MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1315



After solving the problem, Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue didn’t even want to continue to eat, and left the room after checking out.

After saying goodbye to Luo Feng, Chen Fei sent Zhang Qiuyue back to school.

Downstairs in the dormitory, Chen Fei said to Zhang Qiuyue: “Go back, I will find another teacher for you. This Huang teacher, you don’t have to continue to follow.”

Zhang Qiuyue nodded and added: “Brother Chen, wait Song Jie came back to say it, after all, had introduced me to a Song Jie Huang is now temporarily replace the teacher, I am afraid -. ”

Chen Fei nodded and said:” ah, such as Song Yi come back row. ”

say good After that, Chen Fei waved his hand to say goodbye.

But at this moment, a group of people walked towards this side in a mighty way. Among them were two men in their 50s and 60s in suits and leather suits. Behind them, followed by a group of teachers, it seemed that they had a somewhat leadership posture.

The group of people walked to the dormitory building, and they were going to go upstairs. They saw Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue next to the door, and they froze for a moment.

The leading middle-aged man with glasses quickly walked over, his face full of smiles, and took the initiative to reach out, “Zhang Qiuyue, you are classmate Zhang Qiuyue!”

“If I am right, You are Mr. Chen Fei Chen! ”

The spectacled man greeted him enthusiastically, but made Chen Fei a little surprised.” You-”

Zhang Qiuyue froze for a moment, then immediately recovered, looked surprised, looked at the front The middle-aged man in glasses said, “Principal Zhao, how are you—”

This middle-aged man in glasses is the president of Beijing Conservatory of Music Zhao Yongdong .

Zhang Qiuyue apparently didn’t expect that the principal of the hall was so polite to an ordinary student that he was a little stunned for a while.

By this time, Chen Fei Zhao Xiaozhang look to him, out loud, explains: “Moon classmate Zhang, Chen I came to apologize to two..”

“Apology” This time, Zhang Moon is confused! .

The group of school teachers and staff who came with them were all surprised. They did not understand why the principal Principal Zhao actually took the initiative to apologize to a student.

“Mr. Chen, classmate Zhang Qiuyue. I just learned about Teacher Huang and classmate Xu Shu. I learned that they have caused such great trouble to classmate Zhang Qiuyue and Mr. Chen. . Please ask Zhang Qiuyue and Mr. Chen for forgiveness. ”Principal Zhao’s attitude is very low.

Hearing this, Chen Fei immediately understood what was going on. It seems that the principal Zhao should have learned what happened just now and understood his relationship with Luo Feng, so he immediately apologized to apologize for his mistake and showed his attitude.

For this behavior, though not like Chen Fei, but also understand, nodded and said:. “Zhao Xiaozhang have the heart, we can understand just a natural thing Moon replace the teacher, Zhao Xiaozhang trouble to worry about.”

Zhao Xiaozhang quickly Tao: “I will definitely arrange the best teacher for Zhang Qiuyue and will not let Mr. Chen and Zhang Qiuyue disappointed.”

Chen Fei said: “Thank you, President Zhao. President Zhao’s care, both Luo Shao and I will keep in mind “On the

fly .” Chen Fei deliberately mentioned Luo Feng, in order to reassure President Zhao.

Sure enough, after listening to this, Headmaster Zhao’s smile became more intense. He smiled and rubbed his hands
“This is what I should do, thank you Mr. Chen.”

Chen Fei nodded, and Zhang Qiuyue also thanked him immediately.

The matter was resolved, but Principal Zhao did not leave, but continued to say to Zhang Qiuyue: “Classmate Zhang Qiuyue, I have a friend who wants to see you. Some things I want to talk to you about.”

“Principal Zhao, your friend!” Zhang Qiuyue was a little surprised.

At this moment, the other one of the two leading middle-aged men just now walked over with a smile, smiled at Zhang Qiuyue and Chen Fei, and reached out to introduce: “Miss Zhang, Mr. Chen, how are you, I It ’s Ji Dongyang. ”

Chen Fei did n’t respond much when he heard the name, and he just shook hands with Ji Dongyang.

On the side, Zhang Qiuyue showed a look of surprise. He froze for a moment before he quickly shook hands with Ji Dongyang.

The other students and teachers around him were even more surprised. They all looked at Ji Dongyang.

“He is—” Chen Fei asked Zhang Qiuyue in a low voice of curiosity.

Zhang Qiuyue explained in a low voice: “Ji Dongyang is the founder and president of Dongyang Entertainment. Dongyang Entertainment is now one of the largest entertainment companies in China. There are many big-name stars. Singer. ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei understood the identity and status of Dongyang this season.

At this time, Ji Dongyang said with a smile: “I came to the school today and Principal Zhao reminisced, I heard that there is a very good singer on campus, so I specifically asked Principal Zhao to come and have a look together.”

“Now, look When I arrived at Miss Zhang, I was even more sure about President Zhao’s judgment. ”

” I am here to send you an invitation to Miss Zhang to invite you to join our Dongyang Entertainment Company. I don’t know if Miss Zhang is willing or not! ” He looked at Zhang Qiuyue with a smile.

Zhang Qiuyue hadn’t responded yet. The teachers and students around him were all excited. Binocular eyes shine, can’t wait to rush out one by one, and promise Qi Dongyang’s invitation for Zhang Qiuyue.

You know, this is an invitation from Dongyang Entertainment, the contract of the top entertainment company in China, and it is also an invitation issued by the chairman himself.

Everyone believes that as long as Zhang Qiuyue agrees to sign the contract, Dongyang Entertainment will definitely support her and become a first-line singer in the future, and even a generation later, it is not impossible.

Faced with the temptation of this huge opportunity, I don’t know how many students looked red.

But Zhang Qiuyue at the moment, after a moment of hesitation, shook his head and said to Ji Dongyang: “Thank you, Mr. Ji, for your invitation, but I just entered the school, and I am not conscious enough. I am afraid I cannot be qualified for the position of Dongyang Entertainment, so I am I can’t promise your invitation, please forgive me. ”

Ji Dongyang heard the words and smiled lightly, said:” Miss Zhang is humble, but since that’s the case, then I don’t force it. But my private Please keep the business card for Miss Zhang. If Miss Zhang changes her mind later, you can contact me at any time. Our door of Dongyang Entertainment is open to Miss Zhang anytime and anywhere. ”

” Thank you, Mr. Ji. “Zhang Qiuyue took the business card with both hands .

Immediately, bid farewell to Ji Dongyang and Principal Zhao, and their group left in a mighty way.

The onlookers, a pity of emotion, also spread out.

Downstairs in the dormitory, calm was restored again.

Chen Fei looked at Zhang Qiuyue and asked with a smile: “Qiuyue, the opportunity was so good just now, why don’t you agree! As long as you agree, you will become a star in the future.”


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