MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1329



Just when Teacher Xu felt emotionally, Chen Fei came upstairs. In the aisle, he could faintly see where he was at the door, standing a woman with a graceful figure and long hair.

Under the outline of the dark lights of the corridor, the woman’s curvy figure appeared more seductive and glamorous. Chen Fei could not help revealing a stunning look.

“Who the hell is that?” Chen Fei wondered and stepped towards the door of his room.

With Chen Fei’s pace, the voice-activated lights in the corridor light up. The curvaceous woman at the door heard the footsteps and then turned back, looking over here.

The moment the woman turned back, the light just turned on.

At this moment, it seemed that the spotlight on the stage suddenly turned on and focused on the protagonist.

Chen Fei’s eyes also gathered on the woman with the lights. The woman has burgundy wavy, curly hair, bright red lips like bright and dripping roses, delicate eyebrows on her cheeks, and a touch of charming spring, like flowing water, flowing from the woman.

With just a glance, Chen Fei felt a hot breath from the woman, which was a kind of charming that almost suffocated all men.

Even Chen Fei couldn’t help but stunned at the moment and nailed it in place.

The charming woman under the lights turned her head to see Chen Fei coming, her expressionless cheeks, now a smile appeared. In an instant, it seemed that countless roses were blooming in the corridor, and the charming spring tide hit Chen Fei.

“A Fei, you’re back!” The woman smiled in the corner of her eyes, writhing her moving graceful figure, and walked towards Chen Fei.

At this time, Chen Fei finally recovered, looked at the woman, with a look of surprise on her face, and greeted her, “Sister Qing Mei!”

“Sister Qing Mei, why are you here?” Chen Fei asked.

However, instead of responding, the woman gave Chen Fei a big hug, and a soft and sweet fragrance immediately surrounded Chen Fei. When Chen Fei had not recovered, his wet and bright red lips left a clear lip mark on Chen Fei’s face.

Regarding Yu Qingmei’s enthusiasm, Chen Fei didn’t expect it for a while, his body froze in place, his expression a little dazed, “Sister Qing Mei, you,

you– ” Yu Qingmei released Chen Fei at the moment, took a step back, smiling mouth, gently touched his lips, laughed looked Chen Fei, said: “! a few months have not seen, I did not think you’d become a hooligan innocent little virgin ah”

Yu Qing Mei this joke With her graceful figure, Chen Fei’s words could not help but make Chen Fei’s heart warm and flames ignited. Binocular staring at Yu Qingmei, said: “I haven’t seen you in a few months, you are more beautiful and sexy, Qingmei.”

“Really?” Yu Qingmei smiled, and then deliberately pulled the clothes that were not high. The collar showed a fair white. “There are even sexier ones, do you want to see Afei?”

Chen Fei’s nosebleed almost didn’t come out after seeing this provocative movement.

He made a gesture of raising his nose to touch his nose and said to Yu Qingmei: “Sister Qingmei, please stop tempting me. Otherwise, I really can’t control what kind of animal or animal thing to do. Qingmei is yours. ”

” What’s the matter with the beast? What’s the matter? “Yu Qingmei’s eyes turned charmingly, her spring was full of vitality, she leaned forward slightly, and took a step toward Chen Fei.

Chen Fei seeing this, suddenly big

call stand. I haven’t seen it in secret for a few months, and Qing Mei has become more charming.

Feeling the heat and uncontrollability of his body, Chen Fei quickly turned around and came to the door of the room, and at the same time turned away the topic, “Sister Qing Mei, it is not convenient to stand at the door, let’s enter the room and talk!”

Yu Qing Mei heard this, licked his lips, smiled and said:. “Indeed the outside is not convenient, the house is more convenient to our activities.”

Then, leaning Chen Fei Yu Qing Mei behind, a Unit of heat coming fragrance, Let Chen Fei feel his body completely out of control.

So he bent over slightly, concealing some unnatural reaction, and hurriedly opened the door and entered the room.

Seeing this, Yu Qingmei showed a smug smile at the corner of her mouth, and then followed Chen Fei into the room.

The room was not big, Chen Fei poured a glass of water to Yu Qingmei and let her sit down. He sat directly on the bed, grabbed the pillow and placed it on his thigh.

“Sister Qing Mei, why are you here looking for me?” After calming down the fiery heart, Chen Fei started talking.

Yu Qingmei heard this and couldn’t help but give Chen Fei a glance, and then said with a sullen expression to Chen Fei: “You’re so embarrassed to say. You have been in Beijing for a month or two, so long. You didn’t inform my sister.”

“If it weren’t for me to see the news from Chengyao on TV, I still don’t know that you have come to Beijing. You said, did you forget your sister?” Yu Qingmei, who is very sexy and hot, made this kind of thing at the moment. The little girl’s general feeling of grievance, but with a different kind of sexy and sultry, made Chen Fei’s just calm down and excited again.

“Cough!” Coughed, and Chen Fei quickly explained, “Sister Qing Mei, I came to Beijing very suddenly, and I didn’t plan before. And, not long after I came, there are a lot of things here, so, so- “”

When he was talking, Chen Fei found Yu Qingmei staring at himself with a pair of beautiful eyes, his eyes seemed to be more and more wronged.

In response, Chen Fei felt scalp numb and immediately apologized: “Sister Qing Mei, I was wrong. I didn’t notify Sister Qing Mei immediately, please ask Sister Qing Mei to punish.”

Seeing this wrongly, Yu Qingmei couldn’t help but smiled and nodded. “It’s almost the same, a little sincerity for apology. For your good faith, then I will forgive you.”

Chen Fei heard, suddenly Laughed: “Thank you Qing Mei.”

Yu Qingmei turned her eyes and glared at Chen Fei, said: “Although I forgive you, but your apology can not be less.”

“Cough, Sister Qing Mei, You, how do you want me to apologize? “Chen Fei said.

Yu Qingmei touched his chin, thought for a while, and then said: “I want you to stay with me for a day.”

“Ah, stay with me for a day. This–” Chen Fei was shocked and thought of something unconsciously, his eyes involuntarily. Zhao Yuqing’s graceful figure looked over.

Yu Qingmei noticed Chen Fei’s gaze and smiled at the corner of her mouth, saying, “A Fei, I said that I can play with you for a day, so that you can eat and watch movies with me, and have a good day. Don’t you want to be skewed! ” ”

Oh, my, how could I not went wrong it! I want is dinner and a movie ah! “Chen Fei quickly said,” What would you like blue sister Mae, what movie to see, I’ll be ready to go. ”

Yu Qing Mei Seeing Chen Fei’s somewhat panicked look, he couldn’t help but laugh, then stood up and took Chen Fei’s arm and said softly: “What you eat and what you see are not important. The important thing is that you are with Fei, which is enough . ”


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