MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1307



Ding Yi saw it, gritted his teeth, and thrilled with revenge, said: “Uncle Gong, kill him. And the woman behind him, get me here. I want to play with her, let him know to reject me Ding Yi’s end. ”

Seeing the cold and perverted smile on Ding Yi’s face, Lu Juan and others could not help but tremble, looking at Zhang Qiuyue, worried for her.

On the contrary, Zhang Qiuyue, the party at the moment, has a relaxed expression.

Although she doesn’t understand the strength of Wu Dao, she doesn’t know what this uncle Gong’s horrible strength means. But what she knows is to believe Chen Fei.

Because in Longan City and Longjiang City, there were countless facts that Chen Fei was the wall in front of her that shielded the wind and rain, and never let her down.

She believes that this time, it is the same!

“Crazy boy, try my strength!” Uncle Gong’s mouth raided with a grin and a fierce offensive offensive.

Facing this horrible company, Chen Fei shook his head gently and said lightly: “Is this kind of strength? Too weak, not interested.”

Immediately, a snapping sound of “Slap”, Chen Fei’s palm, shot in Above Uncle Gong’s fist.

Uncle Gong’s extremely fierce move was so easily blocked by Chen Fei. Before Uncle Gong returned to his mind, he felt a tremendous force flowing in the direction of his arm.

The huge force flung Uncle Gong’s entire body out, directly smashed a few walls, and finally fell into a ruin. His mouth was sprayed with blood, his face was white, and he almost passed out.

Such a result was really unexpected by Ding Yi.

He, who was smiling with revenge on his face, was very stiff at the moment, and muttered in his mouth: “This, how is this possible? Uncle Gong is my dad’s bodyguard, a master of the martial arts at the level of Xuan-level peak. How can you beat Uncle Gong, Why— “While

Ding Yi was still mumbling, Chen Fei had stepped forward to him.

Chen Fei, who was not too tall originally, looked like a giant in Ding Yi’s eyes at this moment, with a force of enormous oppression that made him breathless and terrified.

“You, what do you want to do?”

Chen Fei coldly said: “I said that I would abandon you, and I wouldn’t say anything.”

Immediately, Chen Fei’s palms were photographed, and with a few clicks, Ding Yi screamed The sound rang.

The whole person’s limbs were broken, and it was like a pool of mud falling to the ground, painful.

“Get off!” Chen Fei waved coldly.

The follower brought by Ding Yi suddenly carried Ding Yi and Uncle Gong, and fled with a crawl.

The other people in the background were shocked by such a scene for tens of seconds, and then they recovered. With a shocked look, he looked at Chen Fei.

It was Chen Fei himself. At that moment, he regained the unremarkable look with a smile. He came to Zhang Qiuyue and said lightly: “Qiuyue, the matter is resolved, and it will be fine in the future.”

“Thank you, Brother Chen!” Road.

Afterwards, Chen Fei thanked the staff such as Lu Juan and left Zhang Qiuyue together. He wanted to find a place to chat with him, and it was also a narration.

Seeing Zhang Qiuyue and Chen Fei chatting intimately, Luo Feng left in an interesting way.

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p; Of course, when he left, he left Chen Fei a phone call again and said, “Mr. Chen, if Ding’s family is in trouble with you, or you have other troubles, you can make this call. This is mine. Personal number, connect at any time. ”

” Thank you! “For Luo Feng, Chen Fei’s perception is not bad, nodded, and took over this business card.

Immediately, Chen Fei took Chen Ziling and Zhang Qiuyue together, went out together, went shopping, and finally had a meal together. After returning Zhang Qiuyue to the Conservatory of Music, Chen Fei returned to the dormitory of Jingcheng University in.

The next day, looking for free time without classes, Chen Fei drove to the Beijing Conservatory of Music.

The first is to look at the environment of Zhang Qiuyue’s study and life, to understand her life in school. Secondly, I also took the opportunity to visit and thank the senior teachers such as Song Yi and Zhang Qiuyue and others.

Driving to the Beijing Conservatory of Music, Chen Fei called Zhang Qiuyue.

While waiting for Zhang Qiuyue to arrive, Chen Fei looked at the Beijing Conservatory of Music. Because it is an art school, the proportion of girls in the school is obviously much higher than that of ordinary universities, and there are still many beautiful women, but it is quite eye-catching.

These students have long been surprised by Chen Fei’s phenomenon of driving to school and others. Not even willing to take a look.

After all, Chen Feikai’s basic BMW is too ordinary here. Because not far away from Chen Fei, several prominent sports cars were waiting in line there. Some people picked up the car, banged and started the car, and left. Leaving behind a look of envy or emotion.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei could not help but sigh softly and whispered to himself: “I didn’t expect the Beijing Conservatory of Music, the most top art school in China, to have this kind of style. No wonder the China Entertainment Circle is that pair Virtue. In the future, Qiuyue mixed entertainment, I have to protect her twice. ”

Just when Chen Fei sighed, a clear voice rang out, “Brother Chen!”

Chen Fei looked back and saw Zhang Qiuyue, who was carrying his shoulder bag and ponytail, incomparably pure, running towards himself.

“Qiuyue, you are here.” Chen Fei greeted Zhang Qiuyue with a smile.

With the intimate interaction between the two, everyone around suddenly cast a strange look, and the sound of discussion also sounded.

“I depend, this kid is here to pick up Zhang Qiuyue’s school flowers.”

“No, Qiuyue is our school’s famous pure goddess. It’s always innocent.”

“Yeah, many rich businessmen’s brothers have paid a lot of money before. Qiuyue directly refused, how can you

now- ” ” Oh, pretend to be reserved. I don’t know what happened before, but look at what it looks like, and it’s a bit pure with the man. ”

That’s right, maybe it’s a slutty thing in private. You men are big hoofs. They’re fooled by such pretend stupidity. Ha ha!”

“That’s really intimate. It won’t be true Come on, my goddess, Qiuyue has fallen. Ah … ”

… The argument was not loud, but it was caught by Chen Fei, and he frowned, and said to Zhang Qiuyue,” Qiuyue, or else, I ’ll explain. ”

Zhang Qiuyue shook his head and said,“ Brother Chen, it ’s not necessary. This kind of gossip, explanation is useless. Those who believe me, they do n’t need explanation, they will also believe. And those who doubt me, Even if the solution , They will not believe. ”


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