MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1321



Hearing this, Ji Dongyang and Ji Ying’s father and daughter were really shocked.

After stunned for a moment, the two people recovered and were full of emotion.

“I said how could Luo Shao be friends with Mr. Chen, it turns out that Mr. Chen is so powerful!”

“No wonder, no wonder he can cure my disease. Mr. Chen’s medicine is so amazing, no wonder!” After

a moment of emotion, Ji Dongyang looked at Ji Ying and said, “Now, I know that I was so wrong.”

Ji Ying looked red, and said, “I, I did not expect that he was so powerful.”

“Now I know, Waiting to go out and apologize to Mr. Chen for admitting mistakes, you must get his understanding. “Ji Dongyang asked.

Ji Ying little bit, the mood is still a little difficult to calm, seems to be unacceptable for a while, Chen Fei even so powerful information.

Ji Dongyang called Secretary Qin to his side and began to discuss how to rearrange the gifts, thanking Chen Fei.

After all, he now knows that Chen Fei’s identity is extraordinary. Some of the gifts he prepared before are not enough, and he must prepare again.

While they were discussing, Suddenly, Ji Dongyang’s wife panicked and hurried into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Dongyang asked when he saw it.

The wife looked pale, and seemed to be scared by something. She didn’t say much. She just handed over a piece of paper and said to Ji Dongyang: “Dongyang, you, look at this.”

When he handed it over, his wife’s hand kept on ‘S trembling seemed very frightened.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so excited?” Ji Ying asked a little puzzled.

At this time, Ji Dongyang took over the paper and looked at the pattern on the top. His face changed suddenly. He staggered and almost fell down. His face became pale instantly, and his mouth murmured: “He, he is back. He finally came

back— ” ” Dad, what are you doing? Is your body uncomfortable? “Ji Ying was so anxious.

Ji Dongyang sat on his chair for a while, then shook his head and said, “I, I’m fine.”

Just when he said this, his face still looked very pale.

Immediately, he sighed and said: “The general meeting will come. Secretary Qin, let me know and cancel the dinner.”

“Xiaoying, you go out with me, apologize to Mr. Chen and send him away. This matter, Mr. Chen cannot be implicated. “Ji Dongyang said.

“Dad, what are you talking about! What is on the paper, why did you cancel dinner and send Mr. Chen away!” Ji Ying was very puzzled.

Ji Dongyang waved his hand and said, “Wait, I will tell you everything, let’s go to the living room to apologize to Mr. Chen!”

At this time, Chen Fei, who was drinking tea in the living room, suddenly saw the Ji Dongyang family The man came out and was about to greet him.

But immediately seeing Ji Dongyang’s pale face and serious expression, he couldn’t help but be surprised, and asked, “Mr. Ji, what’s wrong with you? His face is ugly, is he uncomfortable?

” Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry. There are some things in my family. Today’s dinner is going to be cancelled. I will thank Mr. Chen again for another day. Now, I will send Mr. Chen

you away. ”

“This–” Chen Fei was a little surprised. After all, Ji Dongyang just warmly wanted to entertain himself, but now he is directly rushing people. This attitude has changed a bit too much.

But this kind of thing is really bad to ask. Chen Fei nodded and said, “Since Ji always has something to do, then I will say goodbye first.”

Chen Fei got up and left, Ji Dongyang kept up with him .

Just when they walked to the door, Chen Fei turned around and suddenly saw the white sheet of paper in Ji Dongyang’s hands, as well as the patterns exposed on the white paper. He could not help but be shocked and settled in place, Shen Sheng said to Ji Dongyang Road : “Ji President, can you show me this?”

“Ah-” Ji Dongyang stunned, then looked down at the paper in his hand, could not help but said, “Mr. Chen,

this– ” Chen Fei said coldly: “If I am not mistaken, the logo on the white paper is a skull logo with a bud in the eyebrow!”

“You, how do you know?” Ji Dongyang was shocked, and then opened the paper.

The pattern on the paper is a black skull, and there is a green sprout in the heart of the skull.

Chen Fei saw the sign clearly, his face dimmed, and said coldly: “Sure enough it is the sign of the Skull and Bones Association. I haven’t seen it for some time. I didn’t expect them to appear again.”

“Mr. Chen, do you know this sign? Skeleton Society, what is the organization? “Ji Dongyang, confused at the moment.

Chen Fei did not answer, but asked instead: “Ji President, can you tell me where this white paper came from? What happened to your family?”

“Here, I–” Ji Dongyang hesitated for a while , And then sighed, “Mr. Chen, this matter is a long story. You go back to the house with me, and I will tell you slowly.”

Immediately, the group returned to the living room, leaving all the servants to leave, leaving only Ji Dongyang’s family of three and Chen Fei, a total of four people.

Ji Dongyang glanced at the white paper pattern on the coffee table, and then slowly began to talk about it, “Things have to start from 20 years ago, when I just founded Dongyang Entertainment Company not long ago, the company is still very small, and not much. The resources were also targeted by the big company at the time, and the company would not survive. ”

” While the company was alive , a man named Wei Gang found me and said he could help me bring the company back to life. I didn’t Believe, but later, Wei Gang facilitated several cooperations for our company and let the company take a breath. I believed him and invited him to join the company. ”

” In order to show my sincerity, I expressed my willingness to give Wei Gang a percentage The 30th share made him the second largest shareholder of the company and served as the general manager of the company. He was responsible for the company ’s operations. After all, Wei Gang showed that he was better than me at the time. ”

” But Wei Gang said , I only need shares, I do n’t want to be a general manager, I just want to be a idler. I heard that I did n’t force him. Later, under our joint operation, the company grew rapidly, the company Increasingly worthless. ” ”

Weygand is still the second largest shareholder of the company, although he rarely appeared in the company among almost made no tube over the company’s business. But I do have to thank him for the company at a critical time Contribution. ”

” Originally, I planned to make Wei Gang a shareholder of dividends. But I did not expect that a company actress complained to me at the time, saying that he often harassed the company’s actress and mistreated them. ”

” I was very angry when I heard it, and specifically talked to Wei Gang once, let him pay attention to the image, don’t start with the company’s actress, if you can’t hold back, spend money to find a woman. ”


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