MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1331



In this regard, Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei are accustomed to it. After all, Ome Jewelry Company focuses on the domestic mid- to high-end market. The market size is not too large, but it also captures a group of loyal customers with good financial resources.

In particular, Yu Qingmei has specially created a batch of jewelry with Chinese characteristics, which is also sought after by many upper-class ladies and celebrities. There was an endless stream of people ordering, and the queues were all queued up after half a year.

However, among the original high-end atmosphere of Ome Jewelry Company, it seems noisy at the moment, a little messy.

Through the glass closet, Chen Fei saw a group of uniformed staff members shoving and arguing with a woman in a Chinese uniform.

The woman in the Chinese costume was followed by two bodyguards in black, yelling and yelling at the staff, and even slapped directly on the face of a young woman staff, pulling the girl directly to the ground, cheek Instantly red and swollen.

Yu Qing Mei seeing, suddenly Liu Mei inverted, gave wore heels, rushed into the store directly mounted the pedal, cold voice shouted: “! Stop,”

which soon Lenghe, chaotic scene instantly make it quiet down, the two sides All eyes were focused.

The staff immediately gathered around.

“Mr. Yu, you’re back!”

“Mr. Yu, we —”

Yu Qingmei raised the beaten girl, appeased a few words, and then stared at the woman in the Chinese costume opposite, narrowing his eyes , Coldly said: “Miss Ailan, this matter, I need you to give me an explanation.”

Hearing the name “Ailan”, Chen Fei couldn’t help but moved, gently frowning and thinking, feeling as if he was where Heard such a name.

At this time, the woman in the Chinese costume opposite, that is, Ailan, heard Yu Qingmei’s words. With arms around his chest, he snorted

coldly and said, “Give you an explanation? Huh, Yu Qingmei, I think it is your Ome Jewelry who wants to give me an explanation.” I took a look at my collar and pointed to my neck, revealing a trace of redness, and said: “Your company’s products and employees hurt me. Mr. Yu, what do you do? ? ”

” Uh– “Yu Qingmei frowned when she saw it.

Next to it, the staff hurriedly explained: “Mr. Yu, we didn’t want to hurt her. It was just now that she had to wear our newest” Dragon Dance “and take it away. We don’t allow it. Only then did the trace come out. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei looked at the necklace on Ailan’s neck at the same time.

At this time, the staff continued to explain the ins and outs of the matter in a low voice.

This is a white gold necklace full of Chinese ancient style. The theme is the fish lantern of the ancient Lantern Festival. It is specially designed by Yu Qingmei to find the top domestic designers. It is the new model promoted this season and has not been officially listed yet.

However, the early advertisements have been launched, and the popularity has also risen. Many old customers of Ome Jewelry have long queued up to book. This necklace in the shop is just a sample for display, and it is not sold at all.

And just now, the Island come

to the store, he said to try the fish dragon dance necklace.

The customer asked for a trial product, and the staff in the store would not refuse it, so he helped Alan wear it.

But what they didn’t expect was that after wearing the necklace, Ailan liked it so much that he didn’t want to take it off. The staff naturally disagreed and persuaded.

Alan immediately said that she was willing to buy, and the staff explained to her immediately that the necklace was not for sale.

In this case, most people give up. But this Ailan is a wonderful flower. She has shown her identity and said that she is a star. Now she is willing to wear this necklace to give Qingmei jewelry face.

Moreover, she also said that as long as Ome Jewelry gave this necklace to herself, she could be their free spokesperson, without any fees, for free promotion of Ome Jewelry.

These words are pretty good, but the so-called big star Alan is not a fire at all now, and there is not much heat. I am afraid that it will be transferred to the third line or even down. Moreover, Ome Jewelry already has its own spokesperson, there is no need to ask her an outgoing star to endorse her flagship product.

Moreover, this special sample “Dragon Dance” is a unique boutique product hand-polished by the designer, with a price of up to 20 million. If it is really converted into endorsement fees, Alan is far from worth the price.

For all these reasons, it is naturally impossible for Ome Jewelry to agree with Ailan’s request, so he asked Ailan to take off the necklace.

However, I did not expect that a star of Ai Lan was even scorned, first let the company’s senior executives come out and talk to her. As a result, the company’s deputy manager came out and expressed disagreement with her endorsement conditions.

Later, Alan unreasonably said that the company looked down on her and wanted to sue Ome Jewelry. In the end, even want to leave directly with a necklace.

The company did not allow it, and stepped forward to block it. As a result, there was a conflict between the two parties, and there was a scene that Chen Fei and Yu Qingmei came to see just now.

After learning about the cause and effect of the incident, Yu Qingmei’s expression could not help but looked down at Ai Lan, and warned coldly: “Miss Ai Lan, your current behavior has been suspected of theft or even robbery. Please return us immediately Necklace, otherwise, I call the police. ”

Upon hearing this, the opposite Alan suddenly burst into hair, and a shrew looked like Yu Qingmei and said, “What do you say, I steal, I rob? Do you know, I am Alan, I am Superstar. I will steal your stuff, do n’t be funny. I do n’t know how many people, how many companies begged me to endorse their stuff! ”

Yu Qingmei said coldly:” Those people, not including us. Please return us immediately. Necklace. ”

” You, you– “Ailan looked at Yu Qingmei with a look of anger, a look of utter despair,” You, your company’s products are inferior products, your company’s employees rudely hurt me This is a deliberate injury, I want to expose you, I want to sue you, I want your company to lose its reputation. ”

Facing the threat of Alan ’s anger, Yu Qingmei ’s expression was even colder. , Our Ome Jewelry, happy to accompany you to the end. But our necklace, please return it to us immediately. This necklace, broken, you ca n’t afford it. ”

” You, you look down on me. You– “Ailan flushed blushing , Very excited dance “Broker, their exposure in the online exposure, say they bully jewelry plum guests, they say something inferior, and said they hit, I want the exposure you.”


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