MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1302



After returning to school, Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu did not mention the matter of going to practice in the mountains on weekends, and they usually work as usual on weekdays.

It was reported on the Internet that a college student was trapped in the mountains and finally rescued. It’s just that after reading the news, most people have lost at most two sentences. Only Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu knew what was going on.

This afternoon, after finishing his class, Chen Fei packed up things and prepared to go back to the dormitory to rest.

But at this moment, the younger sister Chen Ziling came to Chen Fei’s side by side, without regard to the eyes of the students around him, he directly embraced Chen Fei’s arm and smiled: “Brother, are you free at night?

Come with me for a while. ” ” Where are you going? “Chen Fei asked without asking directly.

Chen Ziling blinked and said, “It’s a concert. I want to see it.”

“Concert!” Chen Fei was a little surprised. “Which star is it? I don’t know if you still chase the stars.”

Chen Ziling shook his head and said: “I don’t chase the stars, just someone invited me to go with me. I agreed, and I would like to invite you to go with you.”

“Who invites you?” Chen Fei asked.

At this moment, a sound of braking sounded, a black BMW car stopped, the door opened, Luo Feng in a suit and leather shoes, walked down with a smile, and said to Chen Ziling: “Zi Ling, time is almost up, singing The meeting is about to start, let’s go! ”

After that, Luo Feng noticed Chen Fei next to him, he could not help but

stunned slightly, but then smiled and nodded and greeted:” Mr. Chen is good. ” Chen Fei nodded, then surprised Looked at Xiaoshimei, with a look of inquiry in his eyes, “Will you watch Luo Feng at the concert? Didn’t you completely ignore his pursuit before? Why now–”

Chen Zi Ling did not explain anything, just took a while Chen Fei’s arm swinging, like a baby: “! Brother, you do not go in the end thing.”

“It’s -” Chen Fei, a small junior sister apprentice playing time did not understand what the idea.

Seeing this, Chen Ziling pouted, and said: “Brother, don’t think I don’t know, you have been walking with the girl named Zhuo Qingyu in your class recently, and I have come back Tell Master that the elderly, you are a big radish, said that you came to Beijing to take care of me, and in the blink of an eye, she was with other girls. ”

Chen Fei heard, suddenly covered with black lines, quickly said:” Okay, okay. Me and You go together. Don’t talk nonsense. ”

” Hee hee, this is my brother! “Chen Ziling instantly changed his face and hugged Chen Fei’s arm for a while. “! Go with me and my brother, all right,” and then look to the Los wind, road,

Luo wind nodded, smiled and said:. “! He is able to go together, is my honor to invite two on the train”

Yuehua Jian , Luo Feng took the initiative to open the door.

Chen Ziling was also polite and took Chen Fei to the back seat together. Luo Feng then drove in person, and it seemed that he had become a two-person driver.

However, Luo Feng’s character is quite good. At least he showed a good character and said nothing. Instead, he chatted with the two with a smile along the way.

During the chat, Chen Fei also knew that tonight’s concert was a local singer-songwriter named Lu

Juan who sang folk songs in Beijing . Although he didn’t rank well in the Chinese music scene, he didn’t have much reputation.

But in the folk circle, it has a certain reputation, and the quality of the songs created is not bad. It attracted a group of diehard fans, and the popularity was pretty good. In particular, it can attract a group of young people with a good reputation.

In the evening, the car drove into a huge and old factory. It was a huge steel factory a few decades ago. Later, the steel factory was moved away, but the plant was retained. It attracted a group of people who were engaged in art creation to gather and develop slowly, but it made this a capital city. A famous art gathering area.

In this concert, in an original steel-making factory, countless steel members supported the factory building more than ten meters high, and with various artistic decorations, it made this place quite unique.

When Chen Fei and the three of them arrived, there were already three or four hundred people in the group, most of them were young people in their twenties. Everyone chatted enthusiastically. From time to time, they even played a song directly. The atmosphere was quite warm.

Although Luo Feng is close to the people, it will naturally not be crowded with ordinary audiences. Instead, a VIP seat was segregated at the front of the stage, and Chen Fei and Chen Ziling were seated together.

Before the concert, Luo Feng and the two chatted together, introducing the singer’s information and singing songs.

Chen Fei listened with interest, but agreed that Chen Ziling was not interested in it. Instead, he took the initiative to talk about the period in Luo Feng’s house, which made Chen Fei feel a little surprised.

As they chatted, the next seat in the VIP area walked over a few figures.

Immediately, a deliberately elevated tone sounded, “Well, isn’t this Luo Fengluo Shao? You also come to see Lu Juan’s concert!” After

hearing the sound, the three of them looked at the next seat.

Chen Fei also immediately saw the appearance of this group of people. A total of four people were all expensive luxury goods, but they were dressed a little vulgarly, and they looked a bit different from the atmosphere of Wenqing.

Among them was a man who was 23 or 4 years old. The man was not tall, only about 1.70 meters tall, but he was very fat. He definitely looked more than 180 pounds, plus a dazzling figure. The gold jewelry looks quite a bit of the vulgar taste of upstarts.

Luo Feng looked over, smiled slightly, and then said to the fat man: “I invited two friends together today. I didn’t expect Ding Yi and Ding Shao to be here, too.”

“Friend?” His eyes narrowed, and then he looked at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling. When he glanced over Chen Fei, he didn’t stay much, skipped it directly, and then fell on Chen Ziling, his eyes lit up, revealing a stunning color.

Immediately, Ding Yi initiative got up, walked over toward the side, but open asked: “I am Ding Yi, Fang-I do not know this lady?”

Chen Zi Yi Ding Ling do not like that greasy and wretched eyes, did not bother to fool head Too.

Upon seeing this, Luo Feng explained: “Ding Shao, this is my friend and my classmate at Jingcheng University, Chen Ziling.”

Ding Yi showed a slight displeasure to Chen Ziling’s disregard. Immediately when I heard the name Chen Ziling, I remembered something and nodded: “Chen Ziling, this I know, the campus of Jingcheng University. Some time ago, you and Zhong Shao were clamoring for the pursuit of her. Luo Shao, did you succeed? ”


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