MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1316



Zhang Qiuyue smiled and said to Chen Fei: “Brother Chen, you made fun of me deliberately. My current strength is a few pounds, and I have a lot in my heart. I feel that my current ability cannot yet become a qualified artist.

” That ’s Qiuyue, you ’re too demanding of yourself. Qiuyue ’s singing, many professional singers ca n’t match it. ”Chen Fei laughed.

Zhang Qiuyue said: “Brother Chen, you laughed again. I don’t agree. On the one hand, it’s a matter of ability. On the other hand, I think that Mr. Ji’s invitation to me now is not because of myself, but because of Brother Chen, your reason. ”

” My reason? How could it be? I’m not full of five tones, and I don’t have much ability. “Chen Fei laughed.

Zhang Qiuyue waved his hand: “Brother Chen, I’m not talking about singing. It’s your relationship with Luo Shao.”

“Oh, why do you say that?” Chen Fei asked.

Zhang Qiuyue said: “Sister Song just took me to school more than a year ago. I once took me to Dongyang Entertainment Company and wanted to recommend me to Mr. Ji and let the company sign me.”

“Just, at the time I ’m always busy with work and I do n’t have time to see me. In the end, I only left a recording file in the company and we left. Later, Sister Song urged to ask a few times, but the company did n’t respond and the matter was gone. ”

” They didn’t sign me at the time, but now President Ji came here to sign me so aggressively, and still with Principal Zhao. I think it must be because of you, Brother Chen. “Zhang Qiuyue said.

After listening to Chen Fei, his heart moved, and he understood Zhang Qiuyue’s thoughts. At the same time, he also believes that Zhang Qiuyue’s ideas are very likely to be true. It seems that this president Ji is also so enthusiastic because of his relationship with Luo Feng, looking at the face of the Luo family.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the huge changes in attitude before and after Ji.

Of course, these are human natures, and Chen Fei can understand their ideas.

Subsequently, Chen Fei said goodbye to Zhang Qiuyue and drove away from the Beijing Conservatory of Music.

Not far away from the campus, there was a traffic jam in front of a narrow road, and the car was jammed for hundreds of meters. They were all packed together and could not move.

Some impatient drivers kept honking their horns, but they had no effect, so they waited in scorn.

Chen Fei sat in the car and waited for more than ten minutes, but there was still no movement in the car. Instead, the congested fleet grew longer. Some people are already impatient, rushed out of the car and walked to the front to see what was going on.

Indistinctly, Chen Fei could see that a few hundred meters away, there was a crowd of people hustling and clamoring, pushing and shoving, the scene seemed to be confused, and there were also cries of beating.

Seeing this, Chen Fei frowned, then got out of the car and walked forward.

Soon, Chen Fei came to the place in front of the traffic jam. It seems that the frontmost car is parked in the middle of the road. As a result, all the cars behind are blocked and cannot go forward.

At this moment, many dissatisfied drivers and passengers came around and said something bustling.

In the front car, a few men in suits and sunglasses came down, and the strong men dressed as bodyguards shoved and shoved the people around.

Between the shouting and shouting of the two sides, some conflict could not help but

there was a growing trend of conflict.

Seeing this, Chen Fei squeezed away the crowd and came to the crowd. Looking at the car parked on the roadside, he couldn’t help but be surprised, because the person sitting in the car was no one else, it was Ji Dongyang, the president of Dongyang Entertainment Company that Chen Fei had seen at the Beijing Conservatory of Music .

Exactly, Ji Dongyang, who smiled gracefully just now, was pale and sweaty, covering her heart, leaning on the back seat with a painful face. Not much use, only to see the painful expression on Ji Dongyang’s face getting more and more serious.

“How come the ambulance hasn’t arrived? Are all the people in the hospital dead?” A secretary-like man called the phone anxiously, scolding in his mouth.

Report someone came and said: “Qin secretary, there were already in hospital emergency rush to the side, and only now is rush hour, too blocked the capital, but to the car.”

“Traffic jam that if the tune helicopter ah quarter of the total! If something goes wrong, we will all be finished. “Secretary Qin said angrily.

The subordinates did not dare to say much, they could only nod and say yes, and then immediately started calling the parties to find a solution.

But at this time, Ji Dongyang twitched fiercely, making a painful cry, and the whole person fainted.

At this time, his subordinates were even more flustered. He was in a hurry for a while, and I don’t know what to do. The blocked drivers and passengers did not know what was happening on the periphery, and under the accumulation of dissatisfaction, they also began to erupt. Those black bodyguards could not bear the impact of the crowd.

Seeing the situation getting worse and worse, at this time, Chen Fei quickly walked over and said, “I am a doctor, I will show President Ji!”

“You–” Several bodyguards looked suspiciously. Chen Fei, did not give up directly.

Secretary Qin, who was on the phone, saw Chen Fei and was surprised: “Mr. Chen, you! Hurry up and let Mr. Qin come in.” The

secretary Qin just followed Ji Dongyang while on campus, naturally I have seen Chen Fei, so let the bodyguard make way.

“Secretary Qin, what happened to President Ji?” Chen Fei asked.

Qin secretary quickly said: “there is always a quarter of coronary heart disease for many years, just a sudden onset, with side and no medicine, ambulance and stuck in the road, and now the situation is very critical.”

“I’ll see,” Chen Fei quickly! Stepped forward, holding Ji Dongyang’s wrist and pulsed him.

Although Secretary Qin did not believe that Chen Fei could cure the disease, after all, this was Luo Shao’s friend. He was not offended too much, and he could only let Chen Fei go.

Soon after, Chen Fei took out a pair of silver needles and said, “I can cure Mr. Ji’s disease!” During the

speech, Chen Fei would not wait until the secretary Qin responded The silver needle was inserted into Ji Dongyang’s body.

Looking at the silver finger with a long finger into Ji Dongyang, Secretary Qin was worried for a while. If something went wrong, he might be held accountable.

But now, Chen Fei has already started, he can’t stop, can only pray that Chen Fei really has that ability.

In Secretary Qin’s worried expression, Chen Fei’s hands fluttered and moved quickly, following the silver needle, injecting the breath of truth into Ji Dongyang’s body to control his illness.

Less than three minutes before and after, Chen Fei took out the silver needle, stood up, and said loudly: “Okay!”


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