MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1338



“If the Zhong family and the Luo family are considered first-class families, then the Xia family can only be regarded as second-rate families.”

“However, although they are only second-rate families. But their strength cannot be underestimated. Even if we are the total of Dongyang Entertainment, If it’s against the Shangxia family, I’m afraid I have to think

about it and don’t want to confront it directly. ” Speaking of this, Song Yi was worried about Zhang Qiuyue’s face,” it’s really troublesome. ”

It was Chen Fei. When he heard the name of President Ji, the expression on his face eased and said: “In this case, there is nothing to worry about. If the Xia family just came to find fault, I would solve them.”

Song Yi knew Chen Fei is powerful, but his relationships and connections seem to be mainly in Longjiang and Longan. Now that I ’m in Beijing, I ca n’t say how much it can do.

Thinking of this, Song Yi was worried, thinking for a moment, then thought of something, and said: “Yes, tomorrow night, Qiuyue and Chen Fei, are you free?”

” Are you free, Sister Song, what’s the matter? Is it something? “Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue nodded.

Song Yidao: “This is the case. At 7 o’clock tomorrow night, our Dongyang Entertainment Company will hold an anniversary celebration. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our company. By then, President Ji, and many big names in the industry will appear. I want to let Qiuyue and Chen Fei, you go with me. ”

” Ah, that is the party of Dongyang Entertainment Company. Let’s go inappropriate! “Zhang Qiuyue said.

Song Yi waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, you are my friends. I will take you there. Besides, I would have recommended Qiuyue to President Ji, he might have some impressions. By then, if I can get the favor of President Ji Or, with the support of other industry leaders, it would be much more convenient for Shangtianhan Entertainment. ”

Song Yigang came back from the outside and did not know that Ji Dongyang had personally went to the school to invite Zhang Qiuyue to sign the contract and was rejected. Do not even know the relationship between Chen Fei and Ji Dongyang.

Zhang Qiuyue wanted to say something, but looking at Song Yi’s enthusiasm, it was not easy to refuse and nodded: “Well, thank you Sister Song, I will pass on time.”

Chen Fei also nodded and said: “I didn’t have class at night, but I can pass.” The

thing was agreed, plus three people had almost the same meal, and then got up and checked out.

……… In the

evening of the next day, Chen Fei came to the entrance of the Beijing Conservatory of Music in advance, waiting for Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi to go to the hotel where the anniversary was held.

Dongyang Entertainment, as a well-known domestic entertainment company in China, held its anniversary, and it was naturally not inferior in quality. It directly packaged a hotel.

When the three came to the door of the hotel, they could see an endless stream of luxury cars and star celebrities who could only be seen on TV before.

Song Yi took out the invitation and smoothly entered Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue into the company.

There is still a period of time before the reception, there are already many people in the hall bustling, everyone is holding a wine glass, smiling, or a warm or polite greeting.

Song Yi, as the first female singer in China, was one of Dongyang Entertainment ’s top brands, so she became the focus of many people and came to say hello.

Song Yi greeted them with a smile, and at the same time did not forget to introduce and recommend Zhang Qiuyue around him,

this is to create opportunities for Zhang Qiuyue.

Everyone made a few polite comments, praised Zhang Qiuyue a few words, said they heard something, and then shifted the focus to Song Yi. After all, Zhang Qiuyue, a newcomer who hasn’t debuted yet, has Song Yi’s favor, but everyone still doesn’t pay much attention.

Zhang Qiuyue had some greetings anyway, but Chen Fei was here. On this occasion, he became an outsider. No one knew him at all, and no one came to say hello. Some people even regarded him as the bodyguard of Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue, completely ignored.

In this regard, Chen Fei had an indifferent attitude, and didn’t care much at all.

The distance from the reception was getting closer and closer, and there were more and more people on the scene.

When Song Yi and the three of them were chatting and chatting, all of a sudden, footsteps came towards them, the crowd around them automatically let go, and everyone’s eyes also looked over.

This strange atmosphere made people feel strange, then turned their heads and looked at it.

The person here is a woman in her thirties. The woman is dressed up in a glamorous manner, but she has a strange red on her face, and her cheeks are red and swollen.

Seeing this woman, Song Yi’s faces all changed.

Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue looked dark, and the smiles on their faces converged, and they looked at the woman opposite.

Chen Fei was slightly surprised, and then raised the corner of his mouth, showing a smile. Because, the woman opposite is no one else, it is the same star Ailan that she met in Yu Qingmei Ome Jewelry Store.

Alan saw Song Yi with a disgruntled look, but approached, still squeezing out a formulaic smirk, greeted: “Isn’t this Song Yi? Come back from the outside, still so beautiful! I watch the news , Say you are dating a rich man outside, and you think you ca n’t come back? ”

After talking, Alan glanced at Zhang Qiuyue again, with a disdainful sneer: “Is this the new guy you recommended? I heard that the strength is good. Now it seems that it really looks good, by the face!”

Although Ai Lan had a smile on his face, but the words were clearly ironic.

Deliberately mentioning the false gossip from Song Yi outside, slandering her being adopted by the rich. Immediately after borrowing Zhang Qiuyue, both of them ironically rely on their face vases and have no strength at all.

As soon as I met, the smell of gunpowder was so strong that it naturally made the atmosphere of the scene tense, and everyone around me also asked for discussion.

“What’s going on? Ailan is in contact with Song Yi?”

“Aren’t they all Dongyang Entertainment? Ailan or Song Yi’s predecessor, how could this be the case?”

“Yeah, half a year ago , Their relationship is quite good! At that time, Ailan also gave Song Yi a variety of things. ”

… …

Then, someone who knew the inside story broke up in a whisper.

“The relationship was good before, but a few months ago, since Song Yi returned from Longan City, the relationship between the two parties gradually deteriorated.”

“I know the situation at that time. After Song Yi returned, he quarreled with Alan. In one scene, they even threw things directly in the office. Later, they were like this. ”

It turned out that when Song Yi was in Long’an City, Chen Fei exposed the evil-filled bracelet by Chen Fei, plus Ai Lan deliberately disclosed her whereabouts to Xia Yu Xia Shao, causing Xia Yu to continue to struggle, making Song Yi very unhappy.


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