MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1330



Such tender words are spoken from the extremely sexy Yu Qingmei. Can not help but let Chen Fei tremble, a strange feeling, the whole body is a bit crisp.

“Okay, don’t be stunned. Change your clothes and let’s go out!” Yu Qingmei gently pushed Chen Fei.

Chen Fei nodded and took out his clothes from the closet, ready to change them.

When he was about to undress, he realized that there was no other room in the apartment for him to change clothes. It doesn’t matter when I am alone, but now Qing Mei is here, which is a bit inconvenient.

After a pause, Chen Fei grabbed his clothes and prepared to go to the bathroom to change.

Seeing this, Yu Qingmei said, “A Fei, what are you doing?”

Chen Fei said: “Go to the bathroom to change clothes!”

“Why go to the bathroom, just change it here!” Yu Qingmei took a natural tone, It made Chen Fei unexpected.

Seeing Chen Fei surprised and stunned, Yu Qingmei raised an eyebrow at Chen Fei and said, “Why

, I’m afraid my sister will see you!” “No, I’m just–” Chen Fei was speechless for a while.

Yu Qingmei smiled with her mouth covered, and then stood up and walked to the bathroom.

“Okay , I’m not kidding you. Change your clothes. I’ll use the bathroom.” “Well!” Chen Fei nodded.

Yu Qingmei waved her hand and walked to the bathroom. Before closing the door, she did n’t forget to look out and waved to Chen Fei: “A Fei, you can rest assured that your sister wo n’t peek at you.”

Facing the charming character, she looks like a fairy Yu Qingmei.

Chen Fei felt that he was really overwhelmed. In front of her, he had no idea at all. Being ridiculed as a pure young virgin, he was at a loss and was at a loss as to what to do. There was no such majesty and domineering in front of others.

Chen Fei quickly changed clothes, and then Yu Qingmei also came out of the bathroom. Seeing the newly-dressed Chen Fei, his eyes lit up and said, “You will be handsome a lot in a few months, A Fei!”

“You’re also pretty, Sister Qing Mei.” Chen Fei smiled.

“My mouth has become sweeter.” Yu Qingmei smiled and immediately took Chen Fei’s arm and went out together.

The two left Jingcheng University and came to the bustling commercial street in the city center, eating and shopping together, just like a couple.

After eating, Chen Fei said: “Sister Qing Mei, what movie do I want to watch, I will buy a ticket!”

Yu Qingmei looked at the time and said: “It’s not early, I won’t watch the movie today.”

“But, Before I promised Qing Mei, you— “Chen Feidao.

Yu Qingmei blinked at Chen Fei and smiled, “Then keep it together next time! This is a little trick of my sister. Otherwise, I will go to see you next time and I will have no reason. ”

Sister Qing Mei, you can come to me whenever you want, no reason.” Chen Fei laughed.

Yu Qingmei smiled, then waved her hand and said: “Okay, today you have been with me enough. Never go back, those little girlfriends around you are going to be jealous.”

“Sister Qingmei, I don’t have, I– “Chen Fei wanted to explain.

But Yu Qingmei looked at Chen Feidao without a sophistry expression: “No need to explain, I have inquired about the women around you. What kind of whispers like Chen Zilingzhuo are all school flowers

, young and beautiful.”

After finishing, Yu Qingmei waved his hand and said, “Okay, I’m not kidding you, let’s go back.”

Chen Fei nodded and said, “Sister Qingmei, where do you live now, I will send you back!”

” The company is nearby, and I have a residence in the company. Not far away, you do n’t have to give it away. ”Yu Qingmei said.

However, as soon as her voice fell, the ringtone of the mobile phone rang.

Yu Qingmei turned on her cell phone and listened for a while, then her face sank, frowning and whispering: “How come this happened? Well, you control the situation first, I will come back immediately.”

After that, Yu Qingmei hung up the phone He looked away in a hurry, “A Fei, I’m in a hurry, I’m going back.”

“Sister Qing Mei, what’s going on? What happened to the company? I’ll go with you!” Chen Fei hurried to keep up.

Yu Qingmei originally wanted to say no, but he paused and nodded, “Okay, let’s get together.” It’s

not easy to take a taxi on a commercial pedestrian street, and it’s not easy to take a taxi during this peak period. So, Chen Fei directly got a bicycle, carrying Yu Qingmei, and hurried back quickly.

While on the way, Chen Fei asked about the company. “Sister Qing Mei, what happened to the company?”

Yu Qingmei said solemnly: “The clerk said, there is a customer in the shop. And the other party seems to be was a celebrity, and now some trouble, I want to go back and deal with. ”

Chen Fei frowned, then they asked about the situation of the company,” plum jewelry company, this time in the capital develop how? ”

a few months ago, Chen The flight to Yuxi province helped Yu Qingmei resolve the marriage contract with the Yue family. It also made Yu Qingmei and Yu’s family detached from their relationship and took care of Ome Jewellery Company in Beijing alone.

Chen Fei remembered that the Yue family collided with the Zhong family in the capital at that time to put pressure on the Yu family, especially Yu Qingmei.

Although the Yue family solved it, Chen Fei also taught Zhong Luofei. But after all, Ome Jewelry was opened in Beijing, and at the Zhongjia site, Chen Fei still worried that Zhongjia would be detrimental to the company.

After listening to it, Yu Qingmei said, “The Yue family has given a lot of support, and the company has developed quite well. Later, the Zhong family seemed to perceive my movements and gradually made some small movements Starting to suppress Ome Jewelry Company. ”

” However, the Yue family and the Yu family have always been quite supportive of me. The center of gravity of the Zhong family is not on my side, so although there are some minor troubles, there is no big problem. ”

Hear Chen Fei could not help but frown, and muttered in his mouth: “Zong Family, I warned them before, are they still so ignorant?”

Yu Qingmei immediately said: “Things changed a week ago. I also didn’t know why, Zhong pressure on our company, all withdrew even less Zhongtian Yu Zhong, personally came to our store trip, said that the situation is a misunderstanding before, then I hope you live in peace. ” ”

suddenly denatured It was Zhong Tianyu who came personally. “Chen Fei was a little surprised, not knowing what the Zhong family was doing.

Before Chen Fei could think clearly, the two arrived at the door of the company.

Ome Jewelry opened at a prosperous intersection on the second ring road of Beijing, and directly covered the three-story building. It was magnificently decorated and the stars shone. Pieces of jewelry, behind the transparent glass closet, exude a fascinating light.

I don’t know how many women pass by from here, they can see the light in their eyes, and they look forward to it very much. It’s just that most people see the price of the logo and can only shake their heads and sigh, and then leave.


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