LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 7



⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️SCOTT 🌵🌵🌵🌵


Liam has gone through some transformation, he wants to get rid of the unknown part in him, will it work? Vokan has found a vessel….. Scott! Will his plans work? What happens next? The next episode commence…..
🌪️🌪️🌪️A MUST READ💭💭💭
🍂🍂🍂NOW ON LOBANA🗡️🗡️🗡️


Scott yelled as he moved towards the woods, the party had ended and everyone had gone home, Lydia had informed Scott of what happened and he had gone in search of Liam

“It’s all happening!!”

Scott muttered amidst himself, he had dreamed of something like this and he had gotten so afraid that he had to make a promise with Liam, fear cringed down his core as he moved towards the Woods

⚔️⚔️⚔️FLASHBACK ⚔️⚔️⚔️

🌱🌱🌱SCOTT 🌱🌱🌱

I flunged my eyes open as I scent a great evil, I stirred on my feet as I stood in a vase Placement, so wide that if one said anything, it’s voice would come back echoing to you

“What Happened?”

I thought, skeptically turning as I observed my area, where the fuck am I?, A while ago I was at home and then I slept off and now….. I don’t even know where I am

The whole place suddenly reverberated as a red devilish light shown brightly on my face, so bright that I had to shield my face in order to protect myself

The sound of a great evil diverted my attention as I slowly dropped my hand, the strange light had died down, Am going crazy, I thought as I observed my surroundings, the place was filled with extreme heat, lava erupted out from the ground at each passing moment, sending a seering heat round the surroundings, a single soul couldn’t he found, I shrienk with fear as I sighted skeletal skulls on the ground

“Scott Dunbar!!! Oh what a nice vessel, a perfect vessel!!!”

I gasped as a dark grutttaral voice erupted behind me, I slowly spun my body, tilting my face as I saw a dreaded figure, it was in the form of a smoke, a dark smoke whose eyes blazed with fire, as weird as it seemed, it had four long horns on it head as it slowly advanced towards me

“Who… Who…. Who are… Who are you??”

I stammered, taking slow steps backwards as it got nearer, a dark energy which burn down my core radiated from him, the whole place shook from it hinges, the ground reverberated due to it’s constant impact as it got closer

“I am Vokan, your Creator and you are my vessel!!!” He said within gnashed teeth, I scent a brink of fear from it’s words

“Vessel!!” I asked, I held a confused gaze as I constantly took slow steps backwards, I gasped as I got to a dead end, there was no place to escaped

“You can’t escaped from your fate Scott, you were born to set me free, you were born to kill Lobana!!”

He replied and I got more confused, am not a murderer, how will I kill a being? Something kept tugging my mind at mentioned of his words and I couldn’t help but ask

“Lobana!?? Scott?? How the hell did you know my name!!!”

I asked and he formed a smirk, swerving it’s path as it got closer, I sense danger from it as it breath evilly

“I know a lot Scott, I know a lot about you more than you think, I am you and you are me, ‘I AM YOUR DESTINY!”

“Are you crazy! I am not you, I am Scott!” I muttered, as crazy as it seem, I was getting angry

“There’s a Mark on your wrist, it’s a pattern of a sword, the Scarlet Sword which would be use to kill Lobana, you can’t escaped from your destiny!!”

He said and I didn’t even bother staring at my wrist, it’s just so crazy, it’s just a dream! I thought as I closed my eyes and breath out heavily

“It’s not a dream Scott, it’s a way of communication, long ago, during the time of your birth, I had spoken a word to your mother…. ‘LOBANA’, it was a message from me to you, telling you that you were born to kill the bearer of the name, you had to kill Lobana!”

He said and I gasped as it Bent it face towards me, the whole realm slowly faded and I jerked up from the terrible dream I just had, sweats trinkled down my face at each passing moment

“It was just a dream! It’s just a dream!!”

I muttered as I stared at my wrist, it was vague, there was no sight of a sword, it was one scary dream I guess, I had gotten so scared of the dream that I had to make a promise with Scott, wouldn’t want to ever hurt him, he’s the only one I have…

“Oh, what a dream!!”……

📌📌📌REAL WORLD⚔️⚔️⚔️
🍁🍁🍁THE WOODS 🌾🌾🌾


I yelled as I went deeper into the Woods, there was no sight of Liam, I slowly bent to the ground as I sighted Liam’s Wristwatch, he would never take it off, where the hell was he? I thought, I was getting scared, Dad would be so pissed off if he notice Liam absent

Suddenly, I felt my whole body changing slowly, I could feel my bones taking a shift, a strange flow of energy flow down my veins as I slowly stirred on my feets, I felt numb, I wasn’t myself, someone else was here!

“Whose there?? Show yourself??”

I asked as I noticed some strange movement behind me, my voice came out in a low growl, I sense a being, a being whose soul was consumed

The sounds of leaves rusting diverted my attention as I slowly tilted my gaze towards a path, I squinted my eye as I stared through the darkness, strangely, everything in my path became clear as I sighted a figure, a daring figure

“Who the fuck are you?” I asked as it got closer, the whole woods streamed with silence as he emerged from the woods

“So true, you have the visions of Vokan, you saw through the dark, only Vokan has that ability!”

He said and I gasped as a seering fear streamed down my core, no way this was happening again, it’s just a dream, I thougyh as I closed my eyes again

“Believe it or not Scott, you are the perfect vessel of Vokan, you were born to free my Lord!”

He said and I felt anger surged through my Veins at the mentioned of his words, a seering energy flowed down my core, I felt so strange, so powerful, so….. Evil!!

“Stay away from me!!!!!”

I yelled as my whole system sparked with dark fire, creating a mighty blast which shook the whole woods form it hinges, The figure gasped as he got hit by my blast which sent him flying on the air and in motion crashed on a tree, blood gush from his mouth as he got Pierce by a sharp wood, I gasped, dumbstruck at what I just did, fear springed down my core and I didn’t know when tears streamed down my face, I stared at the figure and I felt pity for him, his face was turning dark, he was dying

“Please! Save me!! Please!!!”

He said and I felt moved by his words, I took slow steps towards him and soon I got close to him, I heaved a sigh of relief as I place my hands on the sharp wood and in motion, thrust out the sharp wood from it’s tummy, he gasped as his dark face took its normal form, I shrienk as I noticed something strange, the wounds were healing

His face now showed vividly, his face was as white as a snow, he had long hairs and his teeth were abnormal, each one of it was extremely Long

“Who the fuck are you??” I asked as I took slow steps backwards while he stirred on his feets to face me

“I am Kox, a vampire, am your Guardian, a servant of Vokan and I am here to lead you to your destiny!!”

He replied and I gaspd, crashing on the ground as I yelled in pain, why me? Why?? I don’t want this, everything is just so crazy!, I thought as I shedded tears

“Your destiny awaits Scott, You have to set Vokan free!” He said and I felt surged by anger

“Don’t fucking tell me that, leave me!! Leave!!!!” I yelled as I watched him took slow steps backwards

“Okay okay! I will leave now but I want you to know this, you can’t run away from your destiny, on the night of the next full moon, your body shall be possess and you shall walk through the flaming portal, break the chains of Vokan and set him free, this is your destiny!!”

He said, slowly turning as he dashed out with lightening speed, I gasped at the sight of it, why?? Why me?? I thought, shedding tears as my mind drifted off to Liam at the sight of his wrist watch…

“Liam!!!!!! ”

I yelled, stirring on my feet as I bolted Into a run, running deeper into the Woods, I had to find Liam!!…


Darkness swooped everything in it’s path as Kox dashed towards the hidden cave with lightening speed, the whole crowd bow before him as he emerged from the darkness

“Lox Kox, How was the mission? Did you find the vessel?”

A man asked as Kox sat on a throne, staring at his long fangs as he erupted into a devilish laughter, Everyone stared at him, all waiting for an answer

“Fear not Creatures, Lord Vokan shall soon be freed, The vessel yields great power, a power beyond imagination, I was at his mercies tonight, he would have killed me but he saved me instead, Lord Vokan shall be freed!!” He replied within gnash teeths, his face held an evil gaze

“All hail Lord Vokan!!” The crowd roared

“Lord Kox, Rokon and his armies have been on the search of Lobana for years now, we would be at an advantage if we take action now, we end them for good!” A man said

“That’s a good idea, there haven’t found Lobana and it’s would be nice taking an action, what do you suggest Moxxy?” Kox asked

“There have been words from our spy in the Supernatural realm, Damon has a beta, he had bitten a human, so I say, how about we attack his beta, we killed him for good, his death will make Damon weak, with Damon been weak, their chance of defense would be at a disadvantage!!”

Moxxy replied, the whole crowd mummured amidst themselves, Kox grinned evilly as he stood before the crowd

“Very well then, that’s a good idea, find out who this new beta is, who knows if his blood can get us a goodnight sleep!!!!”….


It was late already, I had been searching for Liam for several hours but all led to a dead end, I was on my way home, I had to report to Dad even though his actions would be harsh, only he can save Liam

I gently opened the knot of the door as I got home, the lights went on immediately as I set my feet Into the building, it was Dad and Mom, they both held an angry gaze

“Where the fuck are you coming from and where the heck is your brother Scott?” Dad asked, fear cringed down my core as I made to speak

“Dad! Mom! Am so sorry but… But… Liam is missing, he got lost in the woods!”

I said and I saw their eyes widened, Dad shot me a deadly glare as he took out his talky talky and made to speak to it

“All men up, I repeat all men up! My son is Missing in the woods, I need all dispatch, every men in the System, get your asses up and move to the woods, Find my Son!!!”…



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