opening, everyone including Huang Yi, could not help being surprised, revealing the color of surprise.

After all, Liu Xinqi is currently the top artist of Tianhan Entertainment. In the past two years, relying on several traffic dramas, it has become a hot little flower, just like a posture that hit the front line.

And now, Xia Han said that to give Zhang Qiuyue such a new-line treatment, this is a huge premium.

For a time, everyone looked more and more curious about Zhang Qiuyue.

Some people who didn’t observe Zhang Qiuyue in detail before, looked closely at this moment, and suddenly also looked surprised, and murmured.

“This face, at first glance, is not that eye-catching and stunning. But when you look closely, the pure and clear breath can’t be concealed, it is unforgettable.”

“This fresh temperament, playing a now hot campus youth drama, without makeup, can definitely be hot.”

“However, even if it is, it is not worth the first line of treatment! Xia Ershao, the blood is born.”

” Haha, is Xia Ershao the poor man? Besides, do you really think that Xia Ershao’s fancy is really her ability? ”

” Hey, this is the case. Xia Ershao must think about that. Things, the unspoken rules, everyone knows. ”

……… In

a discussion, Zhang Qiuyue said:” Thank you President Xia for your attention, but, I’m sorry, I don’t want to sign the contract now. ”

” Really don’t want to? Just You sign the contract now, I can immediately push you to become a star. Moreover, treatment can continue to talk about. “Xia Han is also at his heed.

However, Zhang Qiuyue was not at all tempted by these, and shook his head firmly, saying, “I’m sorry, President Xia, I’m not interested.”

“This–” Xia Han did not expect that there are girls who are not tempted by fame and fortune, Can’t help but stunned for a while, then came up with a business card and handed it to Zhang Qiuyue, “It may be early to sign the contract, so be it. Miss Zhang accepts my business card. When the party ends, I invite Miss Zhang to have a meal.”

” This— “Zhang Qiuyue was surprised for a moment, and then he saw Chen Fei wrinkled, and immediately understood the other party’s bad intentions, coldly refused,” I’m sorry, Xia Shao, I’m not hungry. ”

” Uh– “Xia Han didn’t The brow furrowed when I thought of Zhang Qiuyue’s refusal to refuse so simply. His face was a little cold, and he said unpleasantly, “Miss Zhang, who looks down on me and doesn’t want to give me a face?”

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; This is very heavy, and Xia Han’s dissatisfied tone is clearly manifested.

Zhang Qiuyue frowned, not knowing how to deal with it for a while.

At this point, Chen Fei stood up and looked at Xia Han without any politeness: “Qiuyue has said that he is not interested in your company or you. Are you blind or can’t understand people!”

“You ——Who is it? ”Xia Han stared at Chen Fei fiercely, with an angry look on his face.

Huang Yi whispered in Xia Han’s ear, and Xia Han’s expression was even more unpleasant.

At the same time, Chen Fei took Zhang Qiuyue’s hand, squeezed, and smiled at her, revealing an encouraging smile.

Zhang Qiuyue looked slightly red, but his face was full of smiles, and nodded shamefully.

The intimate little action of the two fell into Xia Han’s eyes, and suddenly made him jealous as if the magma was spewing out and burst out.

He Muguangruju, stared fiercely Chen Fei look, then look to Zhang Moon, teeth and said: “?? Do you really want to reject me, you know my identity and status, you may want to clear,”

Zhang Moon eyes firmly, Cold voice: “I’m sure.”

After listening to Zhang Qiuyue’s words, Xia Han’s eyes shrank, and then he straightened up, his eyes cold, coldly said: “Since this is the case, then don’t mix in the entertainment circle That’s it! ”

Everyone was shocked by this remark. This seems to mean to block Zhang Qiuyue.

If it is another medium entertainment company, it may be difficult to block an artist. But now it is Xia Han who is the second youngest member of the Xia family, and his status is extraordinary.

He said so, even if Tianhan Entertainment is not large in scale. However, in his capacity as Xia Ershao, other companies in the circle will give him a little face, and will not be related to Zhang Qiuyue.

After all, no one in the circle wants to be a newcomer, offending Xia Ershao. That is pure trouble.

For a time, there was a sigh. Everyone could not help feeling, Zhang Qiuyue, such a good young man, had not been debuted yet, and would be strangled in the soil.

Song Yi changed his face, and was anxious and angry. He looked at Xia Han and said, “Xia Xia, it’s too much to do this! Qiuyue is very talented, I will recommend it to our CEO Ji

Hers . ” Song Yi wanted to find other opportunities for Zhang Qiuyue.

But after Xia Han heard the words, he said coldly: “Do you want you Dongyang Entertainment to sign him? Rest assured, on this point, when the next season comes out, I will talk to him personally. I believe that Ji will Sell ​​me a face of Xia Han, sell me a face of Xia Family. ”

This time, Xia Han not only moved himself out, but even moved out of his entire Xia family. With such a firm attitude, it seems that Zhang Qiuyue is really going to be killed.

For a time, the sigh sounded again.

Song Yi was angry and helpless at the moment, his fist was clenched, and the expression on his face was very complicated.

Zhang touches Moon, firm eyes, the eyes reveal the color of anger and stubborn, adhere to teeth and said: “! Even if I do not enter the entertainment business, that’s not your intention as”

? “Yeah,”

This is already a naked threat. Xia Han not only wants to Destroy Zhang Qiuyue’s career as an artist, and even her daily life is not ready to let go. I want to rely on my identity and relationship to directly destroy Zhang Qiuyue.


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