MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1318



“But dad—” Ji Ying also wanted to persuade.

But Dongyang Chen Sheng low season Heleyisheng, “Well, a small surplus. Defenses can not do without right, but not for you at all times to try to speculate with malice of others.”

Then, Dongyang got up and walked out of season Go, “The private hospital arranged for me. I’m going to ask Mr. Chen to treat me.”

Ji Ying saw that his father was so stubborn, worried and worried, but also knew that persuasion is useless now. Catch up and say, “Dad, the fairy medicine I asked for on the East Island has arrived. Would you like to take the fairy medicine first!” During the

speech, Ji Ying took out a green jade bottle.

Look at this “elixir” facial expression is one of Dongyang season move, but then thought of something and said: “! Or to ask Chen, seeing how he said,”

“Dad, you Xianyao this before, but had served , The effect is very good. Now, you do n’t even believe in fairy medicine, but do you believe that kid? “Ji Ying felt that his father was a little bit crazy.

Ji Dongyang solemnly said: “Mr. Chen just cured my illness with a few shots on the highway. Moreover, I really feel much better now, so I believe him.”

“But, Dad-” Ji Ying still wanted to say something, but Ji Dongyang had already gone out.

Later, a group of people came to the Ji family’s private hospital, which is fully equipped and equipped with professional doctors. The conditions are absolutely no less than those of the top three hospitals.

“Mr. Chen, do you need any equipment and medicine? I will ask someone to prepare.” Ji Dongyang asked.

Chen Fei looked, then said:. “No, I use acupuncture treatment, do not need any other medication tonic, here’s something enough.”

Ji Dongyang heard this, could not help but burst of joy, we must lying in bed , Began to receive treatment.

But at this time, Ji Ying brought a group of family members, came with a worried look, and said: “You, wait a minute!”

Chen Fei heard the sound, stopped, turned to look at Ji Ying, “Miss Ji, something wrong ? it ”

with a look at the earnings season color face looked Chen Fei, asked aloud and said:.” my dad is a very complex disease, many doctors had not even looked after treatment you say you can heal, I want to know you Which medical school did you graduate from, and which hospital do you work in now, and what successful medical history did you have—you

heard this, Chen Fei already understood the meaning of the other party, but he doubted his medical skills.

Suddenly, he looked cold and said in a cold voice: “I didn’t go to any medical school or work in any hospital. If Miss Ji didn’t believe me, I would go.”

After that, Chen Fei looked at Ji Dongyang, Dao: “General Ji, since that’s the case, then I’ll say goodbye first.”

Ji Dongyang saw Chen Fei angry, suddenly anxious, stared at his daughter fiercely, then quickly got up and pulled Chen Fei, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, it’s me I did n’t make things clear. My daughter did n’t mean that. She was just too worried about my illness, so she

just— ” At this moment, Ji Ying is still going on:“ Dad, why do you believe him such an unknown pawn suddenly popped up? ”

Behind, other family members were also worried.

“Old season, the treatment of illness is not the same as Xiaoke, you can’t just do it casually!”

“Uncle, Xiaoying didn’t ask you for the fairy medicine? You take that medicine.”

“Uncle, you can’t play with your body!”

…… … in the


, Ji Ying took out the jade bottle again and poured out a round black pill with the size of a nail shell.

The pill exuded a strong fragrance, just took it out, and suddenly let the whole room full of incense, everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath, feeling almost intoxicated.

Ji Ying handed the pill to Ji Dongyang and said, “Dad, if you take this fairy medicine. Haven’t you tried it before? The effect is very good.”

“This–” Ji Dongyang looked hesitant.

“Dad, what’s so hesitant about?” Ji Ying urged.

At this moment, Chen Fei took a breath, tasted for a few seconds, and then frowned, his expression sinking.

Just as Ji Ying was about to feed Ji Dongyang to take medicine, Chen Fei drank coldly and said, “Wait!”

Ji Ying heard the words and immediately frowned at Chen Fei, dissatisfiedly saying, “What are you doing? Intentionally disturbing me Dad takes the medicine, do you want to save him or hurt him? ”

Chen Fei said coldly:” Save him or hurt him? Huh, if you want him to die earlier, just give him this medicine! ”

” What “” Hearing this, everyone in the house was taken aback, and the movement stopped.

Ji Ying stared fiercely at Chen Fei, gritting his teeth and saying, “You talk nonsense, this is my dad, and of course I want to save my dad.”

“It’s you, deliberately interfering with my dad’s treatment, what’s the matter of peace? Someone sent you to deliberately target my dad? “Ji Ying asked.

Chen Fei ranging from opening quarter Dongyang apologized and said:. “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, her small surplus impulse, not to speak too mind, I formally apologize to Mr. Chen You,”

“But, I would like to ask Mr. Chen just said , What does it mean? “Ji Dongyang asked.

Facing Ji Dongyang with a respectful attitude, Chen Fei calmed down and said aloud: “I mean very simple. The so-called fairy medicine in your daughter’s hands can’t cure your disease at all. The decay of you will make you die ahead of time. ”

” What! “Ji Dongyang couldn’t help but be surprised.

And Ji Ying had an expression of disbelief, “You are talking nonsense, this is the fairy medicine I have sought so hard, and my dad has taken it before, it is very effective.”

“Mr. Chen, I did After serving, it really has an effect. This— “Ji Dongyang is also a little unknown at the moment.

Seeing this, Chen Fei didn’t explain much. One stepped up, moved his body, and grabbed the panacea in Ji Ying’s hand.

“What are you doing, return me the fairy medicine!” Ji Ying was very excited.

At this time, Chen Fei came to a test rig, crushed the medicine, added a little water, and turned into a black mud. Then, Chen Fei took out a little sludge and dropped it in a petri dish.

“If you don’t believe it, use your instruments to observe, what is the effect!” Chen Fei said coldly.

Ji’s family looked puzzled and unbelieving, but Ji Dongyang waved his hand and asked the doctor to observe the situation.

Ji Ying gritted her teeth fiercely and stared at Chen Fei, saying: “You ruined the fairy medicine I asked for, and you can’t afford to sell this medicine.”

Chen Fei ignored her, and at this time, The observing doctor exclaimed, “Ah!”

“What’s wrong, Dr. Zhu!” The Ji family asked.

Dr. Zhu said: “The death rate of the cells in the petri dish has increased many times, and many cells are decaying and depleting.”

“Ah, this, how could it not be–” Ji family couldn’t believe it.


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