MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1337



On the side, Song Yi looked even more ugly, and persuaded: “Huang Yi, Qiuyue she—”

As a result, Huang Yi interrupted her directly after Song Yi finished, and persuaded Zhang Qiuyue: “Qiuyue, you Look, I used to be a singer, Song Yi’s predecessor and friend. Do you believe Song Yi? Then I, you can also believe, you can rest assured, I will definitely give you the best contract, sign it! ”

” This , I, I do n’t want to— “Zhang Qiuyue resigned.

Huang Yi said suddenly: “Qiuyue, do you not trust me? I am Song Yi’s friend, and it won’t hurt you.”

“But, I–” Zhang Qiuyue is still quitting.

But Huang Yi was very aggressive and almost asked Zhang Qiuyue to sign the contract immediately, or even directly took out a signature pen and put it in Zhang Qiuyue’s hands.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t stand anymore, and sighed, “Stop, you do this, it’s a little too much!”

Huang Yi was shocked by Chen Fei, so startled, she looked at her with disdain Color, cold voice: “This is something in the circle, you don’t understand, don’t intervene indiscriminately.”

But when Zhang Qiuyue heard this, he immediately looked firm, and said: “Sister Huang, this is Brother Chen Fei Chen. I believe Brother Chen, what he said is what I mean. ”

” This– “Huang Yi did not expect Zhang Qiuyue to trust this humble Chen Fei so much, his expression somewhat frozen.

At the moment, Song Yi also said: “Huang Yi, Qiuyue is still a newcomer, you still need to learn, it is not convenient to sign the company. Just sign your company’s business, just forget it!”

Upon hearing this, Huang Yi couldn’t help but sink. Looking at Song Yi, he said, “Song Yi, what do you mean! Don’t worry about me, or don’t believe me?”

“No, I don’t mean that, I just–” Song Yi wanted to explain.

But Huang Yi was irritated directly, “It doesn’t mean that, let Zhang Qiuyue sign our company.”

“This-” Song Yi frowned, then his face sank, and said, “Huang Yi, I have already Our company recommends Qiuyue, and our company is very optimistic about her. ”

This statement has become very obvious. Song Yi’s company is Dongyang Entertainment, one of the top entertainment companies in China. Compared to Huang Yi’s small company, it is obviously much stronger.

When people hear this, they should be able to understand how many pounds they have, and they have retreated.

But when Huang Yi heard this, his face suddenly sank, and he was directly angry, “Song Yi, what do you mean! Look down on my small company? I tell you, although we are not as big as a few top big Company, but it is also one of the strong companies in the circle. ”

” Besides, how can a big company such as Dongyang Entertainment accept newcomers casually. I advise you newcomers, don’t keep your hands high and eyes low, lest you end up with two empty ends, then It ’s too late to cry. ”This sentence was said to Zhang Qiuyue, and a threatening statement was added at the end.“ I tell you, offending our boss, that ’s offending the people in the circle. When the time comes, I will block a new person. It’s not the simplest thing. ”

Chen Fei on the side heard this and couldn’t help it anymore. He couldn’t care about this guy being Song Yi’s friend. He sneered directly and said, “Is this your company’s way of doing things? If you can’t recruit people, you start to threaten?”

Song Yi was also dissatisfied at the moment: “Huang Yi, what you just said, it’s over. I understand

you I want to be kind to my company, but it is a bit overwhelming. You apologize to Qiuyue and Chen Fei! ”

” Apologize to me? Song Yi, have you made a mistake! I am your predecessor, even their predecessor. . In the entertainment circle of Beijing, I Huang Yi said, how many artists have to face me. ”

“Now, a newcomer who hasn’t debuted yet, I want to sign her, that is to give her face and her great blessing. She doesn’t cherish herself, but asks me to apologize, what is this?” Huang Yi shouted.

Immediately, she glared angrily at Zhang Qiuyue, photographed the contract on the table, and directly threatened: “My words are here, today, you don’t sign us Tianhan Entertainment. Then in the circle, don’t want to mix up ”

This naked threatening statement really made Chen Fei angry. He directly picked up the contract and fell on Huang Yi’s face. He shouted,” Go! ”

” You, dare you to hit me, I– ” Huang Yi glared at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei slapped it on the table with a clear five-finger palm print, which scared Huang Yi’s complexion and retreated.

But when she backed up to the door of the private room, she still threatened with resentment on her face: “You wait for me, you Zhang Qiuyue, don’t think about mixing in the circle in the future.”

“Go!” Chen Fei With a stern drink, the air surged away, blowing Huang Yi’s cheeks aching, and scared her away.

Huang Yi left and calmed down in the private room.

Song Yi looked a little ugly, and then said to Zhang Qiuyue and Chen Fei: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that Huang Yi did this kind of thing for her!”

“Sister Song, this has nothing to do with you!”

“Sister Song, don’t have to apologize for others “”

Zhang Qiuyue and Song Yi quickly reassured Song Yi.

Song Yi sighed and said: “Huang Yi’s Tianhan Entertainment is not bad in the circle, it is medium in size, and it can also be ranked in the Beijing circle. However, the company’s reputation is not very good, and it has been relying on each This kind of hype absorbs traffic, grabs a while when the star traffic is high, and then the heat passes, then abandons the artist and looks for the next hype point. ”

“Today’s Chinese entertainment industry, this kind of behavior is very common, and I can understand their approach. But personally, I disagree with my friends and students entering this kind of company.”

Zhang Qiuyue nodded seriously, seriously: “Sister Song, I understand. I want to be a singer, a real singer, not a star who relies on traffic hype.”

Wen Yan, Song Yi smiled comfortably, nodded and said: “Qiuyue, you can think too much Okay. ”

However, what Song Yi thought of again, with a worried look, said:” It’s just that this offended Huang Yi and Tianhan Entertainment. I am afraid it is really a bit of trouble? ”

” Why, that company Very powerful? “Chen Fei asked.

Song Yi frowned gently: “Tianhan Entertainment Company can only be considered ordinary. But the big boss behind Tianhan Entertainment is Xia Han, the second son of Xia Family in Beijing. Xia Family is a big family in Beijing. If Xia Han shot, Qiuyue might be in trouble. ”

” Big family! Xia Family? “Chen Fei paused and asked,” How is this Xia family compared to the Zhong and Luo families? ”

Song Yi heard it and immediately Speaking out: “That can’t be compared. Zhong Family and Luo Family, that is a well-known big family in Beijing, almost all the top-level existences except those hidden top families.”


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