MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1311



Zhouyue Qi and Chang Chen Fei looked at the moon, then Huang said: “Huang, just two people on campus they met Xu Shu..”

“Xu Shu”!

The very name, even Huang, his face Can not help but change. After all, Xu Xu is a famous young man of the Beijing Conservatory of Music. Because of his good family background, coupled with his own personality, he did a lot of extraordinary things on the campus, but in the end, there was nothing, but it attracted A group of followers.

Therefore, referring to Xu Shu, even Mr. Huang could not help but become solemn.

“Having met Xu Shu, what happened?” Teacher Huang asked.

Zhou Yueqi said: “Teacher Huang, naturally something happened. And, it’s not a trivial matter.”

” Uh–” Teacher Huang’s face sank.

Zhou Yueqi continued: “On the campus, Xu Shu had a conflict with this Mr. Chen. As a result, this Mr. Chen had beaten Xu Shao’s bodyguard, and Xu Shao had a fight.”

“What “Hearing this, Teacher Huang couldn’t help but be shocked.

And Zhou Yueqi continued, “Not only that, I listened to their conversation. This Mr. Chen, it seems that he had had a conflict with Xu Shuxu before, this is the second time.”

“Now, Xu Shao was beaten back The family has gone. I believe that with Xu’s temperament, I am afraid that this matter will be hard to be good. At that time, let alone this Mr. Chen himself is insecure, I am afraid that it will also affect other people, even to school. ”

Speaking of which, Teacher Huang’s face completely sank, and he looked at Zhou Yueqi solemnly, and said: “What you said is true?”

Zhou Yueqi nodded and said, “Mr Huang, what I said is true At that time, many people in the school saw it. Furthermore, if you do n’t believe it, you can ask them. ”

Teacher Huang heard the words, looked around, looked at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue, paused a little, and then asked: “Qiuyue, is what Yue Qi said, is it true?”

“Ms. Huang, this matter , We— “Zhang Qiuyue wanted to explain.

At this time, Chen Fei said directly: “Ms. Huang, this is the case. I did hit Xu Shu, and I had a conflict with him before. However, the whole thing was that he had the mistake first, and I learned He should deserve a meal. ”

Wen Yan said, Teacher Huang was really anxious and could not help but stomped:” Mr. Chen, this is not something that is wrong in the first place. But the other party is Xu Shu. ”

Chen Fei’s careless expression,” I know his identity. But a Xu family only, in my eyes, it’s nothing. ”

Wen Yan, Zhou Yueqi suddenly sneered and sneered coldly:” Haha Returning a Xu family is nothing. Do you know how big the Xu family’s business is? Do you know that the Xu family’s property has reached more than one billion yuan? ”

” You are a poor kid, and dare to look down on the Xu family, and bragging is not afraid of blowing God. ”

Teacher Huang obviously didn’t believe Chen Fei’s words, frowned, and said,” This matter is indeed a little trouble. “After a

pause, he said,” Qiuyue, Mr. Chen. Otherwise, Hurry up and apologize to the Xu family Perhaps, there is still room for things to turn around. ”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned, said in a loud voice:” Mr. Huang, Xu Shu deliberately targeted me before. This time

, he spoke again and made fun of Qiuyue. He made This kind of thing, you let us go to apologize to him? ”

Teacher Huang heard this, frowned immediately, said:” Mr. Chen, I say this, it is also for your good. We ordinary people, offend such a big Less, there is no good fruit to eat. ”

“Is there any good fruit to eat, so you don’t have to worry about Teacher Huang.” Chen Fei said coldly.

Zhang Qiuyue also made a round of speech at this time and said to Teacher Huang: “Mr. Huang, this matter is indeed too much for Xu Shu. Moreover, Brother Chen has the strength to fight the Xu family, don’t worry.”

“Huang Teacher, you do n’t have to worry about this matter. I ’ll do it. ”After all, the other party is Zhang Qiuyue ’s teacher, and Chen Fei did n’t want to fall down with him, so he broke the topic out loud.

But after Teacher Huang heard the words, his expression was even more gloomy, and said: “You deal with it, how do you deal with it? Do you know the consequences of offending Xushu?”

“Teacher Huang, we–” Zhang Qiuyue also wanted to explain .

However, at this moment Chen Fei sneered and pulled Zhang Qiuyue, saying: “Qiuyue, no need to explain. I think Teacher Huang is so anxious, I am afraid that this matter will affect him.”

“You can rest assured, Xu Shu The matter has nothing to do with you, and it will not affect you. ”

After that, Chen Fei pulled Zhang Qiuyue to stand up and said,” Qiuyue, there is no need to continue to eat this meal, let’s go! ” ”

Zhang Qiuyue saw Teacher Huang’s cloudy expression, and immediately understood, Chen Fei’s words were right. Teacher Huang was really anxious to make them apologize because he was worried about harming himself.

Thinking of this, Zhang Qiuyue couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I did not expect that my beloved teacher had such a cowardly side.

Shaking his head, Zhang Qiuyue followed Chen Fei and was about to leave.

Teacher Huang’s face changed for a while, looking at the two, his expression was very ugly.

And Zhou Yueqi, with a smile on his lips at this time, with a touch of complacency. After all, after this incident, Zhang Qiuyue and Teacher Huang were considered to have failed. She Zhou Yueqi, naturally benefited.

Seeing that Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue are going to get out of the private room and leave here.

But at this moment, there was a loud noise under the restaurant, and a noisy noise quickly moved towards the building.

Hearing this, Teacher Huang couldn’t help being surprised, and asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Zhou Yueqi walked to the window and looked at the probe, exclaiming suddenly: “Ms. Huang, it’s not good. Xu Shu

Here comes the people of the Xu family. ” ” What, Xu Shu brought the people! “Teacher Huang suddenly panicked and panicked.

Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue were also stunned for a while, but then they didn’t think much about it and moved on, ready to leave.

But at this time, Zhou Yueqi leaned over to Mr. Huang and whispered: “Mrs. Huang, you can’t let them leave! If Xu Shao waited, they would definitely know that Mr. Huang was having dinner with them. If the Xu family pursued I ’m afraid I ’m going to be involved in you, Mr.

Huang ! ”Mr. Huang heard it, trembling, and a worried look appeared on his face, his expression became solemn, hesitated for a few seconds, then he turned around and looked at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue yelled, “You guys, stop.” The two stood still, turned their heads, and looked at Teacher Huang.

Zhang Moon curious and asked: “Huang, as well as I do for you?”


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