MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1327



Ji Dongyang is still immersed in Chen Fei’s horror at this moment. He hasn’t recovered in a while. When Chen Fei shouted, he awakened violently and hurriedly walked over.

Standing in front of Wei Gang, Ji Dongyang said seriously: “Wei Gang, for so many years, I want to know, do you really have no nostalgia for our affection at that time?”

Wei Gang looked pale and gritted his teeth: “I yuck I and you, you do not have any bonds of friendship betrayed you betrayed me this traitor, but for me, you would have starved to death, how can today’s status, you Dongyang season -. ”

Ji Wei see Dongyang Just like this, I couldn’t help but shook my head disappointedly, then sighed, turned around, and said to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, I have nothing to say.”

“Since that is the case, then, I have to deal with my affairs.” Chen Fei nodded, then looked at Wei Gang and White Claw, and said, “You know, why did I keep you a life without killing you?”

Wei Gang and White Claw didn’t say anything , but they looked cold and resentful. Look at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei said: “Actually, the reason is very simple. I have something to ask you.” The

two of them were silent again . After a while, White Claw said: “What’s the matter?”

Chen Fei coldly said: “About you Organization, what happened to the Skeleton Society! Why did you appear here? What is the internal structure of your Skeleton Society? What are the characteristics of your practice? There are still many questions … ”

Chen Fei has not finished yet, Wei Gang suddenly The determined expression on his face excitedly said: “You want to inquire about the news of our organization. Hugh, we will not reveal any information.”

“Really?” Chen Fei looked at Wei Gang, coldly, “Then I will leave you , It ’s useless. ”

“Then you will kill me. If you kill us, we will not reveal any secrets.” Wei Gang looked at Chen Fei with a decisive expression on his face, but he was a bit generous and righteous.

It’s just that Chen Fei doesn’t eat his set at all, there is no hesitation at all. Seeing Wei Gang’s expression, he nodded and said coldly: “Since that is the case, then I will complete you!”

Then, Chen Fei raised his right hand, waved the volley, a violent energy turned into a sharp edge, facing Wei The neck just chopped off. The movements were clean and unrelenting, without any hesitation.

Wei Gang, who was originally full of determination, didn’t expect Chen Fei to be so decisive in his shots, but he really killed himself when he said to himself.

Seeing the death struck, his face was anxious, his mouth moved, and he wanted to say something. But at this time, there was no chance anymore. The sharp blade sent by Chen Fei chopped off with a blow and crossed the neck of Wei Gang.

Like a dragonfly, the water is gentle, without any movement, and it is so silently swept across.

However, after a few seconds, Wei Gang’s eyes were round, his head was crooked, and a thin crack appeared on his neck.

Subsequently, the crack became thicker and thicker, and blood poured out. Wei Gang’s head fell from his neck and fell to the ground. Gulu rolled a few times, and finally landed on the lawn and stopped.

And his body fell heavily on the ground, and blood spewed out like a blood rain.

In this scene, all three of Ji’s family were shocked, his body could not help but took a few steps back, and his face was filled with amazement.

& e

msp; Although their identities are extraordinary, they can be regarded as a lot of knowledge. But such horrific murders have never been seen. Such a scene happened directly in front of himself, and it was done by Chen Fei, an ordinary looking young man. This made them feel too incredible, and their thoughts could not be reversed for a while.

At the moment, Chen Fei, after beating Wei Gang with one move, turned his eyes to White Claw and said coldly: “You are the only one, do you say that?”

White Claw glanced not far away. The bleeding Wei Gang’s body could not help shrinking, and there was a nervous look in his eyes, and the body could not help shaking slightly.

Chen Fei waited for a few seconds and seemed to be impatient. He raised his right hand again and said coldly: “Why, don’t want to say! Then you go with him!”

After that, Chen Fei’s hands were full of anger. Hands on white claws.

Seeing this, White Claw was shocked, and quickly shouted, “No, don’t kill me. I said, I asked what you asked me, I said.”

“Oh! Really?” Chen Fei looked a little surprised. White claw.

White Claw nodded again and again, “Really, it’s true. You know, I said all, I won’t keep it at all.”

“That’s fine!” Chen Fei nodded, “You get up, come with me.” ”

White Claw felt the pressure on his body was light, and then nodded and stood up. He followed Chen Fei with a respectful attitude.

At this moment, Chen Fei looked at Ji Dongyang and said, “Ji, is there a secret room? I want to talk to him about something.”

“Yes, there is!” Ji Dongyang nodded quickly and went to Chen Fei. Arranged the room.

A few minutes later, in a basement of the Ji Family Courtyard, Chen Fei sat on a chair, and White Claw knelt in front of him with respect.

Chen Fei said: “Tell me something about your Skeleton Association first!”

White Claw didn’t dare to hide it, and then he began to talk about it.

After listening to Chen Fei, it was similar to what I heard in Xiwu City. It’s just that the level of the white paw is slightly higher, and the things to understand are a little more detailed.

However, the Skeleton Society’s online and offline connections are all in a single line. White Claws don’t know much about the upper layer. Indistinctly, it is sure that the Skeleton Club seniors are indeed catching people everywhere, and it seems that there is a certain demand for human blood.

This is almost the same as Chen Fei’s previous guess. After all, Lin Qiuyuan was very impressed when he was arrested for blood exchange.

These things are not much to talk about, Chen Fei immediately asked: “What purpose do you come to Beijing this time. Don’t tell me, you just came to avenge Wei Gang!”

Chen Fei did not believe, White Claw Experts of this level will spend so much time to avenge themselves.

White Claw shook his head and said, “We didn’t come for revenge. We even said that Wei Gang’s revenge on Ji Dongyang was just a matter of course. Our real purpose is for the tomb to be opened soon. ”

” Dragon Tomb! ”

Hearing these two words again, Chen Fei couldn’t help but look hard. Earlier, the news of the opening of the Dragon Tomb, Chen Fei learned from Situ. The great martial arts sect gates, the forces of spiritual practice, are faintly coveted by the dragon tomb that will soon be born.

Unexpectedly, the people of this Skeleton Association actually also stared at the Dragon Tomb. For the purpose of the Dragon Tomb, they specially sent people to Beijing.


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