MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1322



“He agreed to me at the time, but it did n’t take long to hear that the company ’s actress had been in private with him and entered his villa. At that time, I thought Some actresses wanted to climb up and took the initiative to post Wei Gang. For this reason, I also specially held a meeting in the company to prevent them from messing up. ”

” But it didn’t take long after this meeting . A big deal. A new actress in our company was found dead in Wei Gang ’s villa. I thought Wei Gang was in trouble and had an accident. I was very angry at that time and found him to give him a severe warning, and Advise him to spend money to smooth things out, and don’t mess up again in the future. ”

” But what I did not expect was that the police later investigated and found that this was not just an accident. It was a series of murders. These two Over the past three years, more than 20 women have been in contact with Wei Gang, and these women eventually disappeared or even died. The murderer behind the scenes was Wei Gang. ”

” Then the police arrested Wei Gang everywhere. I also went to the police Over there, I learned its Internal factors. The original Weygand turned out to be a Warrior, he seemed to practice what weird martial arts exercises, need to absorb women’s blood to help practice. ” ”

Especially beautiful young virgin blood, his practice is more beneficial. So Wei just wanted to help me to develop and grow the company. Then, with the help of the company ’s shareholders, privately contact girls, take them back, and abuse them. Finally, after running out of blood, kill them again. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei His face was gloomy, and Ji Ying was so surprised that he couldn’t help covering his mouth and was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

Dongyang quarter paused, continues the story and said:. “The police spent a lot of effort to hunt down Weygand, but Weygand is strong, strange whereabouts, the police had not caught him.”

“And Weygand know things brought to light after the reason Blame me, blame me for betraying him, seeing me as the biggest enemy, threatening to avenge me. ”

“For this reason, I specifically contacted people in the martial arts world, and I asked friends to hire a lot of masters to protect myself and my family. But in the past few years, there have been several attacks, and I almost died.

And every time the scene of the incident , There will be such a skull pattern, and Wei Gang’s signature. ”

” I know he wanted to take revenge on me, and found the strongest warrior bodyguard I could find. But in the last attack a year ago, I invited A bodyguard of the Xuan-level pinnacle realm has been scrapped.

He told me that Wei Gang’s strength may have reached the level of the ground level, and they are not able to deal with it. ”

” And, at this level, I want it again It ’s almost impossible to get bodyguards by money. You can only find relationships and find ways to see if you can ask a master at the prefecture level to help. ”

“ Maintaining, I spent a lot of thought, but But there is no gain. After all, to the master of the prefecture level, the status is no less than me, how can stay with me as my bodyguard.

Even if there are some bodyguards and mercenaries of the same level in the international market, price I can not afford. Bodyguards can not go. ” ”

I know that and so once under attack Wei Gang, I’m almost certain death. But, I did not expect that this time he attacks come so soon, since the last before a Time of the year. ”

After speaking, Ji Dongyang sighed and slumped in his chair.
Ji Dongyang’s wife turned pale, reached for her husband’s hand, and squeezed gently.

Ji Ying was unbelievable and excited: “Dad, no, you will not die. There must be a way, we will go to the bodyguard again, and invite powerful people to come.”

“Also, we can call the police. Is n’t Wei Gang still wanted? Let ’s call the police and let the police come to catch him. ”

Ji Dongyang shook his head and said,“ Xiaoying, it ’s useless. The bodyguard at the prefecture level, please do n’t ask me on the market. Arrival, and even if you are invited, it may not be able to withstand Wei Gang ’s attack. After all, the bodyguard cannot stay by my side for 24 hours. ”

“ As for the police, Wei Gang could escape without being caught for so many years, Why can’t I have my own way. ”

” But, Dad, you, I– “Ji Ying was worried and anxious again, but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t know what to say for a while.

Chen Fei was cold at the moment, looking down and thinking, whispering: “Wei Gang, absorb the blood of women to practice. The people I met before at the Skull and Bones Association seem to practice similar exercises.

There is also Lin Qiuyuan It ’s also because the body ’s blood has been taken away. ”

“ It seems that the Skeleton Society ’s cultivation practice, or other aspects, has a great relationship with the blood. ”Chen Fei nodded gently and said to himself,“ Up The people who saw the Skeleton Society for the second time were still in Xiwu City, West Chongqing Province.

After destroying one of their bases at that time, the people in the Skeleton Society were a lot more low-key. Unexpectedly, they have now appeared again. ”

Listening to Chen Fei’s low voice Whisper, Ji Dongyang said: “Mr. Chen, what are you talking about?”

“Nothing!” Chen Fei waved his hand.

Ji Dongyang immediately said: “Mr. Chen, Wei Gang will usually attack me within three days after the notice. This time is too dangerous, so I will not leave Mr. Chen for dinner. If I can If you survive, thank Mr. Chen again. ”

” Dad, you will be fine. “Ji Ying’s face was in tears.

Ji Dongyang’s wife also grabbed his hand with encouragement.

Ji Dongyang shook his head and smiled at them: “You two, also clean up and go abroad to hide.”

“Dad, I won’t go out–”

“Old Season, what are you talking about! We are a family At this time, how can I leave you? ”

Ji Dongyang said:” But– “The

family was full of sadness, and there was a gloomy atmosphere in the living room.

But at this time, Chen Fei called out: “Ji, don’t worry. This matter is actually not impossible to solve.”

“Ah-” Ji Dongyang was surprised and said immediately, “Mr. Chen Do you know the warrior at the prefecture level? ”

Chen Fei said lightly:” You don’t need to know, I’ll do it. ”

” Mr. Chen, you– “Ji Dongyang looked puzzled.

Chen Feidao: “I mean, in these three days, I will be your bodyguard in the season to deal with Wei Gang’s attack.”

“Here, Mr. Chen, don’t joke. Wei Gang is a prefecture master, this– “Ji Dongyang said.

Ji Ying also said: “Mr. Chen, I know you are a medical genius, but this is a matter of martial arts, you ca n’t intervene.”

Chen Feidao: “Actually, I am still a doctor besides a doctor. Warrior, the strength is very strong. ”


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