MAD IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 11



Early the following morning Henry and I went to see a man we preferred to call as herbalist, he gave me some charm and I chanted some words cursing Ben to his madness.

It was wonderful how fast it worked.

As we left the man’s place I received a call from some manager at the company in Kabwe that Ben was acting weired.

” He’s probably tired don’t worry he will be fine soon” I responded smiling as I looked at Henry besides me in the car.

” No don’t” I quickly responded when he asked if they could bring him back home. 2 weeks later his mother came with some drama of how I had caused her son to go mad.

” Well, rumor had it that your son was apparently doing some rituals for his business, so we both know that mostly doesn’t end well” I shrugged taking a bite at the Apple I was eating before she bugged into my living room.

” Am sure one day the tables will turn and just then we will see who the devil really is” she shouted.

” Leave my house and carry your grandson with you, who knows maybe that your son has already initiated him too” I responded pointing at Junior.

She looked at me from head to toe and cursed me quoting some scriptures which I didn’t even pay attention to.

My life was okey with me taking full control of the companies. I was legally the owner of the business given Benjamin’s condition.

unfortunately Henry crossed me again by cheating on me with another woman months later, which I didn’t take lightly.

I hired some gang to kill him. Even though it left me lonely I felt better about the betrayal, after everything I had done for him, he deserved it.

I was free taking on whichever man interested me, what with the money I had to myself, there was no having a dull moment to even think of either the mad Ben or the dead Henry.

I was caught by surprise seeing him walk back to the house with a flashy looking woman. I couldn’t act happy cause I wasn’t feeling it. In fact I thought for a moment Ben came to fish me out and I hated the fact that his madness was gone.

I realised he had somehow forgotten what happened and tried to fake a good wife the day he arrived. I couldn’t take it any more especially when he told me the story of how that crazy woman picked him up from some funeral and took him for some prayers.

” Well now that he recalled what happened a day after, I just had to stand my ground and let him know who was in charge.

The days with him around were so frustrating I felt like pouring a pot of hot water on him.

I threw insults at him and even came with one of my lovers home but the idiot was too broke to leave. He had no idea were his mother and son were and I couldn’t give him the pleasure of what l did to make them loose the famous family mansion. It was all in my name now and I put someone to rent it.

” Oh here we go again” I sighed seeing the so-called saviour coming home again. I almost burst out laughing at her. I mean, who picks mad men anyway, she was surely nuts I pitted her.

She looked young and so full of life, she was beautiful too I thought she could have done better. ” as long as you don’t cross me lady, then we are good. You can have that mad man for all I care” I spoke to myself as I watched them get in the car.

” Good lucky crazies! ” I spat and walked back to the dressing mirrow loving the way the black silky dress was perfectly fitting my body.

I had a meeting with some share holders that afternoon and it just excited me to learn that loaded drug dealers were willing to use my company trucks to smuggle drugs and cash across borders at good cash payments.

” lt’s a good day…!!!!” I screamed on top of my voice as I walked down the stairs. Feeling like a queen I was.


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