MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1304



As a song was sung, Luo Feng listened to it while chatting with Chen Ziling, telling her the tune and lyrics of the song, and how she felt after listening to it. You can see that Luo Feng was very careful.

It’s just that on the other side of the VIP seats at the moment, Ding Yi and a few of them talked about something awful.

Several classmates surrounded Ding Yi, constantly pointing fingers at each female song on the stage, talking about them, discussing their appearance without any scruples, and even talking about the good feel in public, this is good to play Discourse.

Such a vulgar topic suddenly attracted many viewers to show their dissatisfaction, but there was no way to take them. After all, the people who can sit in the VIP seats are not affordable by ordinary people.

In this way, the concert will continue, and it will end soon.

At this time, Lu Juan came to the stage again and introduced to the audience: “Next, there is the last song. However, this time, I will not sing this song, but will give it to a newcomer, she is My sister and sister are also a friend of mine. ”

Hearing this, many audiences were immediately curious and puzzled, and the sound of discussion began.

“What’s going on? Lu Juan stopped singing the finale song, but gave it to others to sing!”

“What’s the matter? We came here just to sing Lu Juan!”

“We want Lu Juan to sing , We want Lujuan to sing! ”

” Lujuan, come one, come one! ”

… …… The

shouting gradually became warmer, Lu Juan smiled and made a gesture of pressing down with both hands, and said:” Everyone, I Understand your mood. But please believe me once, this friend of mine can definitely surprise you.

“Even, I can assure you here. If you are not satisfied with this last song. From now on, I will say goodbye to the song and never sing again.”

The audience did not expect Lu Juan to release this This kind of ruthless words can’t help but be surprised.

With Lujuan’s cruel words, everyone’s curiosity and expectation for the finale newcomer also increased a lot.

In the long-awaited eyes, the lights on the stage slowly dimmed, and then slowly turned on again. Indistinctly, everyone could see a slim figure walking to the center of the stage.

“Looking at the figure, it seems good!”

“The black   lamp is blind, what can you see! Look again!”

……… The

sound of the light came on in the discussion, and the figure on the stage gradually appeared in front of everyone.

When everyone on the stage could see the face of this person clearly, they could not help but burst out a cry of surprise, and their eyes showed surprise.

Because, the girl on the stage was about 18 or 9 years old, dressed in a clear soup, barely showing any traces of makeup, and her hair was simply a ponytail combed behind her head.

But the girl’s exquisite face and refreshing dress give a fresh and thorough feeling. It seems that on a hot summer day, a cup of fresh water refreshes the heart and makes one feel comfortable.

For a time, almost all viewers were dumbfounded.

“This face looks so beautiful!”

“Too pure, so beautiful, I fell in love with her.”

“No, that’s my wife, you get out!”

“Only the face, how to sing is not yet known What about? ”

“Looking like this, how about singing? I don’t care anymore.”

………… In the

countless arguments, Ding Yi, who had a sullen face before, saw this girl at the moment, and looked directly at the

stage as a pig brother. Girl, almost coming out of the water.

Around, the classmates also coaxed up.

“Ding Shao, this girl is good, the note is too straight.”

“Too pure, this taste, Ding Shao must like it.”

“Ding Shao, how does it feel?”

Ding Yi almost touched out Drooling, staring at the stars, said: “I want to fix this chick. Tonight, I want her to be in my bed, you know!”

“Yes, Ding Shao, we will do it.” Channel.


On the VIP seat on the other side, Luo Feng and Chen Ziling were also quite surprised by the pure girl’s appearance, and could not help but take a few more glances.

It was Chen Fei. After the first surprise, his mouth could not help but smile, he shook his head gently and said to himself: “I didn’t expect her!”

It turned out that the last new singer on stage was no other than Chen Fei. Meet Zhang Qiuyue. When originally in Long’an City, Chen Fei discovered Zhang Qiuyue’s sound of nature, and let her embark on the road of singing.

Later, under the introduction of singer Song Yi, Zhang Qiuyue was taken to the Beijing Conservatory of Music to study music.

More than a year later, Chen Fei did not expect to be in such a place, in this case, met Zhang Qiuyue again.


At the moment, in the surprised discussion, Zhang Qiuyue on the stage didn’t say anything. With the sound of music, she sang directly.

With the exit of the first word, the scene of the noisy discussion quieted down, and almost everyone was stunned, watching Zhang Qiuyue singing on stage dumbfounded.

Because Zhang Qiuyue’s voice is really excellent, it is that kind of clear and ethereal voice, like the voice of an angel.

This innate talent for sound is really outstanding. Give people a wonderful enjoyment.

It can even be said that Zhang Qiuyue sang this song more than the original singing Lu Juan.

After the song was over, the scene was silent. After more than ten seconds, all the people recovered and suddenly burst into warm applause and cheers.

“It’s so nice, it’s awesome.”

“The sound of nature!”

“This is the voice that the angel kissed!”

“Lu Juan, I’m sorry, we were wrong, this really won’t let us down!”

“One more song, one more song!”

………… In the

heated discussion, Lu Juan came to the stage, took Zhang Qiuyue, and said to the audience: “Are you all satisfied with this song?”

“Satisfied ! “Neat voice.

Lu Juan continued to laugh and said: “Everyone is satisfied. Finally, I will officially introduce it to you.”

“Her name is Zhang Qiuyue, she is a student of the Beijing Conservatory of Music, that is, my sister. Qiuyue is a very talented singer with very good voice conditions. At the same time, Qiuyue is also making continuous progress in music creation. I hope you I will be able to support Qiuyue in the future. ”

” We must support! ”

Some people even shouted, “I see this face, I will support it.”

Lu Juan heard the words, pretending to be a lost look, said: “I know you are a group of face-looking guys, hey, my Old lady, unattractive, retreating. ”

” Attractive, great attraction. ”

”   Lujuan, you are also beautiful! ”

” We love you too! ”


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