MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1333



But at this time, Zhong Tianlong looked at Yu Qingmei with a look of greed, and his eyes were a little excited. He said aloud: “Mr. Yu, Miss Ailan is my friend. You Ome Jewelry, treat customers like this Is this ?

, obviously with a tone of blame.

But Yu Qingmei did not give in and said coldly: “The whole thing is that Miss Alan is powerless to take the lead, and she still dominates our company’s necklaces. No matter how much Zhong Zhong said, she is unreasonable. One side. If you don’t believe it, let the police let the police solve it. “When

referring to the alarm, Alan’s expression suddenly panicked.

Zhong Tianlong snorted and said to Yu Qingmei: “Mr. Yu’s words are ridiculous. Miss Ailan is a star and fancy your company’s jewelry, that is your luck. I am willing to speak for free, more is big and good. Yu always said he was became theft and robbery, this is a huge insult to Miss Allan ah! ” ”

lucky? endorsements? big thing? “Yu Qing Mei sneer again and again, mouth revealing a hint of disdain ‘S sneer, “My Ome Jewelry, has not been reduced to such a star to speak for!” The

words were unabashed, and they were naked and disdainful of Alan.

Suddenly, Ailan was so angry that he was smoking, holding Zhong Tianlong’s arm and shaking it constantly.

Zhong Tianlong was also gloomy, with a somewhat ugly expression. The first reason is that I have a close relationship with Ai Lan, and it is considered to have spent many nights together.

Yu Qingmei looked down on Ai Lan, that is, he looked down on his taste of Zhong Tianlong.

On the other hand, Zhong Tianlong has been coveting Yu Qingmei and the whole Ome jewelry for a long time.

Some time ago, the Zhong family kept secretly suppressing Ome jewelry. Zhong Tianlong had visited Yu Qingmei several times to negotiate with Yu Qingmei. He wanted Yu Qingmei to succumb, and even used his body to exchange benefits with him.

However, all his small calculations were rejected by Yu Qingmei coldly. These things have always made Zhong Tianlong bosomful, and his heart is quite disturbed.

Originally, Zhong Tianlong, under anger, was ready to use Yu Qingmei and Qingmei jewelry directly. But what he didn’t expect was that at this moment, the family suddenly announced that he would give up suppressing Ome Jewelry and get along peacefully.

At this time, Zhong Tianlong, who was holding his stomach and was about to release it, was suffocated back, almost not suffocating himself into an internal injury.

Depressed in his heart, he came to Ome Jewelry for a few days and wanted to find a way to deal with Yu Qingmei.

He hasn’t found much chance, and he happened to meet Ailan today, but he can borrow Ailan’s things to revenge his grievances.

So, at this moment, after listening to Yu Qingmei, Zhong Tianlong sneered and said, “Mr. Yu, you are in business. It’s a bit overwhelming to say this!”

” Has it? I’m not like that. Feel. “Yu Qingmei said coldly.

Zhong Tianlong’s face sank, and he said, “Isn’t it just a necklace? Even if President Yu doesn’t want Miss Ailan’s endorsement, as a customer, you should treat it with respect!”

“Customer?” Yu Qingmei looked coldly. A glance at Alan, and then coldly said, “It is the customer who really wants to buy something, and the robber who wants to grab the thing for free.”

“You-” Alan heard this, and was even more angry, holding Zhong Tianlong’s arm for a while. Shaking, and then   coquettishly said

, ”

Zhao Shao, look at her, what is this attitude, I– ” Zhong Tianlong looked at Yu Qingmei, reached out his wallet, coldly said: “Isn’t it a necklace? What’s the big deal, I bought it for Ailan. ”

” You want to buy this necklace? “Yu Qingmei’s expression of disbelief.

Zhong Tianlong drew out his credit card with a bold expression, “Miss Ailan is mine, it’s a big deal to buy her a necklace.”

“Is it?” Yu Qingmei showed a smile on her lips and waved her hand to say hello The waiter stepped forward and said, “Hello Mr. Zhong, this fish dragon dance necklace is worth 20 million yuan. Mr. Zhong asked here to pay the bill!” The

original proud Tian Zhonglong heard “20 million yuan” At this price, the whole person could not help but tremble, and lifted up half of the credit card, which was also received directly at the moment.

“Why, Zhong Shao didn’t want to buy it?” Yu Qingmei said coldly.

Zhong Tianlong looked gloomy and gritted his teeth: “This necklace costs 20 million. Do you think I am a fool?”

Yu Qingmei sneered, with a disdainful sneer on his face, and said: “Should Zhong Shao be Can’t afford it! ”

” I, I– “Zhong Tianlong wanted to throw out his credit card directly and said he could afford it.

But after hesitating, he couldn’t really say these words. After all, 20 million, even for him Zhong Tianlong, is definitely a big number.

After all, his Zhong Tianlong can only be regarded as a second- and third-rater among the Zhong’s new generation. Nothing compares with the beloved guy like Zhong Tianyu. Moreover, even Zhong Tianyu, using tens of millions of funds at a time, is not so casual.

Therefore, Zhong Tianlong could not spend 20 million yuan to buy such a necklace, but also for Alan, a woman who was getting tired of playing.

Thinking of this, Zhong Tianlong coughed and made an ugly excuse for himself: “The necklace, I think, is not worth it.”

After that, Zhong Tianlong put away his credit card and wallet. Alan, who was looking forward to her, was also showing disappointment at the moment.

But Yu Qingmei sneered, and said: “Since you don’t buy it, Miss

Ailan , please return our necklace!” Ailan’s expression was reluctant, and she kept looking at Zhong Tianlong. .

Zhong Tianlong looked ugly at the moment, and his expression on his face kept changing. Immediately, she seemed to think of something and waved, “Wait a minute!”

“Does Zhong Shao have anything to say? Do you want to buy a necklace again?” Yu Qingmei deliberately mentioned the purchase of necklaces, making Zhong Tianlong look like One sinks.

However, he immediately snorted, staring at Yu Qingmei, and said in a cold voice: “President Yu seems to have forgotten one thing. A year ago, your Ome Jewelry and our Zhong family signed an agreement. A majority of the shares will be transferred to our Zhong family. ”

” Now, on behalf of the Zhong family, I will ask you for this majority of the shares. ”

Yu Qingmei couldn’t help but mention this.

Because, this thing, at the beginning, it was the Yu family who wanted to marry himself to the Yue family, climb the high branch, and signed a contract with the Yue family. As a result, the Yue family secretly colluded with the Zhong family in order to occupy the Yu family’s property. Among them, green plum jewelry is one of the goals.

However, at that time, the wedding matter was resolved by Chen Fei, and the Yue family also surrendered to Chen Fei. Zhong Luofei was taught by Chen Fei at that time, so this matter had no follow-up.


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