MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1326



“Go away!”

Facing Wei Gang’s attack, Chen Fei snorted, and a wave of turbulent air surged out of his body, directly patting Wei Gang.

Suddenly, the violent Wei Gang was hit by this wave of air, as if hit by a sledgehammer on the chest, and the whole person flew out directly, with a mouthful of blood spewing out in the air For countless blood-colored raindrops, they fell down one after another.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Slammed

on the ground, like a pinball, and several times, Wei Gang’s body stopped. It was only at this time that he was pale and bloody, and the whole person fell to the ground, unable to move.

It was just a move that injured Wei Gang at the mid-level prefecture level, and he was still seriously injured.

As a result, it was totally unexpected by everyone. For a time, the scene was quiet, and everyone’s eyes were all gathered on Chen Fei.

Hey , how is this possible?” “Mr. Chen really knows how to martial arts?”

“I, am I right?” The

Ji family looked at Chen Fei incredulously, with a shocked look on his face.

Instead, Situkong smiled and explained to them: “Mr. Chen’s strength is an existence that many people can’t imagine.”

At this moment, the white-clawed adult opposite him saw a scene, and he looked slightly sinking. A slightly surprised look appeared.

He waved his hand and struck Wei Gang into Wei Gang’s body to stabilize his breath. Then, he focused his eyes on Chen Fei, stepped closer, and said in a deep voice: “It’s a bit interesting, beat Wei Gang with one move. Your strength seems to be at least in the middle level of the prefecture level, or even reach the later level I am at the same level as me. ”

” However, even if it is a realm, there is a huge gap in strength. I have entered the realm of the prefecture level for ten years. Now, I will let you see my strength. “Master White Claw said with confidence.

The Ji family heard that the heart that had just been relaxed could not help but get nervous again.

But Chen Fei did not care, frowned lightly, and said out loudly: “If you want to fight, just hit your bullshit, is that so much?”

“You–find something dead!” White claws looked heavy and heavy. Lengheng snorted, and then fluttered white hair, shocking Chen Fei.

This white claw is worthy of Wei Gang’s master, and his strength is indeed good. Just with the momentum of the shot, the entire Jijia compound was enveloped in it, with a suffocating terror oppressive momentum.

Faced with this momentum, Chen Fei gently frowned, feeling a lot, then opening: “! Familiar stench of breath, sure enough, you Skull and Bones man, is a virtue ah”

was originally intended to face with pride Master White Claw, when he heard Chen Fei mention the three words “skeleton meeting”, he couldn’t help but look hard, his expression became serious, and he said calmly: “How do you know the skeleton meeting? Who are you really?”

Chen Fei Leng Leng said: “Who am I? Your Skeleton Enemies.”

“Boy, don’t tell the truth.” Master White Claw sneered, “Next, I will catch you and torture me to let you know It ’s called life is better than death. I do n’t believe it, you wo n’t tell the truth by then. ”

Along with the grim words, the white claws

People’s company is even more fierce. Around the figure, a black mist lingers around and rushes towards Chen Fei.

Chen Fei, referring to Cheng Jian, condensed a touch of red energy, which condensed in the air into a long sword burning with flames.

Immediately, Chen Fei danced his long sword with a flame, and took out a red fire curtain in the air, directly burning the black mist of White Claw, with a strong and scorching breath, toward the chest of White Claw. Hack away.

“Jiuyang Chiyan Sword!”

This is one of the moves learned by Chen Fei Xiu Xing’s “Jiuyang Burning Heaven”. With his own terrifying scorching real spirit, it turns into a burning flame and directly burns the other party. Burned out.

Lord White Claw clearly felt the power of Chen Fei’s move, and he couldn’t help but look back, quickly backing away, trying to avoid Chen Fei’s long sword of flames.

But Chen Fei moved faster, followed immediately, and the sword continued to chop down.

Upon seeing this, Master White Claw gritted his teeth fiercely, a cold chill appeared in his eyes, the light of his brow flashed, and the logo of the Skeleton Society appeared. In the sign, there is a thick black gas that cannot be melted. The black gas is like thick black blood, condensed into a skeleton in front of the white claw.

At the same time, the entire Ji Family Courtyard seems to be shrouded in a dark mist that cannot be seen clearly. Stormy winds and black mist swirled around, and the sound of rustle was like a wicked ghost crawling out of hell, with suffocating fear.

“Kill him!”

White Claw’s complexion turned pale and drank loudly. The thick skull in front of him suddenly stormed Chen Fei.

The skull grinned and gave out a silent smile. A thick black mist spewed out of his mouth, and the door was sprayed over facing Chen Fei’s face.

The terrible black mist, with strong corrosiveness, seemed to corrode everything that stood in front of it.

However, Chen Fei still calmed down and didn’t react much on his face. He just slapped a hand forward quietly.

With a “boom”, this strong palm wind exploded in an instant, as if an air cannon suddenly detonated.

A condensed breath directly hit the beginning, smashing the skull of Master White Claw in an instant, and turning into countless black mist, with a sound like a whispering roar of the evil spirits, it quickly disappeared.

Master White Claw’s confident blow was so easily broken by Chen Fei.

This result was completely unexpected by the public. Master White Claw couldn’t help but be surprised, then he thought of something, his face sank, and he turned to escape.

However, Chen Fei had precautions, snorted, and grabbed his right hand in the air. An invisible energy turned into a big hand in the air. He directly grabbed half of the white claws from the air and pressed it hard. On the ground.

Then, Chen Fei stepped towards White Claw.

At this moment, White Claw is still struggling on the ground. He wants to get rid of Chen Fei’s control and find a chance to escape.

But when Chen Fei walked in front of him, he felt a suffocating terror pressure directly pressed down, as if a big mountain pressed on himself, making him unable to escape at all, and there was no chance of escape.

Seeing that there was no chance of escaping, White Paw could only lie on the ground, and looked at Chen Fei coldly, and said, “This time, I planted it, what do you want to do, although come!”

Chen Fei shook his head, no To say more, waved to Ji Dongyang, said: “Ji, your business, you first deal with it!”


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