MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1335



As a result, what he did not expect was a roar from the end of the phone, “Zhong Tianlong, what are you doing nonsense, do you know, you are in trouble for my Zhong family.”

“Uncle Zhong Luofei, I , I just want to benefit my Zhong family! Ome Jewelry Company-“Zhong Tianlong also wanted to explain.

But before the words were finished, Zhong Luofei at the other end of the phone roared directly, “The family has not announced it for a long time, and it has been cancelled with Ome Jewelry. It is not allowed to go to trouble in the future. You don’t understand the family’s decision Really? ”

” Uncle, I just think it’s a pity to let go like this, so I just– “Zhong Tianlong continued to defend.

But Zhong Luofei was really angry and shouted: “Zhong Tianlong, don’t be smart, you should follow the decisions made by the family. Also, you remember, the backing behind the green plum jewelry is Mr. Chen Fei Chen. He is not It’s annoying. If you offend him, then immediately apologize and ask for mercy. If you don’t get Mr. Chen’s forgiveness, you can get out of Zhong’s house. ”

After that, Zhong Luofei clicked and hung up the phone.

And Zhong Tianlong, who was on the phone for a while, was stunned for a while. His face was unbelievable, and he muttered in his mouth: “How could this be, Uncle

He– ” At this moment, Zhong Tianyu said coldly: “Now, I know the seriousness of the matter. I apologize to Mr. Chen and Miss Yu immediately, otherwise, you know the consequences.”

Zhong Tianlong heard the words, his expression fluctuating for a while.

But thinking of Zhong Luofei’s warning, he finally lowered his head and walked towards Chen Fei, whispering: “Mr. Chen, Miss Yu, I’m sorry, I was wrong just now.”

Chen Fei snorted and said, “I’m sorry Enough? Things are not that simple! ”

“You–” Zhong Tianlong didn’t expect himself to be the master of the Zhong family, but he personally bowed his head and apologized, but Chen Fei didn’t even give himself a face, and he couldn’t help but burst into anger in his heart.

But at this time, Zhong Tianyu pulled Zhong Tianlong and reminded in a low voice: “Continue to apologize, don’t think about the rebellion, otherwise, you will regret it.”

“I–” Zhong Tianlong’s face changed, and then bite After clenching his teeth, he bowed to Chen Fei again, apologizing, “Mr. Chen, Miss Yu, I’m sorry. I was wrong, I apologize to the two, and I am willing to make compensation.”

“Compensation!” Chen Fei heard the words and immediately turned his eyes. , Coldly, “Just now, didn’t you support this Aylan, and wanted to snatch the fish dragon dance necklace? Since that is the case, now, let’s compensate according to the necklace!”

“What, that’s 20 million, I– Zhong Tianlong was shocked when he heard the amount of compensation, and he shouted directly.

But Zhong Tianyu aside quickly grabbed him and reminded in a low voice: “Promise Mr. Chen, quickly agree.”

Zhong Tianlong looked puzzled, but nodded and agreed.

Immediately, Zhong Tianyu took out a bank card and directly compensated Qingmei Jewelry Company with RMB 20 million.

Seeing this, Chen Fei nodded, then waved his hand and said: ”

Okay , you go!” Zhong Tianyu then pulled Zhong Tianlong and nodded and hurriedly left. Alan, who had been shocked for a long time, hurriedly left now.

Inside the shop, Chen Fei looked at Yu Qingmei with a smile and said, “Sister Qing Mei, I’ve solved this matter


Yu Qingmei gave Chen Fei a smile and said: ” Only a few months after coming to Beijing, A Fei, you are so powerful, even the Zhong family depends on your complexion. I can hold your thigh in the future. ”

“I am Qing Qingmei, the man behind you, this should be the case.” Chen Fei patted his chest.

Yu Qingmei’s eyebrows twirled and said, “A Fei, are you going to be my man?” When

talking, Yu Qingmei licked her red lips, her charming body showed a tempting temperament, which made Chen Fei feel a little bit of a mouthful. Dry tongue.

“Cough, Sister Qing Mei, it’s not too early, I’m going back to school.” If Chen Fei was worried about continuing, I’m afraid he would really do something extraordinary, and quickly made an excuse, ready to go away Too.

Yu Qingmei giggled, flicked her hair, and sent Chen Fei away.

At this time, Zhong Tianyu, who was two blocks away from the Ome Jewelry Company, was finally able to slow down a bit, but his face was still breathless, and he seemed quite nervous.

Zhong Tianlong frowned. He was still bitter about the matter just now and could n’t help saying: “Cousin, why did you stop me just now. I still do n’t believe it. Let ’s talk about the Zhong family, even a woman and a jewel. The company couldn’t deal with it. ”

Zhong Tianyu heard Yan, staring at Zhong Tianlong fiercely, and said:” Just the jewelry company, our Zhong family, has long been annexed. The key is the one next to Yu Qingmei. ”

“That stinky kid named Chen Fei?” Zhong Tianlong pouted his lips, his face disdainful, “What is the ability of a hairy boy from a foreign country? Why is the family so afraid of him?”

“What can bear?” Zhong Tianyu stared at him fiercely. Xiang Tianlong and Li Sedao said, “Do you know, who is Chen Fei and what kind of identity?”

“One month ago, the Jiang family provoked him. As a result, Jiang Yitang went bankrupt and Jiang Yuanze, the holy hand of the Chinese medicine doctor, was arrested. .Because, Chen Fei won the Special Contribution Award and was awarded by Director Qi of the Food and Drug Administration. There are also many Chinese medical sacred hands and the support of medical professionals. ”

Hearing this, Zhong Tianlong was slightly surprised, but still dissatisfied: “No matter how powerful the medical profession is, it is just a doctor. Our Zhong family, do n’t be so afraid of him!”

“Just a doctor?” Zhong Tianyu stared at him fiercely. Zhong Tianlong glanced and continued, “Later, Situ College and Chen Fei collided. Chen Fei rushed into the Situ College directly, destroying all the apprentices of Situ Dean Situ Han and Elder Situ Mo Hailin Jing. In the end, he even injured Dean

Situkong . ” ” Now, do you still think he is just a doctor? “Zhong Tianyu asked.

Zhong Tianlong heard this, and his expression was a little strange. The expression on his face was astonished. “There is such a thing. This, this is not true. Situ Han is a warrior in the realm of the late Xuan class, and he is also considered among the younger generation of warriors It’s quite famous. ”

” As for Dean Situkong, that’s even more terrifying. He’s a warrior in the mid-level realm. How could he be injured by Chen Fei, this is impossible! “Zhong Tianlong couldn’t believe it.

Zhong Tianyu snorted loudly and said, “I said the impossible thing, I saw it with my own eyes at that time.”

“Why, how could this be?” Zhong Tianlong was really scared at this moment, Chen Fei could defeat Si Tukong, then explain, He is at least a warrior in the mid-level realm. Masters of this level, even if they are the Zhong family, do not dare to be negligent, and they will not go against such a master for a family junior who is not valued.


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