LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 9



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The cure for Liam failed and he still got his newly enhanced powers, he’s still a werewolf, Ruma had a slight moment of Lobana, is he found? Liam has been found by his father but will he return back to the realm of Supernaturals? What happens next? The next episode commence….
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A giant thud landed as darkness creeped through the cave, the entire creatures were all gathered as Kox could be seen sitting few blocks away from where they stood

“Speak Moxxy, what was the news gained from the spy?”

Kox asked, the whole crowd had all became as silent as a graveyard as they awaited Moxxy’s replies

“Something tragic happen my Lord!”

Moxxy replied, the whole crowd mummured among themselves, Kox grin soon turned to a frown on hearing Moxxy’s words

“What happened?” Kox asked as he gnashed his longs fangs together

“Damon had bitten a beta and Rokon had requested for a cure to be given to him but something unusual happened!” Moxxy replied

“Don’t keep me in the dark creature, What the fuck happened?” Kox bartered angrily

“The cure had failed, it didn’t work on him and as strange as it seems, he was an alpha, he defeated the protectors of the Supernatural realm, he was…… Formidable!!”

Moxxy replied, his face held concern, Kox stood on his feet as he advanced towards Moxxy, the crowd snare as Kox made his way through the crowd

“This is bad, with a strength like that, The War ahead would be hard to predict and more reason why we have to kill him!” Kox elucidated and formed a smirk

“There is something else isn’t it! Spit it out!” Kox who noticed the eyes dartings in Moxxy added

“The spy had also said something, he had the pattern of a sword impaled on his chest and it glowed during his fight with the protectors!” Moxxy explained and Kox huffed, it was evident that his face held concern..

“Scarlet Sword??” Kox muttered

“Listen up crowd, I need 3 Creature who would accompany Moxxy and kill this beta once and for all, he need to be dead before he becomes more stronger!” Kox ordered and the crowd roared at his commands

“Need to say, who is this beta?” Kox asked as he face Moxxy

“He is the brother of the great vessel of Vokan…… Liam Dunbar!!!”…..



All eyes trailed towards me as we walked through the passage, it was a new day, Scott has been acting weird since the incident at the party, he seem not to be himself, some things had change about him, I had to hide my secret if I wanted him to be safe, Dad had grounded us from going to any parties and outings

I traced my eyes towards the passage way as I kept searching for Lydia, I had to apologise to her, I bailed on her even though I wasn’t really at fault, I sighted Lydia chatting with her friends and made to walk towards her but halted on hearing the school bell, it was time for class, the whole hall became filled with students as everyone made their way towards their classes

“Are you okay Scott?” I asked as Scott sat on the chair, clutching his head tightly as if going through pains, he bored his eyes to the ground as he fiddled with his fingers

“N…. No! Am okay!!” He responded but I knew deeply, that down there, something was wrong

“You know you can tell anything right? Am your brother!” I asked and waved a smile at him as he fixed his gaze on me

“Thanks a lot Liam, I know that but there’s nothing wrong with me, am okay!” He said and I heaved a sigh, if he said it was okay then it was, I wasn’t gonna pressure him anymore

“Okay man!” I said, smiling widely at him as we both took our sits

I sighted Lydia who sat few feet away from me, I smiled, waving at her as her gaze collided with mine, her smile soon turned to a frown as she ignored me, tilting her head towards another direction, she was angry and I had to apologise

“Okay class, let’s get started!!”….

“Hey!!” I said on sighting Lydia who stood before her locker, her friends winked at me as they all excused themselves

“Leave me alone Liam, go away!” She said angrily, tilting her gaze towards another direction

“Look, am sorry Lydia, I really am, I went through pains and I had to excuse myself or I was gonna hurt you!” I said all in one breath and she turned her gaze to meet mine

“Really?” She asked and I nodded, I had to lie to her

“Am really sorry Lydia and it won’t happen again, I promise, Am I forgiven?”

I asked and she smile, revealing her dimples as she placed a short kiss on my cheeks

“Yes Liam, you are forgiven and don’t ever do that again, you sacred the hell outta me!” She said, closing her locker as she moved away from me, I felt a flow of joy as I stood there, smiling widely as I thought of the kiss

I furrowed my brows, frowning my face as Jackson walked towards me, I made to ignored him but he blocked my path

“I warned you Liam but you ignored, I won’t deal with you now but trust me, you are gonna pay for what you did to me!” He elucidated and formed a smirk as he walked away, I smile as I also walked away, good thing I now have this special Powers

School was finally over, Scott has been acting weird all day long, he had left earlier, leaving me behind and headed home, it had never happened before, something was definitely wrong with him

I frown my face as I sat on the bench, how was I gonna get home now? The bus had left earlier than I thought and I was stranded, all alone, a smirk suddenly creeped to my lips as I thought of something, my mind drifted over to the party, during the transformation, I ran at inhuman speed and felt no stress at all

I smiled, grinning stupidly as I stirred on my feets and headed towards the Woods, I hung my bag tightly on my shoulders as I began running, I closed my eyes in expectations, clouding my mind with hatred and gasped as I flunged my eyes open, I was running at inhuman speed and soon I had gotten deep Into the forest, I sigh, relaxing on the tree branch as I took a quick rest

The sound of approaching footsteps diverted my attention as I flunged my eyes open, someone else was here, I thought as I scent something, the stench was supressing, my ears caught the heartbeats of several people

I cringed with fear as I stirred on my feet, I exhaled heavily, taking a deep breath as I ran at inhuman speed when all of a sudden, I felt strong arms grapped me by the neck and smashed my head against a tree, blood oozed from my lips as I crashed to the ground

“Liam Dunbar, You are too weak to be an alpha!”

A voice rang behind me, I felt my ribs broken as I got propelled away with a mighty punch just before I regained my stance causing me to crash weakly to the ground, I felt sour all over, I slowly raised my head up and gasped as Four different pairs of eyes marched forward me, they emerged from the darkness, their face were as white as a snow, their eyes glowed Red as they sparked with evil, was I gonna die?….



I yelled as I open the knot of the door, luckily Mom and Dad weren’t at home, I clutch my head in pains as I headed towards my room, few hours earlier, I felt a banging pain in my head and had to leave Liam behind, a voice kept speaking to me, I felt something or someone trying to take over my body, I felt my brains twisting against itself and I yelled in pain

I crashed weakly on my bed, I could feel my eyelids turning white, sweats streamed down my face, tonight’s was gonna be the full moon and I gasped as my mind drifted over to what Kox had said to me in the Woods, I was to be possess on the night of the full moon, the thought of it alone gave me a seering headache as I wail in pains

Veins sprouted out of my neck as they showed vividly, I kept hearing a voice in my head, telling me to give in and accept my destiny, I yell in pain, not knowing when I drifted off to sleep….

🌳🌳🌳🌳THE WOODS🌳🌳🌳


“Who the fuck are you?” I yelled as a mighty punch connected to my tummy and I felt my ribs break at the impact

“Your doom!” They all chorused in unison as they marched towards me with lightening speed, I gasped, stirring on my feet and yelling in pain as a claw penetrated through my skin

I skeptically turned as I squinted my eyes through the woods, blood dripped from my arm, the creatures were faster and sleeker, they morphed with the wind as they couldn’t be seen with normal eyes, I wail in pains, spitting out blood as a punch connected to my jaw

I was gonna die, I thought as I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath as I try connecting to my Powers but nothing came, where’s the help when you need one? a piercing scream filled the air as I floated on the air, a strong claw had penetrated through my skin and flunged me away, a dark energy radiated from them as they howered above me, I felt something changed in me, I wasn’t gonna die here as I crawled backwards, they were gonna pay, my mind drifted off to Lydia and I smile as they approached me


I yelled, creating a mighty blast which shook the whole Woods from it hinges, the vampires wail as they got blasted, a loud thud could be heard as they all crashed to the ground, blood spluttered out from their mouths as they felt weak, they deserved it

I leap and landed in their midst, grapping two vampires by the head as I smashed their head together, they yelled in pain as I thrust my claws into their skin and ripped out their hearts, I cringed with fear, staring at my claws as I bored my eyes to the blood that rushed out from this Hearts, what had gotten over me? How did I do this?, something had taken over me, I felt a hungry feeling of ripping their hearts away

The two vampires groan as they manage to stirred on their feet, I smirk as they moved towards me

“You are gonna pay!” They chorused, staring eyed daggered at me as they plunged towards me, suddenly a loud thud could be heard as both vampires crashed weakly to the ground, I crashed weakly to the ground as my body took their normal shapes, I slowly raised my head and smile as it collided with Damon, he held the hearts of the vampires in his arm

“Tonight’s the full moon, you need to follow me if you wanna learn control!”

He said, bringing out a substance from his pocket and smasing it on the ground, a smoke was created as a portal appeared, I groan as I manage to stirred on my feet, Damon assisted me as we walked through the portal which in turn, closed up, I needed to learn how to control this new me….



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