MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1339



Therefore, after returning, Song Yi directly found Ai Lan and wanted to make things clear. As a result, Ailan denounced and refused to recognize those things at all. Song Yi was angry, the two sides quarreled, and finally the relationship broke down.

It can even be said that in the company, the two have become an enemy.

However, the two usually work outside, but there is no chance to meet. This time, the company’s anniversary opportunity, the two met, but did not expect that Ailan really did not give a face, and met Song Yi at the first meeting.

Song Yi frowned, thinking that today was the anniversary of his company, and did not want to cause trouble, so he did not respond to Ai Lan, directly held Zhang Qiuyue, picked up the glass, and turned to leave: “Let’s go!”

Ai Lan Unexpectedly, Song Yi didn’t give herself a face, was angry and annoyed, and stepped up directly, “Why, don’t you dare to confront me! Those things are true?”

Seeing Ailan was about to get started, Chen Fei A step forward, stopped Ailan, coldly said: “Is the last face, wasn’t it painful enough? Want to do it again?”

Ailan heard it, froze for a moment, then looked at Chen Fei. In an instant, her eyes shrank suddenly, her complexion changed greatly, she stared at Chen Fei fiercely, and said, “It’s you!”

“It’s me! If you don’t want to be beaten, go away!” .

Ailan was angry and angry, but he didn’t dare to fight with Chen Fei. His face changed for a while, and he immediately thought of something and shouted: “Okay, I said why some people beat me for no reason. It was Song. You are instructed! ”

This remark was equivalent to dropping a stone in the calm lake, and instantly stirred up a wave, which attracted everyone’s attention.

After all, the two celebrities quarreled, and it also involved beatings, which is big news.

Song Yi, now had to turn around to respond, staring at Ailan, frowning: “What are you talking nonsense? When did I instruct someone to hit you?”

Ailan glanced at Chen Fei, then lifted her hair, revealing that she was still Some swollen cheeks said, “I see it, my face is still swollen. It was he who hit it, if you don’t believe it, you ask him, did he hit me?”

Song Yi looked at Chen with a puzzled expression. Fly, with the color of inquiry.

Chen Fei said lightly: “I did hit her, and slaps fiercely. It’s

just- ” Alan shouted after Chen Fei’s explanation was over. “I heard that. He admitted, he hit It ’s mine. Song Yi, now, what else do you want to explain! ”

Ailan deliberately confuses the two things together, and does not make Chen Fei explain easily. In order to create a misunderstanding and illusion for everyone, Song Yi privately sent Chen Fei to beat her Alan.

If this news comes out, her Alan’s image will naturally get better. Even if Dongyang Entertainment finally decides to support Song Yi, she can also use this to hype up and down again her declining heat.

At the moment, hearing the conversation on the spot, many people were really misled, thinking that Song Yizhen sent someone to beat someone.

For a time, there was a lot of discussion.

At this moment, Chen Fei snorted, looked at Ailan, and said, “I want to fish in muddy water and create an illusion. Do you think that you can succeed?”

Immediately, Chen Fei looked at the people around him, and said loudly: “I I did hit Ailan, but that thing had nothing to do with Song Yi. It was in a jewellery shop of my friend called Ome Jewelry.

Anyone who knows should know this company. ”

“This Miss Alan unreasonably caused trouble in my friend’s shop. After trying on the company’s jewelry necklace worth 20 million yuan, she was reluctant to take it down. She, I have to do it. ”

Chen Fei said aloud the whole thing, and also promoted Yu Qingmei’s green plum jewelry.

When everyone around me heard it, they could not help but talk up, pointing at Alan.

Some people understand Ailan’s private conduct and believe that Chen Fei and Song Yi have come to Song Yi’s side.

Some people have a good relationship with Alan and choose to support Alan.

As for most people, they cannot know the truth of what the two parties said. But still chose to stand on the side of Song Yi. After all, Song Yi is now a frontline female singer and a powerful candidate for the next generation of Tianhou.

And Alan, a female singer who gradually passed her breath and slipped to the third line.

By comparison, the two sides don’t need to think about anything. Everyone is an insider and they know how to stand up.

For a time, many people talked about Song Yi, and persuaded Ailan to persuade.

Allan did not expect such a result would be, could not help the atmosphere extremely harsh glare of Chen Fei and Song Yi, bite and said:. “You wait for me, wait a minute, you have a good show to see”

finished, Alan left amidst the accusations and laughter of everyone.

On the side of Song Yi, many people came around. Some people expressed their trust in Song Yi, and others took the opportunity to show Song Yi a favor.

After some excitement, the excitement scene calmed down a bit.

Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue were free, ready to ask Chen Fei about Ai Lan.

But at this moment, two figures of a man and a woman came over.

Among them, the woman was amazed by Huang Yi, the manager of Tianhan Entertainment Artists Department, who was the friend of Song Yi whom Chen Fei met yesterday.

Seeing Huang Yi, Chen Fei’s faces sank at the same time.

But immediately, when he saw the young man in his twenties around Huang Yi, Song Yi’s face could not help but sink into one. He whispered to Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue: “That is Xia Hanxia and Young Master, The son of the Xia family, the boss behind Tianhan Entertainment. ”

” I didn’t expect Xia Han to come forward, things may be a little troublesome. “Song Yi looked worried.

Chen Fei patted Song Yi’s shoulder gently and said, “Sister Song, Qiuyue. It’s okay with me.”

At this point, Huang Yi and Xia Han had already arrived in front of the three people.

Huang Yi glanced at the three with a sneer, and said: “Meet again.”

Song Yi looked cold, “I don’t want to see this!”

“Really?” After yesterday’s trouble, Huang Yi was in Song In front of Yi, he also regained his true face, no longer covering up like before, and said sarcastically, “Anyway, I am not here for you.”

After that, Huang Yi’s eyes fell on Zhang Qiuyue, saying: “Zhang Qiuyue, right, what did you think about yesterday? How about considering it? Sign us Tianhan Entertainment, and sign it now!”

Then, Huang Yi threw out a contract and even asked Zhang Qiuyue to sign on the spot.

Zhang Qiuyue was stunned, and he was speechless for a while.

Huang Yi pointed to the man next to him and said, “This is our boss of Tianhan Entertainment. Xia’s Xia Erxia and Xia Hanxia.”


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