MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1301



While the two were busy, Xu Shu gave a glance at the other two people who were not injured.

The two stepped back quietly, moved carefully, and came behind Zhuo Qingyu and Chen Fei. With a look in Xu Shu’s eyes, they touched the thick wooden sticks behind them and slammed them towards their backs. .

They acted fiercely and unexpectedly. If they are ordinary people, they simply cannot react.

But Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu are both martial artists now. They reacted quickly and jumped lightly, avoiding the two’s fierce blows.

“What are you doing!” Zhuo Qing confessed and glared angrily at the other side, and asked sharply.

Xu Shu didn’t expect that the two’s sneak attack had failed, and he couldn’t help but be surprised, but then his face sank and his tone was cold: “Since you found it, then I’ll just say it. Take your food and water, and medicine, The whole bag is left for me. ”

” What do you mean? “Zhuo Qing said coldly.

Xu Shu sneered: “What do you mean this valley more than thirty meters high, the road was blocked in front, behind and no way out of here and off the beaten track, we have to wait for rescue workers found, I do not know how long?..”

“But our Food and water have been lost. We have n’t eaten for a day. Originally, we were all desperate, but we did n’t expect you to have fallen here, and you brought so much food and water. ”

Hearing this, Zhuo Qingyu couldn’t help but feel chills, and said: “You want food and water, just be with me, I will not give you. Why would you attack us?”

Xu Shu coldly laughed: “Will not give it? Do you think me Will you believe it? Besides, there are only so many foods, but we have six people. If we can divide two of them, I will live longer and be more likely to be saved. ”

“You, you–” Zhuo Qing could not speak clearly, “Mr. Chen and I have a way to go out, we originally planned to take you out with you. But you treat us like this, how do you–”

“Hehe- — ”Xu Shu sneered,“ It ’s all about this time, and it ’s meaningless to lie again. Now, we are in desperation, and the only hope is to survive. I can tell you, in order to survive, what do I All can be done. ”

” Now, leave the luggage. I can spare you a life. “Xu Shu ordered with a sneer.

Zhuo Qing trembles with a tone of voice. He did not expect that he was so kind that he was so wicked by the other party that he was still secretly calculating.

Chen Fei patted Zhuo Qingyu’s back and said lightly: “There is no need to be discouraged with this kind of person. Since that is the case, let’s go by ourselves.”

After that, Chen Fei lifted his luggage and was about to leave.

Xu Shu saw it, his face changed, and shouted: “It’s not that easy to

leave .” “Leave them, don’t let them leave. The luggage must stay.”

With Xu Shu’s order, no two injured The student, armed with a wooden stick, rushed towards the two extremely fiercely, looking desperate.

Chen Fei looked cold and didn’t wait for the other party to get close. With a palm shot, there was an invisible energy, and he directly flew the boy out.

On the other side, Zhuo Qingyuan was soft-hearted and did not play hard, but also easily repelled the girl.

“You–” Xu Shu, several of them didn’t expect Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu to be martial, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

At this time, Chen Fei turned back,

glanced at them, and said coldly: “If you die, it is your own stupidity and viciousness that killed you.”

After finishing speaking, Chen Fei hugged Zhuo Qingyu, his figure jumped lightly, and he stepped directly on the steep rock wall, constantly leaping, but within a few seconds, his figure jumped to a canyon over 30 meters high Above, they disappeared into Xu Shu’s eyes.

Xu Shu and the four of them looked up at this scene, and suddenly there was a silence. They were all dumbfounded and completely speechless.

They didn’t expect it would be such a result, Chen Fei and Zhuo Qingyu could actually go out, and it was so easy.

When I thought of Zhuo Qingyu’s words just now, several people turned pale, and their expressions were almost somber that they almost dripped water. At this moment, they are full of regret.

If they did not attack Zhuo Qingyu and Chen Fei just now, and did not snatch their luggage, then now they may have been taken out by Chen Fei.

But there is no life in life. The reality is that Zhuo Qingyu and Chen Fei easily left here. And they will continue to be trapped in this desperate place, with no water or food, and don’t know how long they can last.

Thinking of this, several people could not help looking at Xu Shu’s eyes a little strangely.

At the moment, Xu Shu was full of regret, but he could not admit his mistakes and gritted his teeth: “How can I know that they can really go out. At that time, snatching food is the best choice.”

However, they always agree with Xu Shu At this moment, it seemed extremely silent, without any voice.


On the other side, Chen Fei came to the mountain road with Zhuo Qingyu, leaped, and quickly left along the way when he came.

After looking through several mountains, the two could already see their car parked at the end of the road. Chen Fei could not help but speed up the pace, while Zhuo Qingyu was silent for a while, seeming a little absent-minded.

“Whisper, what’s wrong?” Chen Fei asked.

“Mr. Chen, I, in the canyon, they–” Zhuo Qing said.

Chen Feidao: “Are you worried about Xu Shu?”

Zhuo Qingyu nodded and said softly: “Although they are not good to us, they are four lives after all. If we don’t care, they might really die there. I- — ”

Chen Feidao:“ whisper, I understand what you mean. However, I want to tell you that life is so cruel. In the future, the martial arts world you step into will be more cruel, and similar and even more things will continue one after another. Sometimes, you must learn to be hard-hearted. ”

” This, I, I understand! “Zhuo Qingyu nodded softly. Although the words were so, the expression was still somewhat unacceptable.

Chen Fei sighed, knowing that Zhuo Qingyu, a simple and kind girl, had some difficulty in quickly accepting the brutal facts of the martial arts world.

He patted Zhuo Qingyu’s head lightly and said with a smile: “I just said that those four people would be fine.”

“Really? But this deep mountain old forest, they–” Zhuo Qing I can’t believe it.

Chen Fei pointed to a team in the distance who was approaching this side, and said, “Did you see that? Those who should be search and rescue teams, they will find them here soon. Up to two days, Xu Shu They can be saved. ”

” There are so many plants in the canyon, and as long as they can endure hardships, they can survive for two days. This time, it is a little lesson for them. “Chen Feidao.

At this moment, Zhuo Qingyu felt relieved, nodded and said, “Well, I understand. Thank you, Teacher Chen!”


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