LOVE BEYOND REASON…..(18+)…..Part 9


Three days later, Fredrick decided to meet his yet to be disclosed twin, Ikem on his own terms and not make use of the relationship between him and Ugochi. He didn’t want Ugochi to be more hurt by his own inability to take the bull by its horns. It was time to meet the guy and talk to him, straighten issues out and see if what he wants is actually possible. Although, after the way Ikem treated Ugochi, he was having second thoughts about wanting anything to do with him.
He had gotten Ikem’s phone number from Ugochi when they met three days earlier. He had not told Ugochi what his decision is, he just told her he would think about it and he left it at that. He isn’t planning on telling her anything until he has made contact with Ikem and gotten some things straightened out.
He stared at the number on his phone screen for several minutes before he decided to dial the number. Ikem picked up on the third ring.
“Hello, who is this?” Ikem asked on picking up.
Fredrick hesitated for a moment before replying. “Good afternoon. Am I speaking with Ikem, please?”
“Yes, and who is this?”
“This is Fredrick.”
“I’ll like us to meet and discuss some issues.”
“Do I know you?” Ikem asked. He was clearly confused by the strange call.
No, you don’t Ikem.”
“So, I should just come running because you crooked your fingers? What is this about?”
“It’s about your girlfriend, Ugochi and about your future.”
“What about Ugochi?” Fredrick could detect traces of annoyance and incredulity in his voice.
“I’d rather we see face to face so we can discuss it. You can choose the time and place.”
“Okay, you’ve got me interested. Do you know ‘De Gome’ restaurant? It’s at Clip bus-stop near Samonda.”
“Yes, I do. What time do we meet?”
“I’ll be free by 8pm.”
“8pm it is then. I look forward to meeting you.”
“I can’t wait to hear what all this is about.” He said and dropped the call.
Fredrick stared at the dead phone. He couldn’t wait to meet this guy face to face. He had formed all his opinions on his twin based on what Ugochi told him but it was apparent now that Ugochi’s observations were obviously tinted by love. Tonight, the whole charade will be over.

Ikem stared into space as he recalled the conversation. The guy said his name was Fredrick and he wanted to talk about Ugochi. It’s probably the guy she had been sneaking around with for the past few weeks. I can’t wait to see the b—–d and here what he has to say for himself , he thought.
Fredrick decided to dash home after work and freshen up before his meeting with Ikem. He wanted to give a favorable first impression. He was at the restaurant at five minutes to eight because he wanted to have the advantage of getting there first. He sat at a table close to the door and waited for Ikem to turn up. Fredrick knew what Ikem looked like because he had seen a picture on Ugochi’s phone and he sees the exact image in his mirror every morning, so, he felt pretty sure he would recognize him when they met.
Fredrick kept checking his watch. 8:01, 8: 03, 8:05, still there was no sign of Ikem. The restaurant door finally opened and admitted his quarry at exactly ten minutes past eight. Fredrick watched Ikem as he looked around the restaurant trying to figure out who he was meeting. He raised his hand and waved to get his attention and saw Ikem’s eyes move slowly towards him.
The guy did a double-take, obviously surprised at seeing a replica of himself sitting quietly, waiting for him. A frown creased his forehead as he walked measuredly towards Fredrick’s table.
He came to an abrupt halt when he got to the table. “This must be a joke?” he asked, incredulous
“I assure you it is not.” Fredrick said as he stood up and stretched his hand for a handshake.
Ikem ignored the outstretched hand and kept staring at Fredrick. “Who the hell are you?” he asked sharply.
“Shall we sit?”
“No, I’m not sitting down until I know what this is all about.”
Fredrick looked around and saw they were attracting a lot of attention from the diners. He knew the quickest way to diffuse the situation. He smiled as he looked back at Ikem. “I am your twin brother.” He said quietly and watched as Ikem’s eyes dilated and he fell on his chair.
Fredrick sat down quietly. “Now, can we talk?” he looked towards his twin.
Ikem nodded, unable to do much more than stare, dumbstruck.


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