MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1328



After a pause, Chen Fei continued to ask: “How much do you know about the Dragon Tomb? What clues are there now?”

White Claw reverently replied: “We don’t know much news, but just vaguely heard some. Most of the news came from Baixiao Tower. But inside our Skull and Bones, it seems that we heard some news that this time we want to enter the Dragon Tomb, we need to have certain qualifications. And to get qualified, we need to compete. ”

What competition, what qualifications?” Chen Fei asked.

White Claw shook his head and said, “I don’t know the specifics. We came here this time just to get the news.”

Chen Fei stared at White Claw for a few seconds to make sure he didn’t lie, then there was a silence In my heart, I was thinking about the Dragon Tomb. It seems that this time the matter of the Dragon Tomb is related to many forces. At that time, it may be necessary for me to intervene.

Immediately, Chen Fei asked White Claw some questions, but he didn’t get any more valuable information.

Next, Chen Fei considered how to deal with White Claw.

Direct killing is naturally the easiest and most convenient way. At that time, White Claw was a master at the later stage of the prefecture level. Even in the Skull and Bones, it was also a high-level existence.

When I die of such a high-level, I am afraid that the Skull and Bones will definitely send people to investigate, but it is a huge trouble.

On the other hand, Chen Fei had not been in Beijing for a long time, but not many people were around to help him. Except for Situkong who just subdued and the small gangs like the Qinghe Gang before, there were no more people.

This time, it would be a good choice to leave White Claw as a beater.

After all, White Claw’s strength is very good, even more powerful than Situkong. On the other hand, White Claw’s identity is on the dark side. Some things that Situ Kong is inconvenient to do, Chen Fei can also give him to do, but it is a good choice.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei nodded, determined his thoughts in his heart, and then looked at White Claw and asked aloud: “Are you willing to belong to me?”

White Claw stunned and nodded quickly. Follow Mr. Chen. ”

” Very good! “Chen Fei nodded, and then burst into a breath, hitting into the white paw body, coldly said,” I planted a breath in your body, if you dare to betray me, the consequences You know it yourself. ”

” No, my white claw will never betray you, Mr. Chen. “White claw quickly said.

Chen Fei nodded, “Get up! From now on, you will do things with me.”

“Yes!” White Claw nodded.

Subsequently, Chen Fei came out of the basement with white claws.

The Ji family was shocked when they saw White Claw respectfully following Chen Fei.

After all, just a while ago, White Claw was still so powerful and terrifying. Now, he is like a dog behind Chen Fei. This strong contrast makes them feel that the whole thing is unreal.

Immediately, Chen Fei let White Claw leave and went on to do his own thing. After all, the Skeleton Society needs white claws to cope.

Next, Chen Fei said goodbye to Ji’s family, left Ji’s home, and returned to school.

After a weekend, Chen Fei resumed his normal teaching days. After class and class every day, he had spare time to guide Zhuo Qingyu’s practice, but his days were


It’s the younger sister Chen Ziling. During this time, Chen Fei feels weird.

Chen Ziling, who has always been a man with false colors, has been invited by Luo Feng several times during this time, and he went out to dinner and watch movies with him.

This surprised Chen Fei, thinking that his little sister and sister were really excited and fell in love with Luo Feng.

To this end, Chen Fei also specifically talked to Chen Ziling once, let her pay attention to a little bit, dating can be, but certain things can not be too much, still need to take protective measures.

At the beginning, Chen Ziling didn’t understand Chen Fei’s meaning, but when she saw Chen Fei’s strange look, she suddenly recovered and stared at Chen Fei, saying, “Brother, where do you want to go? I There is nothing to do with Luo Feng, besides, I am not in love with him at all. ”

” Then you often go out with others, watching movies and eating. “Chen Fei asked.

“I, I just want to–” Chen Ziling murmured, trying to refute, but then thought of something, the following words swallowed back. He looked at Chen Fei vigorously and said, “Brother, are you eager to marry me early, just don’t haunt you!”

“Of course not, my family is so cute, how could I be willing to let you go What! “Chen Fei rubbed Chen Ziling’s head and said.

Chen Ziling hugged Chen Fei’s arm and said, “Well, this is almost the same. Brother, you have to believe that my favorite person will always be you.”

“You stupid girl.” Chen Fei smiled and went out immediately Said, “You will always marry someone. By then, your favorite will not be Shige.”

“No, it must be Shige.” Chen Ziling firmly said, “It’s a big deal. Just give it to your brother. “When

the little girl was talking, she squatted with a pair of big eyes and a serious look, and she was very cute. Chen Fei was a little fascinated.

“Cough cough–” Chen Fei recovered for a while, and then said, “If so, Master’s old man, I’m afraid I will hack me.”

“At that time, I will protect you, Master, he dare not.” The little girl grinned.

The brothers and sisters quarreled for a while, then Chen Ziling waved goodbye.

Chen Fei also carried his hands and walked towards his dormitory.

When Chen Fei walked to the stairs of the apartment, a young male teacher who also lived in the apartment greeted Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, you are back.”

“Well, Teacher Xu.” Chen Fei nodded with a smile , And said hello to the other party.

Teacher Xu pointed upstairs and said: “Mr. Chen, someone is looking for you, waiting for you at the door of your room.”

“Uh, someone is looking for me? Who!” Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Teacher Xu’s eyes rolled, his expression was a little strange, and the corner of his mouth smiled: “It’s a woman, a very beautiful woman.”

“Ah, this–” There are a lot of women I know, many of them are beautiful, Chen Fei was real for a while I can’t think of anyone who would come here to find myself.

Without agreeing, he waved goodbye to Teacher Xu and immediately pedaled upstairs.

Teacher Xu looked at the back view of Chen Fei going upstairs, and could not help sighing with emotion: “Hey, Teacher Chen is Teacher Chen, this woman is also very good. Chen Ziling Chen Xiaohua did not say, Zhuo Qing in their class Yuzhuo Xiaohua also has a very close relationship with him. Now, there is such a glamorous beauty, and I really envy me. ”


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