MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1313



The two bodyguards forced Chen Fei over, and Mr. Chen’s pressure suddenly eased a lot.

He looked at Chen Fei and said, “I know you have some martial arts strength, not to mention that your strength is not enough in front of professional masters!”

“Is it?” Chen Fei smiled lightly and then greeted him. The two bodyguards who were oppressed by themselves said lightly, “In the early stage of Xuanji. If I were you, I turned around and left now.” The

two bodyguards heard the words, and their expressions were cold.

“Boy, he is not very young, but he is very arrogant!”

“It’s a bit of a way to see our realm of strength. But I don’t know how strong it is.”


“Don’t talk nonsense with him, do it!” Xu Shu gritted his teeth. , Shouting impatiently.

The two bodyguards sank, and then stepped forward, one left and one right, running in a true breath, and attacked Chen Fei.

The Xuan-level breath erupted, causing a burst of air in the private room, which immediately surprised the ordinary people behind him. At the same time, he also looked forward with excitement in his eyes. He seemed to have seen the tragic ending of Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue.

But, in the eyes they look forward to.

Facing the attack of these two bodyguards, Chen Fei step by step, his face sank suddenly, his body shocked, a magnificent momentum burst out, directly pressed against the two bodyguards opposite.

The two confident bodyguards who were originally full of confidence felt the oppression of this momentum and were immediately shocked.

Because, they can feel that this momentum is definitely not an existence they can resist, at least all of the existence above the level of the late Xuan level. The master warriors of this state, they dare to fight anyway.

Suddenly, the two stopped and quickly stepped back to beg for mercy.

“Senior, we are wrong!”

“We dare not, leave immediately!”

Chen Fei said lightly: “I regret it now! It’s too late!”

Along with Chen Fei’s words, a violent surge came forth , booming Like a sea wave, it swept through the impact and shot two bodyguards fiercely.

The two bodyguards instantly turned pale and turned to escape, but just after their steps were taken, they were directly hit by Chen Fei’s offensive, slapped on the ground fiercely, and made two painful mumbles, then passed out.

But at this time, the group of people behind him, with a confident look on their faces, was preparing to see the scene of Chen Fei’s ravaged scene.

As a result, in a flash, the fight was over. The result was completely beyond their expectations.

“Hey, what’s going on? Bodyguards, they, they have lost.”

“How could they be all martial artists of the Xuan-level early state, how could they fail?”

“Fake, it must be fake.”

…… …

Amidst the startled voice, Chen Fei stepped forward and looked at President Xu. He said coldly, “Now, do you still want to teach me?”

President Xu looked calm, but he still stabilized his emotions and said aloud Tao: “Your strength is beyond my expectations. But there are some things that cannot be solved by force alone.”

“Oh, so to speak. Do you have other ways to deal with me?” Chen Fei smiled. , Look to President Xu.

President Xu said with a confident face: “I am in business. Before I do things, I will always investigate things clearly.”

“Your name is Chen Fei, a teacher of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

. And this Zhang Qiuyue, a student of Beijing Conservatory of Music, I heard that it is still relatively famous.”

“You can think about it for yourself, if I Find someone to run it, ferment your teacher’s beatings at Jingcheng University, and your strange relationship with this Zhang Qiuyue. ”

” You can think about it for yourself, what will happen to you . Expelled from school, Star Trails Destroy is still a more serious consequence! You can imagine what you want! ”

After that, President Xu looked at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue with confidence.

It seems that he did investigate some news and wanted to use this to threaten Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue. And, it sounds like it really works.

For a time, Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue were silent.

Upon seeing this, teachers such as Xu Shuhuang and Zhou Yueqi who were shocked by Chen Fei’s strength just now became smiling again, very proud.

“Oh, just use force, what’s the use! Modern society, rely on money and power.”

“Just now I have persuaded them, because they did not seize the opportunity, they asked for the results, no one can complain.”

“Oh Let ’s see how proud you are! ”


According to the silent Chen Fei, President Xu took a step forward and said by himself:“ How about thinking? Now, are you willing to serve soft? ”

“ Yes, I forgot to talk to you Just to say. My Xu family is not only rich in business, but also has a close cooperation with the Luo family in Jingcheng, which has a great relationship. If you are not convinced, I do n’t mind asking Luo family to give you some color. Look. ”

Hearing Mr. Xu said this, they were all more proud. A group of people held their arms and looked good.

But at this moment, Chen Fei couldn’t help laughing when he heard President Xu’s words, “Luo Family, it’s a coincidence. Originally, I also planned to trouble Secretary Wen again. However, it seems that it’s not necessary now.”

Said Then, Chen Fei touched his phone and dialed a number.

Upon seeing this, Xu sneer look of disdain and said: “?! Called about Oh, I’ll give you the opportunity to let your hands together, you can see what people called”

Zhouyue Qi irony is unceremoniously up, “The Xu family and the Luo family are related. Don’t struggle with who you can call.”

Teacher Huang also said: “Qiuyue, you have to consider your own future! For such an unreliable person. , It ’s a waste of my future, it ’s not worth it! ”

Xu Shu hated his face and gritted his teeth:“ This time, no matter what your name is, do n’t try to escape. ”

Chen Fei ignored their sneer and sarcasm, and called. Tao: “Luo Feng? I’m Chen Fei, I have some things on my side now, come here! Well, I’m here …”

Listening to Chen Fei’s phone, the people across the face froze a little, then the sarcasm was even more powerful .

“Luo Feng, isn’t that the name of the Luo family’s major? Is he calling the Luo family’s major?”

“How is it possible? He can know the Luo family’s major, don’t joke.”

“I think it’s just pretending, dare Hearing President Xu talking about the Luo family, he wanted to move out of the name of the Luo family to scare people. But this method is really too bad. ”


Mr. Xu held a cigar in his mouth and looked at Chen Fei with a mocking look, saying: “Young man, playing this kind of trick in front of me is really too tender. It has no effect.”

Chen Fei smiled lightly. Dao: “Really? Is it useful? You will know it soon.”

After talking, Chen Fei was relaxed and chatted with Zhang Qiuyue.


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