MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1325



But at this time, Wei Gang, who was hit successively, saw this scene, gloomy eyes, full of hate, gritted his teeth and said: “Ji Dongyang, you want to sleep well! Things are not so simple.”

Immediately, Wei Gang The whole body exploded, a black wave surged violently, and the crazy explosion directly blocked Situkong’s offensives.

Then, Wei Gang raised a long scream in the sky and shouted, “Master White Claw, you can do it!”

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but make the Ji family stunned. Unknown hunch comes.

Almost at the same time that Wei Gang shouted, a figure flew, almost teleporting in the Ji Family Courtyard.

Here comes a man in black with white hair fluttering. From a distance, it looks a bit of an immortal posture, but when he looks closely, he sees his slanted eyes and cold eyes, which immediately gives a sense of evil charm.

Even Situkong, when he saw the old man struck, felt shocked, felt a dangerous breath, and could not help but step back a few steps.

Ji Dongyang didn’t understand martial arts, but he could also feel the terrifying breath of the old man, his face dignified.

Ji Ying looked at the old man with surprise on his face, pointed at the other party, exclaimed: “You, aren’t you the old fairy? How are you, how

could you– ” Wen Yan, everyone could not help but stunned.

Ji Dongyang looked at her daughter and said, “Xiaoying, what’s going on?”

Ji Ying explained: “Dad, he is the old fairy I met in the temple. The fairy medicine I gave you before is him. For me. ”

” What, this– “Ji Dongyang’s face was white, his expression even more ugly.

At this time, Wei Gang sneered: “Old fairy! Haha, this is my master, Master White Claw. At the beginning, I wanted to let you Ji Dongyang suffer and die slowly. So I asked Master White Claw to play. Then a play gave you the so-called fairy medicine. ”

” However, I didn’t expect you Ji Dongyang to have good luck, even invited someone to cure your disease. So, I had to shoot it myself. “Wei Gang sneered. .

Hearing this, Ji Ying couldn’t help but look pale, his lips trembling.

She didn’t expect that her life-saving medicine for her father’s life was a deadly poison that the other party had deliberately arranged. If it weren’t for Chen Fei, she almost hit the bill and personally killed her father.

Thinking of this, Ji Ying couldn’t help but tremble, and there was a chill in his heart that he was afraid of.

Dongyang quarter gap to the emotional changes her daughter, gently hugged her daughter’s shoulder, softly comfort: “.. Small surplus, there is nothing in Stuart Dean, we’ll be fine,”

Wen Yan, Wei just laughed , “It’s okay? Haha, do you think that with a mid-level martial arts warrior, can you stop Master Whiteclaw? Master Whiteclaw is the top warrior in the later realm.” The

three of the Ji family He was shocked by Situkong, his face full of shock.

You should know that prefecture-level masters are already in the ranks of martial artists. The warriors in the late prefecture level are even more masters, and they are very rare.

But now, Wei Gang has even invited a master at the prefecture level. I am afraid that Situkong can’t stop it.


three of the Ji family , who originally thought they were alive , all looked down at the moment, and their expressions looked a bit ugly.

Wei Gang was so proud that he bowed his fists to the white-haired old man and said, “Master, please take action.”

White Claw put his hands behind his back, took a step, looked at Situkong, and said with a smile in his mouth: “The mid-level prefecture level, the foundation is very solid. Your strength is very good.”

“However, unfortunately, you met me . This is doomed, you have only one way to die. “During the

speech, white paws with long sleeves waved, and a black air attacked Situ.

It seemed similar to Wei Gang’s offensive just now, but at the moment Situkong confronted him, but he felt a lot of pressure. The whole person was like an enemy, bursting out with all his strength, clenching his teeth, and frowning, resisting the other’s offensive.

The burst of violent energy burst, blasted and burst, and continued to burst, smashing many exquisite and expensive decorations in the Ji Family Courtyard into powder.

Under such a difficult resistance, Zhong Tukong’s body was repulsed for more than ten meters, and almost backed up to Ji Dongyang before he could stop the pace.

But at the moment, he had a bloody bleed at the corner of his mouth, and his face was pale, obviously he was injured in this matchup.

The white claws on the opposite side are still indifferent, with a smile on their lips, and continue to move forward. “In the middle of the prefecture level, such a state, it is not easy to practice. In order to serve as a bodyguard for a vulgar, and abandon one’s practice, do you think it is cost-effective?”

Situkong gritted his teeth and raised his eyebrows. He didn’t speak, but his expression was firm, and he didn’t mean to step back.

Because, this thing is what Chen Fei told him to do. If it is not done well, he knows how terrible the consequences will be.

The white paws on the opposite side, some did not expect Situkong’s valuation, shook his head and said: “Deep stubbornness is not effective, since this is the case. Then you, let me die!”

After he finished his eyes, his eyes were fixed. With a terrifying killing intention, his breath burst suddenly, like a black long sword, blasting away towards Situkong’s heart.

Situkong felt a tingling scalp in an instant, and a fatal threat came over, and the whole person could not stand.

Such a critical situation caused Ji Dongyang’s family of three to be shocked to see. His face was full of despair, his teeth were gnashing, and his body muscles shivered involuntarily.

At a critical moment, a faint voice rang out, “Enough is enough, you step back. Next, let me do it myself!” While

speaking, an invisible breath struck and flew to Situkong, Blocked the horrible black long sword for him.

Situkong suddenly felt loose, gasping for a moment, then arched his hand in the direction of Chen Fei, and retreated: “Mr. Chen!” In

this way, the white claw and Wei Gang’s eyes on the opposite side fell to Chen at the same time. Fly on.

They saw Chen Fei, who was still sitting on the seat at the moment, drinking quietly with a tea cup, and could not help but fix his eyes, his eyes cold.

The three members of the Ji family also looked at it at the moment, and suddenly looked nervous and anxious, worried about Chen Fei.

“Mr. Chen,

you– ” At this moment, Wei Gang’s eyes fell, and he stepped over and sneered at Chen Fei: “Boy, you are

talking nonsense! Do you want to find death?” Shooting, a huge force struck Chen Fei, he was ready to shoot Chen Fei to death.


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