MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1334



Although some time ago, some people in the Zhong family mentioned this incident, in order to put pressure on Ome jewelry. But with the Zhong family’s favor later, no one mentioned it.

After all, since the Zhong family chose to settle. If this matter is still mentioned intentionally, isn’t it adding to Yu Qingmei and deliberately angering the other party. It is totally unwise.

But now, Zhong Tianlong can’t think so much, and he doesn’t understand the family’s reconciliation. Coupled with Yu Qingmei’s sneered expression, Zhong Tianlong was extremely angry, and he couldn’t take care of that much, and directly picked it out again.

Speaking of shares, Yu Qingmei’s face sank, his expression a bit cold.

Zhong Tianlong saw this and thought that he had succeeded in exerting pressure. He continued to be proud and said: “Why, President Yu wanted to fail to pay the bill? The contract at that time was signed in black and white. President Yu asked me to take it out, word by word. Looking at it? ”

Ailan also became proud at this moment. He looked like a mistress and said,“ Have you heard? Your Ome Jewelry, most of the shares are owned by Zhong. Zhong Shao’s. I brought a necklace of Zhong Shao’s family, is there any problem? ”

Yu Qingmei narrowed his eyes, ignored Ai Lan, looked at Zhong Tianlong, and said:” Some time ago, Zhong’s attitude, Could it be that fraud is not possible? ”

” I don’t know what attitude the Zhong family and others are, and I don’t care what they say to you. But here in Zhongtianlong, what belongs to my Zhong family, I must return. ” , Zhong Tianlong arms around his chest, a proud look.

Yu Qingmei’s eyebrows were lowered, and her expression was a bit gloomy.

Chen Fei came over, hugged Yu Qingmei’s shoulder, patted gently, and said softly: “Sister Qing Mei, don’t worry about Zhong’s side. Let me solve this matter!”

“Well!” Yu Qingmei nodded.

Seeing that Yu Qingmei and Chen Fei were so intimate, Zhong Tianlong immediately gritted his teeth and gritted his teeth with a jealous expression and resentment.

And now, look to Zhongtian Long Chen Fei, said: “You want to Fuqing Mei jewelry?”

Zhongtian Long Angtou said: “No deal, just get back what we deserve Zhong.”

“You can not represent Zhong! “Chen Fei said coldly.

This remark was undoubtedly another blow, making Zhong Tianlong’s heart tremble fiercely, and then he was furious and shouted: “I am Zhong Tianlong, the young master of the Zhong family. I can’t represent the Zhong family, can you? ”

Now, I ask Qingmei Jewelry, and immediately hand over most of the shares.” Zhong Tianlong shouted angrily.

Alan glanced aside with encouragement.

Chen Fei shook his head gently, didn’t say much, but just made a phone call, coldly said: “I’m Chen Fei, I’m in Ome Jewelry, someone at your Zhong family is in trouble, you come here.”

Cold words said After that, Chen Fei hung up the phone immediately.

The opposite Zhong Tianlong saw this, froze for a moment, then pointed at Chen Fei and laughed, “Stinky boy, pretend to be in front of me. Also contact the people of my Zhong family to come and deal with me! I want to see if you can Call someone! ”

In this way, less than ten minutes later, a harsh brake sound rang at the door of the jewelry store.

“Oh, pretend, you stupid guy, who can order our Zhong family, is ridiculous.” Zhong Tianlong also sneered with

disdain in the harsh brakes .

But at this time, Alan looked at the vehicle outside the door and seemed to find something. He pulled Zhong Tianlong’s clothes and reminded in a low voice: “Zhao Shao, then, that car, there seems to be a Zhong’s logo.”

Zhong Tianlong took a closer look and found that the vehicle did indeed have his own family logo. He could n’t help but be surprised. “It ’s really the people of our Zhong family.”

However, after being slightly surprised, he still looked smug and said, “Even if It ’s the Zhong family, who can be called by this kid, and it ’s certainly not a big man. In front of me, I see who

dares to mess up. ” But when Zhong Tianlong ’s voice fell, a young figure came down from the car. Quickly rushed into the jewelry store.

But when everyone saw the face of this figure, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Because, this figure who rushed over quickly, is now Zhong Zhong Dao Zhong Tianyu.

“Zhong, Zhong Shao!”

“Zhong Tianyu is coming!” In

a surprised voice, Zhong Tianyu walked in quickly, glanced around, and glared at Zhong Tianlong when he crossed his face, then After falling into Chen Fei’s direction, he stepped up and walked past.

“Cousin, he, why is he here?” Zhong Tianlong smiled and wanted to say something to Zhong Tianyu.

But Zhong Tianyu ignored him directly, walked quickly in front of him, came to Chen Fei, bowed respectfully: “Mr. Chen, I’m here.”

Chen Fei nodded, said lightly: “You’re here, your clock Someone in the family is making trouble, please deal with it! “While

speaking, Chen Fei glanced at Zhong Tianlong.

Zhong Tianlong suddenly felt a numb scalp, and an ominous hunch rushed into his heart.

After hearing the words, Zhong Tianyu nodded immediately and said respectfully: “Yes, please rest assured, I must handle this matter well.”

After talking, Zhong Tianyu turned back, staring at Zhong Tianlong, and said sharply, “Say, what the hell is going on? Who made you come to Ome Jewelry to make trouble?”

“Cousin, this matter is a misunderstanding. I just— -“Zhong Tianlong laughed happily and wanted to explain easily.

But Zhong Tianyu didn’t give him a good face at all, and immediately shouted loudly: “I don’t need excuses, and I don’t care what your reason is. Now, immediately go to apologize to Mr. Chen and President Yu, and ask for their forgiveness. , You do n’t have to go back. ”

Zhong Tianlong did n’t expect Zhong Tianyu to be so faceless, and his attitude was so tough, he could n’t help but get a little angry, and said:“ Cousin, what are you doing. It ’s a small company, you Do you need to be so scared? Besides, most of the shares of Ome Jewelry Company originally belonged to our Zhong family. I’m asking to get them back now, is there anything wrong? “When

referring to the shares, Zhong Tianyu couldn’t help but scalp Ma, staring at Zhong Tianlong fiercely, shouted: “Shut up for me and immediately apologize for admitting the mistake.”

“Zhong Tianyu, you, do you just talk to your cousin?” Zhong Tianlong gritted his teeth and immediately touched his phone “I want to report this, I don’t believe it, the elders of the family will come to you as you say.”

“You called, don’t regret it.” Zhong Tianyu said coldly.

Zhong Tianlong gritted his teeth, then dialed the phone, and then quickly said things here.

Originally, he thought that the elders of the family would understand themselves, even speak for themselves, and teach Zhong Tianyu a hard meal


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