MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1317



“Ah–” Secretary Qin hadn’t recovered, and then saw the unconscious Ji Dongyang slowly opened his eyes and gradually woke up.

He was immediately overjoyed and rushed over, “Ji, you are awake. Are you okay!”

Ji Dongyang confusedly said: “I feel much better, are you in the hospital?”

Secretary Qin held Ji Dongyang and pointed to Chen Fei , Said: “Mr. Ji, we are still in the car. It happened to meet Mr. Chen, it was Mr. Chen who saved you!”

Then Secretary Qin quickly said the matter again.

After listening to Ji Dongyang, he couldn’t help feeling grateful and stretched out his hands to hold Chen Fei’s hand tightly, excitedly: “Mr. Chen, thank you so much. Thank you so much, I, I don’t even know What should I say? ”

Chen Fei smiled and waved his hand:” Ji President is polite, I just do it casually. ”

” For Mr. Chen, it is casual, but for me, it is life-saving. Grace! “Ji Dongyang thanked.

Chen Feidao: “Mr. Ji, I won’t say much more politely. You have been sick for some years now?”

Ji Dongyang nodded and said, “I’m an old disease, and I’ve been sick for 16 or 7 years. To I’ve seen it all over the world, I have found a lot of famous doctors, I have taken a lot of medicine, I have tried various methods, but there is no cure. ”

Chen Fei heard, and then said:” If President Ji believes in me, you I can be cured. ”

” Can you cure Mr. Chen? “Ji Dongyang looked surprised.

Chen Fei nodded and said affirmatively: “I can, and I promise to be cured.”

“This, this is really great!” Ji Dongyang was very surprised, “I don’t know when Mr. Chen has time, can you show me this disease?”

Chen Feidao: “I can do it at any time. If President Ji is convenient, you can go to the hospital now.”

At this moment, a rumbling voice approached. Everyone looked up and found a helicopter flying over here.

Secretary Qin Qin saw this and said, “Ji, the helicopter is here.”

Ji Dongyang glanced up and then said to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, if you don’t mind, can I go to my house? My family has a private The hospital. ”

” Yes! “Chen Fei did not refuse, and immediately called someone to help him drive. He got on the helicopter of Ji Dongyang and flew home with him.

The helicopter flew for more than ten minutes and stopped in a quiet villa area in the western suburbs of Beijing.

The helicopter stopped and the hatch was opened. What appeared in front of Chen Fei was a quadrangle-style building, but it was not a kind of old existence in the Beijing Hutong, but a mansion with sophisticated decoration and various modern equipment.

Just after Ji Dongyang got out of the helicopter, a group of people rushed out of the courtyard and greeted with anxious faces.

“How is the person? How is the situation?”

“How is my dad’s health?”

“Why did Uncle forget to take the medicine!”

… In

an anxious voice, Ji Dongyang waved at them with a smile Waving, said: “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

The family members were shocked when they saw Ji Dongyang’s face glowing red and could walk down on his own. One by one, we must help Ji Dongyang into the house. r />

But Ji Dongyang stopped them. Instead, he turned back and said with respectful face: “Mr. Chen, please!”

Chen Fei leaned off the helicopter and Ji Dongyang greeted him with a respectful attitude.

Upon seeing this, everyone in the Ji family couldn’t help but feel surprised, and looked at Chen Fei with surprise and doubt.

Among them, a twenty-four to five-year-old girl came to Ji Dongyang with doubts and asked, “Dad, this

is– ” Ji Dongyang smiled and immediately introduced Chen Fei to everyone in the family. , “This is Mr. Chen Fei Chen, a friend I just met. It is also my life-saving benefactor.”

Then he introduced his family to Chen Fei.

“Mr. Chen, this is my daughter, Ji Ying. This is my wife, this is me …”

Chen Fei nodded, saying hello to them.

Immediately, Ji Dongyang warmly welcomed Chen Fei into the living room and greeted him enthusiastically.

After some greetings, Chen Fei smiled and said, “Mr. Ji, don’t be so polite. Let’s prepare for the business soon!”

Ji Dongyang nodded and then arched his hand to Chen Fei, saying: “Then trouble Mr. Chen I ’m going to prepare first. ”

Then, Ji Dongyang left from the living room. Leave his wife and other relatives to entertain Chen Fei in the living room. The daughter Ji Ying followed Ji Dongyang with doubts and curiosity to the back bedroom.

“Dad, what the hell is going on? Chen Fei, who is it?” Ji Ying asked.

Ji Dongyang said: “Did I say that? Is he my friend or my life-saver?”

“Dad, don’t be kidding. When are you so easy to make friends with, and still bring friends from home. Besides, he is so young, can he make friends with you and become friends?” Ji Ying wondered.

Ji Dongyang explained: “Xiaoying, my meeting with Mr. Chen was an accident, because a student of the Beijing Conservatory of Music. At that time, we …”

Ji Dongyang soon met Chen Fei, and Chen Fei was rescued on the road. Tell me about your own things.

After Ji Ying heard it, she could not help frowning for a while and said, “There is still such a thing. Dad, do n’t you think this kind of thing is too coincidental? He suddenly emerged as an unnamed pawn, for no reason Luo Shao’s friend, and it happened to be able to cure the disease, cured your coronary heart disease. ”

” I am worried that someone will arrange it intentionally, he wants to hurt you? “Ji Ying frowned.

Ji Dongyang frowned lightly and said, “Xiaoying, don’t think so much. Mr. Chen is not that kind of person.”

“Dad, it’s not that I think much. It’s just that you have a bigger business now, a lot of enemies, these Over the years, there have been a lot of various accidents and accidents. Moreover, the one in that year has not been found. “Ji Ying reminded.

Speaking of “that”, Ji Dongyang’s expression could not help sinking, then shook his head and said: “No, Chen Fei cannot be related to that person.”

“Dad, we have to guard!” Ji Yingdao “Moreover, regardless of his identity, he is a twenty-something Maotou kid who can cure your dad’s disease. Do you think this is credible? You don’t know how many doctors you have for this disease. Healed! ”

” This-“this words, it hit Ji Dongyang somewhat, so that he could not help but stunned, but then said,” I believe Mr. Chen. After all, he did not know me before, There is no profit to me, and he does not need to harm me. ”


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