MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1319



Dr. Zhu operated it and directly projected the image under the microscope, and displayed it in front of the Ji family. He said: “Look, these two culture dishes are cultivating exactly the same cells. One is Chen. Mr. Mr. added the medicine, and one did not add the medicine. “The

projection screen is very intuitive. The cells in the petri dish with the drug almost died at a rate that is visible to the naked eye, while the other dish is much normal.

This time, the Ji family couldn’t help but be surprised, with a puzzled look on his face.

“How could this be?”

“No, this is a fairy medicine.”


Jing Ying is still unbelievable at the moment, “No, this experiment is not rigorous at all. Besides, you can’t explain it. My dad took the medicine before. Why is it effective? ”

Chen Fei snorted and said to Ji Ying:” Don’t believe it? Dr. Zhu, please try again. Let’s use the mouse this time! ”

” Yes! “Dr. Zhu quickly ran it up.

Soon, a little white mouse was fed the drug, and was then put back in the cage.

The little white rat who just took the medicine hasn’t responded yet, and is still alive and kicking like before. But it didn’t take long for the mouse’s movements to become sluggish, and the movements became slower and slower, and the skin became wrinkled. The whole mouse seemed a bit older.

In the end, ten minutes later, the mouse fell down without any movement.

Dr. Zhu checked it and was surprised: “Dead, the mouse is dead.”

“What, why?” The Ji family was very surprised.

Dr. Zhu checked again, adding: “And, judging from the symptoms. The cause of death of the mouse is heart failure, and it is heart failure in a natural state. In a good sense, it is old death.”

“How Possibly? The little white mouse was still alive, how could he die so soon! “Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Chen Fei coldly said: “Now, do you know what I said just now?”

Ji Dongyang felt terrified and couldn’t help but thank Chen Fei again and again.

But Ji Yingdao seems unable to accept the facts in front of him, shaking his head and whispering: “Why? No, why is this? Why was it okay before?”

Chen Fei coldly said: “It was okay before, that’s because people are young The mice are large, and the dose required for lethality is much higher. Moreover, the other party has deliberately dealt with it in the drug, so that the effect of the drug is not so fast. So you do n’t notice it. ”

” This, I, I- — “Ji Ying was speechless for a while.

At this moment, Chen Fei continued to ask: “Ji, where did your so-called fairy medicine come from? Who gave it to you?” When

asked this, Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but fall into contemplation, and then slowly spoke and said: ” This medicine was a year ago when I was working in the field. At that time, I got sick again, and the rescue was thrilling. At that time, we had palpitations and we went to a local temple with Xiaoying to worship. ”

” The result is in temple, we encountered an old man wearing a robe old man said he was wandering immortal Quartet, to see me sick, this time destined to meet, help me to treat it. ” ”

we were listened to, there will be no Believe that I just thought the other person was a liar and wanted to drive him away. But then, the old man said my name and family, and even

some small things that happened to me decades ago , which made me start to believe him. ”

“Then, he diagnosed my pulse again, which made me feel more comfortable and believed him. Finally, he left a panacea and said that it can cure my disease, and then he floated away.”

“Until then, I was still suspicious. But two days later, I suddenly got sick again. In an emergency, I took Nathan medicine, and the results were really good. So, we believe that old man. ”

Later, we sent someone to the temple to find the old man, but the other party had left. Later, we asked the old man for information about the old man and wanted to seek medicine again. But there was no news until a few days ago, Xiaoying It ’s easy to hear the news. I found the old man on a small island in the East China Sea and asked for this panacea. So I

just– ” Chen Fei finished listening and nodded, understanding the cause and effect of the matter. To Ji Dongyang said:” According to me inference, the old man probably was a monk Zhuangshennonggui, but why did he treat you, I can not guess. ” ”

monk, causing me! “mention this, Dongyang season could not help looking for a change, face some different A.

The rest of Ji’s family followed, his expression sinking, his expression gloomy and nervous.

Seeing this, Chen Fei asked, “Mr. Ji, what’s wrong?”

Ji Dongyang shook his head and said: “No, nothing.”

Since the other party didn’t want to say more, Chen Fei didn’t ask, and changed the subject, and said out “Ji Ji, if it’s okay, let’s start treatment!”

“Well, trouble Mr. Chen.” Ji Dongyang nodded.

Although Ji Ying and others were still a bit worried and skeptical, they suddenly became speechless when they thought of the matter just now.

Chen Fei did not let others leave, and treated Ji Dongyang acupuncture directly in front of them. During the treatment, he followed the silver needle and injected true breath into his body to repair the lesion on the heart.

Finally, half an hour later, Chen Fei, who had a layer of sweat on his forehead, wiped the sweat, pulled out the silver needle, and said: “Ji, good.”

Ji Dongyang got up from the bed and moved a little The body suddenly showed surprise, “I really feel much more comfortable, and the whole person is relaxed. The feeling of being panicked all the time now is gone.” The

Ji family gathered around.

“Old season, is it really okay?”

“Dad, are you okay? Is there anything uncomfortable?”


Chen Fei said a little, “If you don’t worry, let Dr. Zhu check.”

“Yes, yes. Dr. Zhu, trouble you.” Ji Ying quickly said.

Dr. Zhu immediately turned on various instruments and did a good inspection of Ji Dongyang. After some inspections, a large list of various forms and data came out. Dr. Zhu stared at it and exclaimed, “Ah!”

“Dr. Zhu, what’s wrong?”

“Dr. Zhu, won’t What’s the problem? ”


Ji’s family is very nervous.

Dr. Zhu said with surprise in his face: “No problem, no problem at all. According to the results of the inspection data, the total coronary heart disease of Ji Ji is now completely good, and all kinds of data are within the normal indicators. Not only that, Ji ’s heart function has even become much stronger. It is not like a middle-aged man in his fifties, but like a young man in his 30s. ”


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