MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1303



Hearing Ding Yi’s words so vulgar, Chen Ziling was even more displeased and could not help but glared at him.

Luo Feng also frowned lightly, reminding Ding Yi: “Ding Shao, Zi Ling and I are just classmates, don’t misunderstand.”

Ding Yi waved his hand, an expression of disbelief, said: “Luo Shao, chasing women like this There is no need to cover things up. You chase and chase, admit it, what’s the big deal. ”

After that, Ding Yi leaned towards Luo Feng and said in a wretched tone:” Luo Shao, this chick looks good. , How about playing? It tastes good! ”

Wen Yan, Luo Feng could not help frowning, and said:” Ding Shao, my classmate Zi Ling and I are innocent, not what you think. ”

Luo Feng has expressed dissatisfaction, But this Ding Yi, with a careless expression on his face, continued to talk indifferently. While speaking, his eyes kept glancing at Chen Ziling, “Luo Feng, everyone is a virtue. There is no need to hide in front of me. Cover. I share with my brother, how does this girl feel, is it a young girl? I also have a few good girls around me, are you interested in playing for another … ”

This guy is becoming more and more explicit, Chen Ziling is not What a good temper, direct Is about to stand up, walk away and is a slap pumping in Ding Yi’s face, cold shouted:. “You give me to shut up,”

Ding Yi about to be beaten senseless, whom a moment, then cold eyes, with anger Stared at Chen Ziling, said coldly: “Smelly bitch, you dare to hit me. Lao Tzu is going to kill–”

Ding Yi wanted to do something to Chen Ziling during the speech.

But this time, before he finished talking, Chen Fei stood up, kicked him directly on Ding Yi’s stomach, kicked him to the ground, and then looked at him coldly, said coldly: “The mouth smells Do n’t talk, so you do n’t pollute your ears. ”

“ Damn, what are you. You dare to beat me, Lao Tzu— ”Ding Yi did n’t even take Chen Fei into his eyes. Really angry.

He struggled to get up from the ground, and the three comrades around him also came over aggressively, a posture that was about to start.

At this point, Luo Feng stood up, looked at Ding Yi, and said coldly: “Ding Yi, they are my friends, are you sure you want to do something with them?”

Hearing Luo Feng’s words, Ding Yi stifled, but looked Still gloomy, he gritted his teeth and said: “Luo Feng, but they hit me, this breath, I can’t bear it. You have to give me an explanation!”

Luo Feng frowned lightly, glanced at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling without them Opening, Luo Feng also knew that the two could not give Ding Yi an explanation. Moreover, in the wedding of Situ College, Luo Feng saw Chen Fei’s horrible strength, and how dare he disrespect Chen Fei.

As a result, Luo Feng stepped forward, looked at Ding Yi with a firm expression, and said in a deep voice: “Ding Yi, I said again, they are my friends, I value friends very much. Moreover, today’s things, you are not bad First. ”

” If you really want to start, I am willing to accompany you to the end. ”

Wen Yan, Ding Yi could not help but stunned, his expression a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Luo Feng, who had always been gentle, would throw out such cruel words for these two unknown soldiers.

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msp; He could not help being silent for a while, his expression fluctuating, and he seemed a little embarrassed. After all, if he directly confronts Luo Feng, although the Ding family is not afraid, it is not sure of victory. But if this is the case, Ding Yi’s face may not be able to hold on.

At this moment, a burst of music sounded on the stage, the lights dimmed, and a slim female figure came to the stage holding the guitar, it was the folk singer Lu Juan.

At this time, someone was persuaded to say: “Ding Shao, the concert has started, let’s listen to the song first, and then settle the matter later.”

This is a step down for Ding Yi. He glared at Luo Feng and the three of them fiercely, and then sat down, but he did not forget to point to Chen Fei, and said, “Boy, you wait for me.”

Next to him, he found a handkerchief for Ding. Yi wiped the wound, and at the same time, his face was flattering and said, “Ding Shao, don’t be angry. I have asked in advance that this concert, in addition to Lu Juan, there are several new singers. All are fresh student goods, etc. Here’s what you like, take it back directly to enjoy it, and go to the fire. ”

Hearing this, Ding Yi couldn’t help but illuminate his eyes, revealing a touch of excitement, his eyes could not help but looked at Lu Juan on the stage, Clenched his teeth and said, “This group of literary guys are very clear on the surface. When the old man hits the money, it is not faster than one. I like to make this group of little white sheep into a wave of goods under the old man. ”

” That’s right. Who can resist Ding Shao’s charm. “The companion next to him hurriedly complimented.

On the other side, after the Los wind down, Chen Fei and Chen Chi Ling to apologize and said:. “Purple Ling, Mr. Chen, I’m sorry,”

Chen Zi Ling waved his hand, said: “None of your business, is that pig mouth smelly.”

Chen Fei Shensheng asked: “What’s that guy’s origin?”

Luo Feng introduced: “His name is Ding Yi, he is the youngest of Ding’s family, and his character has always been like this. Ding’s family was originally engaged in trade and shipping by the Northeast. Over the years, Relying on the expansion of the scale of China’s foreign trade business, the Ding family has developed well, and the business has expanded several times. The Ding family has also come to Beijing from the northeast. ”

” If it is fundamentally speaking, the Ding family and the large local family in Beijing, such as our Luo There is still a certain gap between the family and the Zhong family where Zhong Tianyu is located. ”

“After all, the Dante family has a large business scale and engages in maritime trade. It has contacts with many foreign underground organizations. The way is very wild. It is not reckless to act when it is done. It is also reckless. Even if our Luo family and Zhong family do n’t want to have a conflict with the Ding family, after all, no one can guarantee that they will be anxious and what will they do! ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling nodded. I can understand the origin of Ding Yiding’s family.

At this time, Lu Juan on stage also sang. Several people stopped talking and listened to the song intently.

I have to say that Lu Juan still has some strength. Although some of the folk songs she created are not difficult, but under the gentle music, it gives people a sense of talking about the small bridge and flowing water. Can’t help but replace it, I feel deeply. The scene gradually became warmer.

After Lu Juan sang several songs in a row, he stepped down to rest and change clothes. The gap time is the guest singer she invited. These guests, some of her friends in the folk circle, and some newcomers from the music school, can be regarded as a kind of promotion from the senior to the younger.


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