MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1324



I ate dinner for a full two or three hours. When everyone was full, the sky was completely dark.

Ji Dongyang glowed with red light and stood up, saying: “It’s not too early, and Wei Gang probably won’t come today. I have someone prepare a bedroom for Mr. Chen and Dean Situ, and the two can go to rest. Thank you two Help. ”

Situ waved his hand and said no thanks, and then turned to leave.

But at this moment, a sharp “boom” burst of blasting sounds suddenly sounded, and a black spot quickly approached the Ji Family Courtyard.

Seeing this, Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but was surprised, frowning, and said, “What is it?”

At that moment, the black spot approached quickly, and had reached the Ji Family Courtyard, and it could be seen that it was a black Of the figure.

The figure burst into laughter and fell on the lawn of Ji Family’s Courtyard. “Ji Dongyang, you are very relieved! You are dead. You are still in a mood to drink. This mentality is not bad!”

Upon hearing this, Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but look at him, staring at Black Shadow carefully, “You, are you Wei Gang?”

Black Shadow took off the hood on his head, revealing a fierce face, He stared fiercely at Ji Dongyang and said, “You can recognize me for so many years, which makes me very happy.”

Then he turned sharply and smiled coldly: “However, today is your death. ”

Wen Yan, Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but be shocked, and wanted to explain,” Wei Gang, I didn’t betray you for the things of those years. Moreover, those things you did are really too much, I–

” I shut up! “Wei Gang snorted, interrupting Ji Dongyang’s words, and said coldly,” Ji Dongyang, it’s all around this time, do you think it’s useful for you to say this to me? Do you think I will spare? Are you dead? ”

“Wei Gang, I don’t mean that, but I don’t want to see you come to this step, I–” Ji Dongyang said.

“This step?” Wei Gang said coldly. “I’m doing very well now. To some extent, if it’s not for you, I’m forced to go to the end of the world. My practice may not have improved so much. Quickly, there will be no more me today. ”

” In this respect, perhaps, I have to thank you too! “Wei Gang sneered.” Of course, I thank you for the way, that is to take your life. “During the

speech, Wei Gang stepped forward, a black mist lingered at his fingertips, with a heart-pounding breath,” Speak, how do you want to die? ”

Ji Dongyang’s instinctive fear stepped back a few steps, and at the same time The wife and daughter stood behind them and said, “Wei Gang, you, you don’t want to mess up.”

Wei Gang saw this and swept the two of them, licked his tongue, and said kinkyly: “It’s been more than 20 years, My sister-in-law is still so beautiful, it really makes me greedy! ”

” Also, this is Xiaoying. It’s grown up, but it’s a beauty! Look at your eyebrows, it’s still a young one, it’s suitable for my practice. Rest assured. , wait, uncle will take good care of you. ”

Wen Yan, Ji Dongyang complexion Anger, glared fiercely Weygand, teeth and said:. “Weygand, you dare on their hands, I want you to cut to pieces”

. “Haha,

” During the

speech, Wei Gang raised his right hand and emitted a black mist , Chao Ji Dongyang’s heart burst out.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei, who was still in the chair, moved his eyes slightly, and said to Situ Kong: “In the middle of the prefecture level, it was not long before the promotion. It should not be your opponent. Go on!”

“Yes!” Situ nodded blankly, then moved, and rushed out. At the same time, he waved his hand and shattered the black mist that Wei Gang attacked.

“Mr. Ji, take your wife and daughter back. He, I will deal with it.” Situ Kong said.

“Thank you Dean Situ.” Ji Dongyang hurriedly took care of his daughter and his wife back.

At the moment, Wei Gang, in black, turned his attention to Situ Kong, looked at him, and then said to Ji Dongyang: “This is the bodyguard you asked for, the strength is not bad!”

Immediately, his tone dropped, cold Voice said: “However, that’s just good. You all have to die!” During the

speech, Wei Gang pulled out a black afterimage, and the black mist burst out on his body, and he attacked the Situ abruptly.

The black mist carried a disgusting smell, as if to corrode people, and came towards Situkong. At the same time, Wei Gang was like a big bird hidden in the black mist, which could rush out at any time and issued a fatal blow. .

Faced with this offensive, Situkong frowned slightly, then snorted, his fingers fluttered, and a burst of air burst from his body. The air burst turned into countless air swords in the air, like raindrops, falling down densely.

“Thousand Star Sword Rain!” The

dense sword rain directly smashed the black mist, leaving Wei Gang hidden in the mist without hiding. His body kept receding and retreated beyond the range of Jian Yu’s attack. Shen Shen said: “You are also a warrior at the prefecture level?”

Situkong snorted coldly, “Did you find out?”

Then he kept moving, countless small sword rains condensed at his fingertips, and turned into a huge profit The sword dashed toward Wei Gang. With a terrifying and fierce breath, Li Jian’s speed was so fast that he burst out of the air and burst out.

Wei Gang’s evasion has been quick, but in the face of this sword, the movement is still slower. As a result, the waist on the left side of his body was wiped with an air sword. In an instant, a piece of flesh was cut by the air sword, and blood spewed out. Wei Gang shook his body, his face was white, and his footsteps staggered a few times.

“You, you have reached the middle level of the prefecture level!” Wei Gang clutched the wound on his waist with one hand, running Zhenyuan breath to stop bleeding, and the other hand pointed at Situkong with a look of consternation.

Situkong still said the same, coldly said: “Did you find out?”

He kept on the offensive, rushed out again, and attacked Wei Gang. Wei Gang was invincible and could only dodge continuously, but he still dodged from time to time, caught up, and suddenly blood spewed, and his face was even paler.

Even if Ji Dongyang had a strong name for Situkong before, he knew he was a mid-level master at the prefecture level. But at the moment, seeing the scene of Situkong’s strong oppression of Wei Gang still surprised him with a strange look on his face.

The earnings season is a very pleasant surprise, patting hand jumped up, “Great, Stuart Dean is too much. This defeat Weygand, dad since you’ll be safe.”

Wife is also a look of joy when face with Smile, said to Ji Dongyang: “In the future, you can get a good night’s sleep.” The whole family was very happy at the moment.


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