MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1336



Therefore, at this moment, Zhong Tianlong thought about the matter just now, and could not help being afraid for a while, a cold sweat came out, and his back was almost cold. If he really did deal with Chen Fei just now, I am afraid that now he will be crippled without dying.

In this way, the compensation of 20 million yuan in Zhong Tianlong’s eyes became very cost-effective.

Zhong Tianlong was terrified and couldn’t help but speed up the pace. He wanted to hurry home and hurry up and never want to see Chen Fei again.

……… On the

school side, after finishing the class, Chen Fei received a call from Zhang Qiuyue, saying that it was Song Yi who had come back from outside. Zhang Qiuyue had already made an appointment with Song Yi, and everyone had a meal together.

Chen Fei had long wanted to invite Song Yi to have a meal, and thank her for taking care of Zhang Qiuyue. Since the person came back, Chen Fei naturally agreed immediately, after packing up, he rushed to the hotel immediately.

Came to the hotel, when Chen Fei arrived, Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue had already arrived.

“Miss Song, wait a long time.” Chen Fei greeted.

Song Yi gave Chen Fei a white look and smiled: “Why, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. President Chen is rusty with me, what is Sister Song?”

Chen Fei scratched his head and said with a smile , “Sister Song, it’s me No, I will punish myself for three cups. ”

Then, Chen Fei filled the wine and had to drink it.

Upon seeing this, Song Yi smiled and said, “Okay, I have a joke with you, don’t be so serious. Everyone has a casual meal, no matter what set on the wine table, just do whatever you want.”

Chen Fei is also welcome, sit down After that, he immediately chatted with Song Yi.

Song Yi was easy-going. Although he hadn’t seen Chen Fei for a long time, he didn’t talk a few words, and the atmosphere was warmed up. Let’s talk about music for a while, what we saw and heard when Song Yi was outside, or what happened to Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue at school. The atmosphere is not warm.

When the atmosphere of the three was strong, Song Yi’s mobile phone rang, she got up and connected the phone, and after a few minutes, she hung up the phone and walked back, with an embarrassed look, said to Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue: “Little Chen, Qiuyue. I’m really sorry. A friend of mine heard that I was back, so I must come over and talk to me. She will come here in a moment, don’t you mind!”

Chen Fei waved: “Sister Song, your friend , Is our friend, what do you mind. ”

Zhang Qiuyue also nodded aside.

Upon seeing this, Song Yi smiled and said, “My friend is also a person in the circle. At that time, Qiuyue can ask her about some entertainment companies, so that she can prepare for the future development in advance.”

“Well, thank you Sister Song.” Zhang Qiuyue nodded cleverly.

Immediately, Song Yi briefly introduced her friend.

This friend was originally a singer. He made his debut a little earlier than Song Yi. He spent a few years in the circle, but it hasn’t been a fire. In the end, he switched to a small company and became a broker.

Over the past few years, I do not know how she worked hard. He was promoted all the way, and became the manager of the artist department of their company.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door, Song Yi went to open the door of the private room, and then ushered in a woman in her thirties. The woman is a famous brand, her face is pretty good, but she has a thick layer of makeup, but instead conceals her appearance, looks greasy and mature.

However, after all, Song Yi’s friend,

Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue greeted each other with a smile.

Song Yi walked over with the woman and introduced to Chen Fei and Song Yi: “This is Huang Yi, my friend and predecessor. Just call Huang Sister.”

“Sister Huang!” Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue are both at the same time Greetings.

Immediately, Song Yi explained to Huang Yi: “Huang Yi, this is Zhang Qiuyue, this is Zhang Qiuyue and my friend Chen Fei.”

Huang Yi glanced over Chen Fei, and then fell on Zhang Qiuyue , Looked around, and then smiled, “You are Zhang Qiuyue! Sure enough, it is a newcomer admired by Song Yi. This looks like a star!”

“No, no!” Zhang Qiuyue’s face Exaggerated, a little shy, waved his hand.

Huang Yi looked very enthusiastic and said, “Qiuyue, don’t mind if I call you that? I heard Song Yi say you are a singer. Can you sing me two sentences?”

“Ah, this–” Zhang Qiuyue Suddenly, he nodded and began to sing.

Seeing this, Song Yi couldn’t help but froze for a moment, and seemed to think of something. Then he grabbed Huang Yi and smiled: “Huang Yi, I just came back. I haven’t seen you for a long time, so don’t talk about work. You sit down and eat. Something! ”

Huang Yi sat down and took a bite, casually tweeting. However, the topic turned to Zhang Qiuyue and said, “Qiuyue, I heard Song Yi say that you are a student of Sun Yi and Sun Lao. They are highly respected by Sun Lao and their talents are very good!”

“Sister Huang is well known . Sun Lao did teach me. “Zhang Qiuyue said.

“Well, it can be very good to get Sun Lao’s approval. After all, Song Yi is Sun Lao’s proud student.” Huang Yi laughed and praised, and then made the request just now, “Qiuyue, you are so good Talent, I really want to get acquainted. Sing me a few words on the spot! ”

” I– “Zhang Qiuyue froze for a moment, then nodded,” Well, in front of Sister Huang and Sister Song, I ugly.

Immediately, Zhang Qiuyue sang a few words.

After listening, Huang Yi’s eyes brightened instantly, and his face was amazed, and the whole person was excited. Clap and applaud, “This sound is very good, so good.”

“Thank you Huang for compliment!” Zhang Qiuyue said.

Huang Yi stood up straight, walked to Zhang Qiuyue, smiled and said, “Qiuyue, I heard Song Yi say that you are still a freshman in the Beijing Conservatory of Music.”

“Well, I am still studying at school.” Zhang Qiuyue nodded.

The smile on Huang Yi’s face grew stronger, and he continued: “I heard that you haven’t signed the company yet.”

“Uh-” Zhang Qiuyue was a little surprised by this question. He froze for a moment and then nodded, “I haven’t Sign the company. ”

” So! Then I will give you a chance to sign a contract with our company, how about it? “Huang Yi persuaded.

Zhang Qiuyue froze for a moment and could not help looking at Chen Fei and Song Yi.

Song Yi looked dull at the moment, coughed, and said: “Huang Yi, Qiuyue is still small, and the signing of the contract is too early. It is not suitable to talk about it now.”

Huang Yi waved his hand and said, “There is nothing wrong. Be famous early. Otherwise, it is too late to miss the opportunity. Qiuyue, our company is well paid, I can give you a first-level contract, what do you think? If it is appropriate, sign it now! ”

Huang Yi directly took out a copy of the room The contract was given to Zhang Qiuyue.

Zhang Qiuyue was really stunned by this posture, and he was stunned for a while.


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