LUCIFER’S BRIDE … (18+) … Part 32



Roxanne’s POV:
“I’ve missed you mum” I said to mum as I hugged her one more time before we both took our separate seats.

“How’ve you been Roxanne? I’ve been so worried about you” she said anxiously.

We were sitting at a quiet place in the garden while Damon waited in the car.

“I’ve…I’ve been fine. But what about you? I was scared you were dead” I asked.

“I wasn’t dear. Damon had me released some days back. He gave me a place to Stay but warned me not to try coming close to his estate.

“But what’s going on? Why do you seem…so free around him? Has he been hurting you?” She asked and I sighed and stared downwards.

“Don’t worry mum; that was all in the past. I’m fine now” I said dolfully.

But what does Damon have in Mind now? Is he willing to let me go with mum? Or is he going to hold me Back?

“I was so scared, Roxanne.” She said soberly.
“I thought I was never gonna see you again.I’m so sorry for lying to you in the past. I just didn’t know how you’d take the news…”

“Mom please” I cut her off.
“Its okay. I understand. There’s no need for regrets.”

She sighed and placed her palm on mine and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

I was so worried.
How do I tell her about the pregnancy? How will she feel about it?

“Roxanne” she Called lowly and I lifted my eyes to look at her.

“During your stay with Damon, did he…”She paused and looked down at my waist and my heart leapt as I understood what she meant.

I bent my head and didn’t say a word.

“Roxanne” she called but I still didn’t look at her.

Suddenly, the clouds went dark and I cowered in fear. Mum and I sprang on our feet immediately.

“Mum” I called and held her hand.

What was going on? Why did the clouds suddenly go dark?

I turned and saw Damon coming towards us.
He looked bewildered.
It was confusing.

To my greatest surprise, something strange happened – something indescribable.

It was like… something started falling from the sky…some creatures.

They seemed scary and looked almost like animals. They had big black wings fixed to their back.

And they were uncountable.
What was going on?

“Run” Damon said to me, his eyes fixed on the dark creatures Which were still decending.


Immediately, mum gripped my hand and started running away with me, leaving Damon behind.

I can’t leave him all alone.
What was going to happen to him?
What if those people were there to hurt him?

“Mum” I called as she kept running with me.

I wanted to stop but couldn’t.

Oh goodness.

I didn’t want to leave him behind.

Immediately, two similar creatures flew on air and stood in front of mum and I.

We gasped in fear and stopped running.

Oh mercies. No.

They were so horrible and grinned in such a way that revealed their ugly dentition.
I could feel my heart thumping fast.

The two demons looked at each other and looked back at me.

“She’s the one” one of them said and pointed his bow and arrow at me.


Like a flash, he released at me but mum got in the way and took the arrow instead.


“Mum!!!” I shrieked and held her as she reached for the floor.

No, no.
Mercies no.

What’s going on?
Please no.

She fell on the floor with her head on my legs as blood gushed out from the spot.

“Mum!!” I cried and held her face.

“Baby” she winced in pain.


Tears dripped down my cheeks like rainfall. I couldn’t let this happen.
Why did they have to do this?
What have I done to them?

I wept on the floor as I stared into mums face. I couldn’t lose her.

The demons grinned and Came closer to me.

“Please stop it” I whimpered.

The second growled and pointed his bow and arrow at me and my eyes dilated in shock.

He targeted it at me and finally let it go.

“I said stop!!” I shut my eyes and yelled at the top of my voice and stretched out my hand, trying to use it as a coverage as the arrow came towards me.

I was in dilemma.

Surprisingly, I heard a strange sound from the creatures and I opened my eyes to see them struggling on the floor.

The arrow…it was broken to pieces on the floor.

I opened my eyes wide in shock and looked around. What just happened?

I looked at my palm which had been stretched out and noticed something strange – there was a light on it.

At that moment, I felt something different – a whole new feeling.
It was so strange and powerful – like I’ve never felt before.

What was going on with me?


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