MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1308



Chen Fei heard and nodded: “Well, let’s go. I have already booked a private room at a restaurant outside the school. Please ask Song Yi and your teacher to come out and have dinner together.”

Zhang Qiuyue said: “Chen Brother, Sister Song, she has performances outside, and she is not in school now. So, I only invited Teacher Huang who called me vocal. ”

” Well, let’s eat with Teacher Huang first. Song Yi’s side, I will invite you back again She once. “Chen Fei said.

Zhang Qiuyue nodded and introduced his teacher Huang to Chen Fei. “Although Teacher Huang is young, she graduated from a foreign country. She has good strength. It was because of the relationship between Sister Song and me that I followed Teacher Huang. Learning. ”

Just as the two were chatting about to drive out, in front of their car, there appeared a stylishly dressed woman of about 21 or 12 years old with heavy makeup.

The woman knocked on the car window and said: “Zhang Qiuyue, how did you go?”

Zhang Qiuyue saw the woman, lowered the window, and said, “Sister Zhou Xue, my friend came to pick me up. ”

Sister Zhou Xuewen said, frowning with dissatisfaction, said:” If you have anything, just go first. Did you do it like this? Has the music classroom been cleaned? Has the trash inside been dumped? There are also tables and chairs and musical instruments. , all cleaned up yet? ”

Zhang Moon said:”.. sister school, the classroom I’ve finished cleaning up tables and chairs and musical instruments, grazed just yesterday, I was ready to rub tomorrow. ” ”

yesterday grazed today will not wipe it off, you Is it lazy to know? Do you still want to learn something, just got a little fame, and it floated right? You do n’t be proud, after all, you are coming through the back door after all. ”

This sister Zhou Xue ’s attitude is very bad, Suddenly, Chen Fei frowned and said in a cold voice: “Who are you? What are you qualified to talk to Qiuyue like this?”

The sister Zhou Xue glanced at Chen Fei, and then sneered: “I am her sister Zhang Qiuyu, Zhou Yueqi, a graduate student of Teacher Huang.”

“Sister Xue only?” Chen Fei snorted, “Qiu Yue and you are students, What do you have the right to order Qiuyue to do this and that? Just comment on your ugly old face? ”

” You, you actually– “Zhou Yueqi hates others to say that she is ugly and old, and still compares with the beauty of Zhang Qiuyue When you get up, it is even more contrasting.

In an instant, she was angry, staring fiercely at Chen Fei, and said, “Dare you yell at me? What do you think of it? Open a BMW and want to come to our school to pick up girls, low to force one.”

Then, she kept talking. , And started an attack on Zhang Qiuyue again, “Zhang Qiuyue, I didn’t expect it! The fashion is pure and water-like, and now, in a blink of an eye, I will go with other men. And, this kind of man who has no taste and no money Ha ha, you know that you are a bad guy, and only suitable for men of this level. ”

” Sister Xue, how can you– “Zhang Qiuyue didn’t expect her sister to say such vicious words to herself, Can’t help but flush with blush.

But at this time, Chen Fei was so sloppy that he directly got off the car and strode to Zhou Yueqi. Slamming his hand directly was a slap, and it was pumped hard on Zhou Yueqi’s face.

“You, how dare you hit me, you–” Zhou Yueqi covered her cheeks and stared at Chen Fei angrily.

Chen Fei shook his hand again, pumped on Zhou Yueqi’s cheek on the other side, and said in a deep voice, “Your mouth is stinky, it’s time to fight!”

“Beating, killing, come soon!” Zhou Yueqi shouted and danced. stand up.

Chen Fei is not polite, slaps his hands again, slaps Zhou Yueqi’s head directly into a big pig head.

The students around were shocked and retreated. Even if I want to help, but seeing Chen Fei’s fierce skill, I dare not move one by one.

So, after dozens of seconds, Zhou Yueqi, who was still hot and sexy, was completely turned into a pig head at the moment, his face was red and swollen, embarrassed, and he fell to the ground, and he could hardly speak.

“I tell you, you will dare to bully Qiuyue in the future, I will make you worse than life.” Chen Fei roared loudly.

Zhou Yueqi dared to say more at this moment, and even fled away in a daze.

Chen Fei gently squeezed Zhang Qiuyue’s hand and said lightly: “Qiuyue, it’s okay. How can you, my school sister?”

Zhang Qiuyue lowered her eyes and whispered: “After Teacher Huang returned from abroad, rarely Students are accepted directly. Sister Zhou Xue can become a graduate student of Teacher Huang, and her ability is still very good. She is also somewhat proud of this. ”

” But later, Sister Song introduced me to Mr. Huang as a student, which distracted Sister Zhou. .

So— ” No need to go on, Chen Fei also understands what is going on.

It is nothing more than the arrival of Zhang Qiuyue’s such beautiful and beautiful students, which made Zhou Yueqi’s previous scenery gloomy. This woman was naturally jealous, so she deliberately embarrassed Zhang Qiuyue.

Thinking of this, Chen Feidao said: “Qiuyue, I know you have a good character, and you will endure some unfair things. But in the face of certain things, you can’t bear it, the more you endure, the more arrogant they will feel. It’s bullying. So, when you encounter this kind of thing in the future, you mustn’t give in. You can’t ask me to come. ”

Zhang Qiuyue listened to Chen Fei for a while, and then nodded:” Well, Brother Chen, I understand ”

At this time, the students around were seeing the situation in full swing.

“Unexpectedly, this guy looks thin and small, but so brave and quite masculine. No wonder Zhang Qiuyue found him.”

“Oh, masculinity, that’s something! It’s just reckless, he is now It ’s hard to beat people and wait for the school and the police to track them down. Then he will suffer. ”

“ That is, in a civilized society now, those who engage in manual action and kill and kill are really outdated. Now men are important. It ’s rich and powerful. If you can fight, then what is it. ”


In the voice of everyone, Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue got on the bus and were ready to leave.

But at this moment, there was a burst of lively discussion in the crowd, and many students gathered around.

“Look, then, that’s Xu Shao, he’s back to school!”

“Someone said that Xu Shao was traveling and was trapped in the mountains, just rescued?”

“What is trapped in the mountains? That’s brave and Take risks, you guys, what do you know! ”

” Isn’t that just talking about men? In my eyes, Xu Shuxu is such a man, he is a real man, he has money and a family, and he looks good, he is so talented, It’s really perfect. ”

” If I could be Xu Shao’s girlfriend, how good it would be! ”

” Oh, don’t dream anymore. Xu Shao’s fancy people are all at school level, like Zhang Qiuyue’s. You, hehe. ”


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